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Glory to Hargeon Town [Job | Chelvaric & Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Glory to Hargeon Town [Job | Chelvaric & Snowflake] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:12 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was waking up from the sound of seagulls flying over town. He sighed and rolled over trying to get more sleep. What was up with this town and there goddamn seagulls? Why did his guild town had to be located near a sea? He hated normal water enough as it is. But he had a goddamn sea filled with enough water to drown him a million times over close by. He threw his blanket off him and started to get up. He had taken a job up yesterday but he only had to start it today so he just went to sleep the whole time. Maybe he could have done something productive like training but he didn’t feel like it. A kitty needs his sleep more than anything else.

He walked to the oaken wardrobe that was standing against the wall behind his bed. He felt the Cold copper under his hands as he open up the closet. After taken out his leather pants and putting them on he went for his softly shoulder coating clothes. He closed the door again and walked over to the mirror that had golden ornate covering it. He combed his hair till he looked a bit decently. He hated long hair sometimes and wondered if he should cut a piece of it. But then again he thought Snow liked it so he would keep it as it was. He sighed, trying to date a woman was always so hard and complicated. He opened the door and closed after having one more close look at the empty room. He walked down the stairs and onto the streets. The smell of salt water came into his nose and he tried not to puke as the smell was way too much. This was going to take a few more days to get used too. He walked off to the harbor where he was expected.


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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Beams of sunlight shone down upon the glorious town of Hargeon and into the windows of an apartment where a young maiden laid asleep on the bed. The windows were ajar, and the breeze blew across the vicinity, billowing out the curtains and in the other like pale flags and casted a shadow on her bed like wind does on the sea. A soft texture, almost like a fluffy pillow pressed against her face, waking a girl up from her slumber sleep.


A groan escaped her lips, hands instinctively rubbing over her face as her dark eyelashes fluttered open and was introduced to the sight of a beige ceiling above her. There was a fan attached to it, swirling with its rhythmic motion and the youth would be briefly lost in its movement until her pet familiar, pushed its face into her view so that Snowflake was staring right at her. It was when she recalled a soft object on her face that she finally realised that it was Vysella’s paw, her attempt to wake her owner up in the early morning to prepare for their daily routine; questing.

Forcing herself out of bed, she placed her feet on the cold, hard marbled floor and led herself towards the bathroom to begin cleaning herself. Shortly after, she would come out in a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her wet hair. After drying herself, she quickly slipped on her usual combat clothes; a short black dress that waves out smoothly by the end. It sides were split largely, until her waist, revealing her white bodysuit underneath and her creamy, slim legs.


#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

Glory to Hargeon Town [Job | Chelvaric & Snowflake] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:16 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was not walking steady on his feet as he was still dizzy from the smell and he tried his best to not fall. People would stare at him sometimes thinking he was drunk in the morning. Well, he couldn’t blame them he would probably think the same if he would see himself walk like this. The streets were fairly empty though it seemed that the whole town was gone to the speech of the general's son. If he remembered correctly they had to build a boat for him. He wondered if they would get workers to help him as he didn’t know squat about building a boat.

He put his hand on a wall and took a deep breath he needed to regain his posture before he could walk any further. He felt the feeling leaving his body as he breath in and out softly making a steady breathing pattern. It seemed to do the trick. He smiled and pushed his back against the wall. Ah this was a rough start of the day. He pushed himself off the cold stone and started walking, straight now , to the mass of people that were standing on the square in the harbor.

There were so many people from all stands and coming. Rich and poor standing next to each other to listen what the general’s son was about to reveal. He was trying to squeeze through the people as he was expected at the stage. It was hard to do because lot’s of people didn’t want to give their spot to him. The only thought people had was that he was trying to get a front seat without having to wait for it. Some people were waiting here for a couple of hours already so that they could see something. He sighed as he had finally reached the wooden platform.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The streets were busy with a lively tempo as people flocked to places they were supposed to be, finding things they were supposed to do and a young woman would be there, muddled through the crowd, unknowing of what to pursue first and how to deal with the day when she was still so hung up with how far she has been thrown off her primary objective. Azure hues glanced around the area and much to her surprise, the streets were much less crowded than the usual days when both sides of the road would be filled with shops and vendors and people flocking over the stores, which had their products on sale.

”...Hmm, weird.” She’d whisper to none other than herself, while she continued to meander over the hard ground, paved with cobblestones, pebbles and redbricks.

