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Babysiting [Job | Chelvaric & Snow]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Babysiting [Job | Chelvaric & Snow] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:58 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through the grassy plains outside of Hargeon together with Elisa. She seemed to have a nice time out in the open. Elisa gets a bit grumpy when they are in the city. All the stone and nothing green or life like isn’t good for her. They both started to spend more time outside of the city then inside. Chelvaric actually wanted to buy a small cottage in the woods to live in seclusion  and alone admiring the woods and protecting them from the people that would try to harm it. He may not like Hargeon for the sea or the city but there was a nice forest outside its city gates and he would protect it so that his fellow guild mates could enjoy the things inside the forest.

But he would need money for that so it was better if he went off now to get a new job he could do. The sun was starting to become less bright as the days grew shorter. Fall was here and the green of the plants would soon be traded for the yellow and dead of winter. Still beautiful in it’s own right. It was that time of the year people got more cozy with each other so he was looking forward to spend some cozy time with Snow since they got so close together.


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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

There were so many things that occurred during the time Snowflake arrived in Hargeon - getting attacked by wizards from a dark guild, complicated things regarding to her body and so on. Through the events, she experienced quite a lot of things since it was her first ever serious combat with anyone outside from her guild. Being a perfectionist, she felt the requirement to hone her abilities and improve her skills further to become stronger, and a worthy member of Blue Pegasus. The battle against other fellow Grimoire Heart members was stuck onto her mind, as if it was a part of an inseparable memory and to be honest, she didn’t like how she performed which is why she was up early in the morning, the moment since dawn struck the city, the youth had been boxing, training her body to its maximum.

Sweat cascaded down her temples and body, the roots of her hair drenched wet once she was done with her training. Wiping off the fine sheen of perspiration off her body, she proceeded back to her apartment to take a relaxing shower and perhaps, do a quest afterwards. She hasn’t done one in a while and not doing anything was starting to bore her. After taking a nice long bath, the girl began getting dressed in her usual attire before walking out of her room and wander through the streets. The town seemed more lively than before and there seemed to be a sudden increase in population in the town. Nevertheless, she found her way to the center of the city where the quest board was located.

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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked through Hargeon as he was on his way to the board for job requests. The city was very busy since the attack that happened on the Blue Pegasus guild. Lot of workers were working to repair damages here and there although the city had been mostly spared from any major damages. He was happy for that as it would have been bad if a lot of people would have been hurt during the attack. He and Snow had a hard fight during the attack although everything ended up good and none of them really got injured so that was good.

He arrived at the board and was looking over the many requests. He wanted to do something more calm and relaxing today to let his muscles have some time to repair from the over extension he did on them during the fight. You couldn’t be training everyday after all a body could get more injured in that way then actually get stronger. He saw a flyer that asked to babysit the niece of the young lord of Hargeon. They recently did a job for him to build a boat so it seemed a nice idea to do something else for him. He turned around and saw the beautiful face of snow looking around between the crowd. He walked up to her and started to talk to her. “Good day Snow, it’s good seeing you up and around.”, he said to her and gave a small smile to her when he talked.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The young girl scanned over the papers pinned up on the board that was beginning to thaw from all the seasons. Sapphire irises glided over the lines written on the sheets of paper but none of the quests seemed interesting enough for her to pick. These kind of missions were the most boring to her since all she had to do was just run some errands or do some chores for some elderly thus, she wanted a little bit more interesting. The mages that gathered around her plucked out their desired paper request before walking away and it wasn’t until she noticed her teammate standing right by her side, also examining the missions just like her. Chelvaric easily noticed her as well as he’d greet her saying that it was glad to see her again.

”I figured I should do something instead of staying in bed.”

She’d say before returning her gaze back onto the quest board. A sigh escaped her lips and the sudden urge to recoil from the responsibility of a wizard rose within her. Her teammate appeared to have already decided on a quest already and she was curious as to what he’s gotten. ”What did you pick? Would you like to go on that quest together?” She didn’t know what the quest was about although she felt that it’d be better if someone else picked and she can just tag along, instead of leaving her to decide on what mission she was going to pick, which would take ages due to her fickle mind.

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#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric concentrated on her through all the sounds of what was happening around them. It was sometimes hard to understand someone when you were standing in a crowd. Especially when the other mages were also discussing among their team members if they would take a job or not. It seemed Snow had come here out of boredom more than anything else. But that was fine then he would relieve that boredom with a fun job. Well not that he knew it was a fun job but at least it seemed interesting enough. He was just about to propose to do a job together when she cut him off and asked if they would do one together. “Ah yeah, of course, we can do one. It would be more enjoying to do it together with you anyway”, he would say to her before he paused and continued to explain the job to her. He first quickly glanced the request again so that he would be correct about the details.

