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Ex's Closet[FIORA]

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#1Fiora Sylvari † 

Ex's Closet[FIORA] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:09 pm

Fiora Sylvari †
It was a fall day in Hargeon Town with the trees in the park changing colors from red to orange to yellow. It certainly was an awesome sight to behold. All of the trees reminded her of her home in the Elf village and made her long for it. However, for now she would have work to be done so she could gather some funds for the guild. It was a simple request for her as it was only a D rank request and she would be able to do the D rank request with ease. A man named Maxwell Buscon was breaking up with his girlfriend and he forgot an item at her place. As was the way of relationships, you shared your most precious items with another as you gave their trust to them but then when the break up happens you need it back. It was simple enough. A quick break and then a quick enter and steal mission. He didn't say what the item was and only said that it was an item that was in a yellow box that was locked in her closet in her room in her apartment near the bead. Maxwell didn't go himself because there was a dog and it knew his scent so he would be caught if he was to go there himself so then Fiora was hired to go there and get the yellow box that was in his ex girlfriend's room. Fiora was good with animals as she lived in the forest her whole life and she would befriend rabbits and deer and other animals that crossed her path. It was in her nature. Fiora stared up at the apartment building and then she would walk inside looking at the piece of paper that Maxwell Buscon had given her. The room was 305 so she started climbing the stairs and would keep on climbing until she would reach the 3rd floor.

Since it was the middle of the day, most people were out at work so the apartments were empty. The girl had locked her door so Fiora would have to kneel down and pull out the pick that would unlock the door. It took some fidgeting but then she hit the lock and was able to open up the door and go into the apartment so she could search for the box and then complete the missions. Once the door opened, she stepped inside and started off by going into the living room. Down the hall there were two doors which had to lead to a bedroom where the box was. Once she went down the hall she would see the bedroom door and would enter. Inside, the dog was sitting on the bed and its ears perked up. It started to growl but Fiora knelt down to it's level. The dog would approach on its own and started to sniff around Fiora. She didn't move as she didn't want to alert it. Once it calmed down she would give that dog some belly scratches and it would be like "Aw yiss" and start to kick it's leg. It was safe to say the dog was her friend now so ehe would be able to search without the stupid mutt barking. Fiora would go to the walk in closet and start to throw clothes everywhere. The dog was laying on the clothes and making a bed out of them when she was searching it was cute cause puppies are the cutest. She searched through old boxes and one of them had something called the "rabbit" which must have been for her pet rabbit or something. Finally under the big cardboard boxes she found the yellow lockbox and then would confirm it was the same one that was listed in the picture that Max had given her. Once it was confirmed she would then pet the dog and head outside to the owner of the box. She went down the steps of the apartment and then she would leave with the mission completed and well done. Arriving in front of Maxwell Buscon he tanked her for doing all the dirty work and paid her the sum of the 25,000J for the mission .


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