The clamour of the fish market at the Hargeon Docks as well as the clashing of the waves could be heard even from this distance and somehow, it brought up the sudden urge inside her to get some fish from the market. Perhaps, she could enjoy the view of the sea as well, she thought as she proceeded onwards to the direction of the docks. The harbour was even more noisy when she came up close, workers and labourers hoarding off the goods onto the ship to be transported over the sea. In a slight distance, she could hear muffled sounds from a speaker and her eyes would glide over to the source of the sound, only to see a group of citizens gathering in front of a stage where a young man stood upon it. Curious on what was happening, she let herself get lost among the crowds, pushing herself towards the front with ease due to her petite figure. There, she saw the young lord of the town, Reign Valystasia, preparing to deliver some news over the crowd.

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#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was waiting at the edge of the stage as he wasn’t allowed on it yet. He looked at the young lord as he was about to bring a toast. Chelvaric knew from the job request that it was the birthday of his father, who sadly had passed away. Chelvaric touched the wooden stage that was constructed of strong oak so that it wouldn’t collapse under the weight of the people standing on it. It felt nice and smooth it was real good craftsmanship. The young lord stepped to a microphone lacrima and grabbed it while he started speaking. The whole square went silent for his speech. Only some nobles on the main stage were still giving small talk but they went quiet when it was quite awkward that they were the only ones speaking. It seemed the nobles didn’t like the young lord much or at least didn’t respect him as the villagers did.

Good people of Hargeon. Were gathered here today to honor what would be the fifty year anniversary of my father. Sadly, he passed away before he could show us all the great things he could do. Despite my young age and the loss I had to suffer I took over for him to take care of the amazing people in Hargeon. Together we always stand strong and wise. We are the best boat builders of Fiore! That’s why I have ordered to build a warship in his honor. It will be the biggest and most powerful warship ever! Now get your beer, wine, water or other drink and let’s give a toast to my father!”, he shouted and put the cup into the air. The whole town's square lit up in a cheer and music started to play. It seemed very enjoyable to join in but he couldn’t as his job would start now.


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#6Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Upon standing in front of the crowd, the young lord cleared his throat and began explaining of how the day was an event to celebrate his father’s anniversary and as a result, some builders will be constructing the largest warship in honour of the death of the young lord’s father. Loud cheers erupted among the crowd, females gleamed with happiness while other males chest bumped each other despite the fact that they were strangers and some people would throw their hats off into the sky, showing their support to the young lord. Now that she has actually seen it with her eyes, she clearly understood why Reign Valystasia had massive love and support from the citizens of Hargeon and she was proud of it to be a part of this lovely town.

Just as she was about to walk away to continue her business, a glimpse of silver caught her attention from the other side of the crowd. Her eyes wander among the people until it landed on a figure, his tall height towering above the rest of the townsfolk. It was a comrade of hers, that she has been spending the most time with although his presence by the docks confused her since she was highly aware of his dislike for water. Perhaps, he might have a reason to be here, she thought.

”Chelvaric!” She called out for him, her voice overwhelmed by the constant cheering of the crowd before she sprinted towards his direction and grabbed by his arm. ”Hey, I saw by the other side of the crowd. Why’re you here?”

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#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was still leaning against the structure while listening to the cheering. He smiled as he found the cheering quite funny. It was a joyous moment and it was good to see something happy now and then. Jobs always started with sad stuff most of the time so this was a good change of pace. He suddenly heard someone calling his name and he was looking over the crowd of people to find the voice. But he didn’t seem to find the source of the voice at all. Maybe he just misheard and turned around to get the attention of the young lord so he could start the job.

When he suddenly felt something grabbing his arm and turning him around. He was straight looking in the beautiful face of his team partner Snow. He tried to listen carefully what she said as the crowd was still so loud. “Snow! Oh I am here on a job. Did you listen to the speech? I have to build that boat. I really could use a hand if you have some free time. ”, he said to her and smiled at her. He did need help but he just wanted Snow with him for another day too because she was so important to him.


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#8Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Sure.” -- She’d say, seeing how she had nothing else to do apart from buying some fresh seafood to cook for dinner for herself and her familiar. The crowd continued to cheer for the young lord before they scuttled away to celebrate the event while the construction workers would finish the warship. The lord of Hargeon climbed down the stairs of the stage, most likely to meet up with the builders and inform them on how he wanted to design the ship. ”I think we should meet our client first. It’s Reign Valystasia, am I right?” She asked, not bothering to wait for an answer from Chelvaric and pulled him towards the backstage where the lord was discussing the matter with everyone who was involved with this event.