“It seems that Reign Valystasia needs someone to take care of his niece while he’s away. It seems smart to do some favors for the lord of our town. We should be living on his good side since our guild is located here”, Chelvaric would reason to Snow as why he picked this job that looked boring at first sight. Sometimes you had to do boring stuffs to get something good back.


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The young woman raised an eyebrow upon hearing the mention of the name of the young lord of Hargeon Town. According to Chelvaric’s explanation, Reign Valystasia requested someone else to help take care of his niece, which seemed like pretty simple quest, although technically, not for her. Snowflake disliked kids to an extent that she would try to avoid them as much as possible since she found children extremely annoying. Their wails are loud, majority of them are spoilt and she hated how vulnerable they are all the time but all in all, they irritated her so much. From her lips, an exasperated sigh left her lips, her shoulders drooped, suddenly regretting her decision to go along with the quest, thinking that perhaps, she should’ve chosen one for herself.

Their first destination was to the castle to meet the young lord so that the Blue Pegasus mages can see who they were required to babysit for. The two of them had accomplished a request together for the young lord a while ago, when he needed some people to help him build a warship in honour of his father. It was quite an exhausting work though she was glad that the citizens as well as the lord himself were satisfied with what they had done.

”It should be here.”

She mumbled to no other than herself as her eyes glided upwards the building located in front of her. The castle towered above her, casting a large shadow behind her while she spent a moment observing the building itself. Thick walls surrounded the castle as a mean of protection where guards stood by the entrance with spears held close to them as they patrolled around the area on duty. Informing them that the young lord had asked for their assistance, the Fiore-bound wizards would be permitted inside the castle to see the lord.

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#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric followed Snowflake as they were going to the lord's castle. It wasn’t that far of a walk so it was quite relaxing to do it. He wondered how the castle would look like from the inside since he only saw it from the outside so far. Elisa would walk next to him as they were moving to the place. She had run off because she didn’t like the crowd at the request board but since they were in a more low populated area she came back to his side. He didn’t mind it that much as he still had to learn a lot about Elisa her behavior , likes and dislikes.

They arrived at the location and after telling the guards that they were on a job they were led into the castle quite fast. The outer walls were not really that special they were like most castle walls. But the inside of the castle was quite nice. There were flags hanging from the windows and the glass windows had ornaments of images made into the glass. It was quite colorful and known to be very expensive to make. The lord was definitely rich that was for sure. He was standing in the garden near a table where a small child was seated. “Good Day to you Snowflake and Chelvaric. It is very pleasant to meet you two again after the last request”, the lord would say to them when they approached the table.


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

It took her a while to notice that Chelvaric had brought his fellow companion along with him on this quest as well, which of course, she didn’t mind and it seemed that the two have been bonding quite well with each other. The large oaken doors swung open as the guards permitted them to enter the castle and she would immediately be blinded by the amount of light inside the building, even though it was bright in the morning. Nevertheless, they would be led inside the castle by the lord’s employees and was directed into his office, where the young lord greeted them with a broad smile as if he had been waiting for them and stated how pleasant it was to meet them again.

The young lord wasted no time to cut to the chase as he ordered one of his employees to call over the child that the mages were requested to babysit. By the side of the lord’s office desk, the child stood hugging a teddy bear against her chest. ”This is my niece, Rosalia. I hope you can take good care of her.” The young woman let her eyes study the girl and she couldn’t help but grimace at the thought of taking care of a child when she herself, loathed them so much. Albeit, the rewards of the quest was quite decent which was the reason why she was trying so hard not to be bothered so much by the fact that she was going to be babysitting. Looking back at the niece once again, she seemed like a pretty nice child, which she could probably deal with.

”Alright, I’ll leave you up to the task then. I currently have an appointment so I’ll be leaving now. Thanks for coming.” With that, the lord walked out of the office after planting a kiss on his niece’s forehead before leaving her with the Blue Pegasus wizards.

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#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric listened to the lord as he was speaking. He had a very formal way of speaking like most lords did. It seemed his parents had raised him very diligently. After he was done speaking they were led to his office where his cousin was waiting near a desk. The young girl was quite adorable and she was hugging a small teddy bear to her chest. It seemed her name was Rosalia. It seemed the lord had an appointment as he walked out of the office fast and went of to do his adult buisniss leaving Snow and Chelvaric alone with Rosalia. Rosalia seemed to be measuring them from behind the teddy bear. It probably was a bit uncomfortable for her to be alone with two strangers. He walked closer to her and lower his face a bit closer to hers to have a better way of talking to her.

“I am Chelvaric nice to meet you”, he would say to her while his tail was swaying around. It seemed she was quite invested into his neko ears. “Don’t come too close kitty. Humpf you better take good care of me!”, she would say while she took a step back. It seemed her appearance his a bit of a bad attitude. “Now Bring me to the beach I want to play a bit”, she would say to them in a demanding tone.