She’d wait until he was done conversing with other men and then, approached him afterwards. ”Excuse me, sir. What are the plans for this event?” The lord took a quick glance over his shoulder and turned around to face the Blue Pegasus mages. His attention shifted over to Chelvaric, in which he raised his eyebrow in surprise and smiled. ”Oh, I remember you. Chelvaric, was it?” He switched his gaze upon Snowflake and questioned, ”And you’re….?”

”Snow.” She finished the sentence for him and nodded. ”I’m his teammate and I’d like to help in this event alongside him.” The young lord smiled, nodding in appreciation before finally informing them about the plans of the event.

”But first, you should gather the materials from Mywand Olden.” He lifted his finger and pointed into a distance at an old man who was standing by the docks. ”He should have all the items needed.”

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#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric smiled when Snow agreed to join him on the job. He was happy that he didn’t had to do it alone anymore. He waited for the young lord to come down the stage and then would listen to what he had to say to them. But before that happened Snow suddenly asked if he was the Reign Valystasia guy. Chelvaric was just about to answer when he was pulled by her towards him. Well, there went his waiting plan. They waited till the man was done talking to his advisors and other important people when he turned around and greeted the people. It seemed the lord recognized him.

He found it nice of him to still remember him that well. Even though they only had briefly met earlier when he picked up the job. The lord pointed them towards the location where they would find all the materials. An old man was standing near the shop. He was probably the store owner. Chelvaric grabbed Snow’s wrist and pulled her through the crowd so that they didn’t lose a lot of time trying to get through the pushy people. They arrived at the old man and he raised his hand in greetings to them. “Hello, young folks. What do you need of this old bugger today?” he would ask of them and smiled while taking his smoking pipe out of his mouth.


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#10Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

After the young lord gave them information of where they would be able to get the items, Chelvaric wasted no time to lead them towards the person that they were supposed to meet. The old man, known as Mywand Olden greeted them with a withering smile upon the two wizards approach, as he cackled behind his smoking pipe, releasing fumes of smoke into the air. ”Sir, we’d like to gather some materials to build the warship.” She stated, informing the old man of what they were going to do. The man took another smoke from the pipe and breifly nodded. ”I see, you two are the builders then. That’s fine but I left all the items back at my store. Due to my frail legs, I probably won’t make it on time here to get the materials so if you don’t mind, you can retrieve it yourself.” The man handed them the key to his warehouse and gave them the directions to his store.

Taking the key in her hands, the two of them proceeded down the road, hoping to return soon to start their job since she did not want to work until late just because they couldn’t finish the young lord’s request. Reign Valystasia does also seem like a person who wouldn’t let any of his workers take a rest until they’re done with their job.

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#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric listened to the old man as he explained how he had a frail body and couldn’t get the materials here on time so instead he would give them a key so that they could fetch the materials for themselves. Ah well they were bound a bit by time but the lord was a good lord so he was probably not that concerned in how hard they would work. But he himself rather finish a job fast then take a nap on the job. That wouldn’t be good for the guild's reputation after all.

They walked through the empty streets as the party was still going on. It probably wouldn’t end for a couple of days. He felt sorry for the guys who had to clean up after them, that would be a big amount of work. They arrived in a area were countless tall and long buildings were standing. This was probably the storage area of the harbor. Where everyone would store the stuffs that came in from the ships before they were shipped over the land to other Fiore city’s. Chelvaric stopped at one of them and looked at the name plate stating it was the shop owners Hangar. “Ah, it is here Snow. Let’s get the oxens from inside and go to the place where we supposed to build the ships”, Chelvaric said to her and waited for her to open the gate.


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#12Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Shortly after, they arrived at their destination, which was the warehouses owned by Mywand Olden. While she struggled to find out which ones were the old man’s, Chelvaric quickly figured them out and suggested her to open the doors to the building. Using the key, she would unlock the old man’s warehouse, only to see a plenty amount of materials scattered all over the places. The tools used for construction were mostly hung on the wooden walls, some stored inside the glass boxes and tin cans of paints clustered on one corner of the room.

”So, what are we supposed to pick?”