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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The moment the child began to open her mouth to speak, Snowflake immediately regretted the thought of thinking that she might have been a good child. And sure enough, the first sentences of the young lord’s niece were to demand them to take her to the beach. The young woman couldn’t contain herself from rolling her eyes however, did not say another word and began to direct her out of the room. It was obvious that the female had a great amount of dislike towards children but she was not one to fluff it up and pretend to be nice to them either, which would just be faking attitudes. Nonetheless, they would be bid farewell by the employees of the castle, requesting the mages to take good care of the child before proceeding towards the Hargeon Beach.

Since Hargeon town was just along the coastline of the sea, they didn’t have to walk long to arrive to the beach. Upon their arrival, Snowflake squinted her eyes and raised her hand over her head to shield herself from the sunlight. The weather was still warm despite how summery days were over and would soon introduce a new season; autumn. ”What now?” She’d say and the child pointed towards the shore of the beach.

”Seashells. I want them. Go collect all of them.”

The arrogance of the child’s voice was one of the things that she could not bear but the expressions on her face remained the same. She wondered if Rosalia was that spoilt to be that disrespectful towards adults, but all she wished to do was to get done with this request so she could receive the rewards. Underneath the feet, she could feel the soft texture of the golden sand, still damp from the tides that climbed up onto the shore as the youth bent over her knees and began to collect the seashells that Rosalia demanded.

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#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric and Elisa followed Snow and the young girl as they were led out of the castle. They walked towards the beach while a blaring sun was shining on them making the summer trying to come back for a little bit. It didn’t take long before the girl commanded them to collect seashells. He started to collect them from the sand but made sure he didn’t go near the water. Leafeon would go into the water to collect the ones there. It took a while but after a bit they had collected everything they needed. They brought it to the girl and she nodded satisfied of the result although before she would thank them she started to complain about something else.

“It’s too hot! You kitty bring me shade!”
, she would say to him and Chelvaric ran to the bushes on the side to find something he knew would grow near Hargeon. It was a very big leaf plant. Once he found it he pulled one of the leafs out and then bound it to a branch. He ran back to the girl and gave her the improvised umbrella. “Ah, it’s good to have some shade to not die in the sun. Sorry, there isn’t enough room for you two. Now bring me to the forest on the other side of the beach! I need to see the pretty flowers”, she would say to them.


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#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Her dress was slightly wet from the growing tides that ascended up onto the coast, wet sand around her legs and hands as she collected the sea shells. She’d have to make a few trips back and forth to where Rosalia was located and back to where she was collecting since there were quite a large amount of them spewed on the sand. Once she was done, she returned back to Rosalia only to hear her demanding once again to Chelvaric, to get some shade for herself. A bit of shade might be good, she thought to herself and began to fan her face from the heat. Her teammate, on the other hand had to go all the way over to the other side of the beach to get some shade when he could’ve just stolen a large umbrella from someone.

Oh, well.

After he lodged the shade into the ground, she crawled herself underneath the shade only to be told that there wasn’t enough space and thus, she was left out in the sun. She hated the heat however, it was nothing compared to the hate she felt towards this brat. A sigh left her lips and shortly after, she demands once again, to visit to the other side of the beach to find some wild flowers. Despite not wanting to obey her orders, the mages ended up taking her anyway. Snowflake was never a fan of flowers so she didn’t enjoy much being there although, admittedly, it was quite a pretty sight.

”It’s quite pretty, isn’t it?” She’d say to no one in particular but if someone heard her, it’d be either Chelvaric or Rosalia. The young woman turned around only to see that Rosalia was gone. Her lips parted in surprise as she exchanged glances with her teammate quickly and came to a conclusion that they might’ve lost here somewhere back in the garden.

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#13Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Once they arrived at the place of the flowers he looked over them. They were so beautiful he would feel the aromas slide into his nose of all the different flowers. This was one of those rare places where nature was still left alone and where it’s beauty could be found. He could hear Snow say how beautiful it was and he made a bounced a remark back to her. “As beautiful as you”, he said to her and placed an arm around her waist smiling to her. Then he wanted to look back at Rosalia but he couldn’t find her.

This wasn’t good at all. It would be bad if they returned to the lord has to say that they lost his niece. They split up and started to search for her calling out her name. it took a while but eventually, he found her all cuddled up against a tree crying to herself. “Rosalia!”, he would shout to her and come up to her. She threw herself into his arm and cried further. He lifted the small tender body of the child up from the ground. She looked so small in his big arms. “You two are the nicest persons ever. I am sorry I was so mean”, Rosalia said underneath her crying. She sniffed further and cleaned her tears with her arm. After they had delivered her back to the castle a maid had given them jewels and that was the job done.


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