Snowflake glanced around the area, confused by all the materials that was on display. She had done some construction work a while ago, however, all the items were given to her so she was aware of what to use in different situations. She looked for similar items in the room until her eyes landed upon rows of hammers. ”Perfect. Hammer and nails.” The woman mumbled to none other than herself and slipped off the item off the hook and grabbed a packet of nails lying around nearby. Her eyes wandered around the place once again before she took hold off a large saw in her hands, thinking that it’d be useful to slice wooden boards.

Assuming that they would need an ample amount of wooden boards, she walked out of the warehouse and returned back to the entrance of the building riding an oxen driven wagon. ”Place all your stuffs on here. We’re taking this to to the docks.” She’d say and tossed all the materials that they’d need onto the vehicle. ”Please grab some paint as well.”

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#13Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
hey entered the warehouse that was one big room. Concrete floor stretching out over the place while rows of shelves where filled with all kinds of materials from bricks to oaken planks. It smelled like paint and other materials. Chelvaric saw some saws on the wall and he took a couple before he started to walk to the row of planks. He took the most sturdy ones. Mahony planks. Mahony was known for its sturdy property. It would take a lot of damage before it would break perfect for a warship. It took him a couple of trips to the wagons to fill them up with the planks.

Ah, you got the hammer and nails okay. I’ll get some rivets then and the sails and ropes. We should have everything after that. Maybe we need some glass for the windows” Chelvaric said to Snow. He walked over to the row of cloth and picked up some big rolls that would be enough to make sails from. Sails were one of the most important things on a boat after all. He took a couple of boxes of rivets to keep everything together. Snow asked if he could get some paint.

Let’s go for red. So that it looks menacing”, He would say to her before he picked up the red paint and stored it in the wagons. “Well I think that’s everything let’s go build the boat then I guess.”, he would say to her after checking a last time that everything was tightly secured to the wagons.


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#14Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

”Bring whatever you think we might need.”

Snowflake said, taking hold of the rails of the wagon while glancing over her shoulder to see what her teammate was doing. The oxens snorted and huffed out air as the vehicle grew heavy with more addition of materials while Chelvaric tossed items onto the vehicle and even tied to the end of it after it was entirely loaded with materials. She looked over her shoulder once again to confirm that Chelvaric was on the wagon so that she doesn’t end up leaving behind. With a slight tug of her hands upon the ropes, the oxens kicked their legs against the ground, kicking up puffs of dust in the air and slowly proceeded onto the road and back to the Hargeon Docks.

As the Blue Pegasus wizards rode along the streets, they would receive awkward stares from the townsfolk, some whispering to each other while others just raised an eyebrow at them but she could care less of what they thought about them at that moment and wondered if it was that strange to see oxen wagons in the streets these days. The woman shook her head and continue riding towards the docks and ceased the vehicle in its tracks nearby their destination and slid off her seat. Since they couldn’t take the wagon onto the docks, they’d have to carry the materials by themselves.

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#15Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was sitting on the ox wagon behind the one of Snow and they started to move through the city. He wondered if people would think of them as crazy since they were working through the festivities or maybe they were finding it weird that two mages were building the boat for the honor of the lord's father. Well he couldn’t blame them he was not really the person you would ask to build a boat after all. It didn’t matter much to him anyway. A job was a job after all. As long as he got paid in the end it would end up fine. It didn’t take them too long to reach the docks where they would build the Boat for the Lord. But before they could even start on that they had to unload everything.

Snow could you start unloading the heavy stuffs? You’re the strongest of us two after all”, he would ask of her the moment they got of the ox driven wagons. He untied the ropes over the wagon and started unloading all the paint into the docks. If they all worked together it wouldn’t take too long to bring all of the materials inside of the dry dock.


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#16Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Once Snowflake had gotten off the wagon, she tied the animals to the wooden fence so that they don’t run away or be stolen by some thieves. When Chelvaric requested to carry the heavy load, the woman briefly nodded and began to unload all the materials that they had carried all the way from Mywand Olden’s warehouses. Since there were many items on the wagon, Snowflake had to make several trips back and from the docks to where the wagons were located, unloading the materials each trip that she’s made. From her lips, she released a sigh of relief, now that everything has been taken care of and the only thing they needed to do was to construct the warship with all the things that they’ve gathered.

”Shall we begin?”

The woman spoke, placing her hands on her hips as she gazed down at the blueprint located on the wooden floorboard. It was the design and the plans for the ship that they were just about to build and looking at it, the first thing they should do was to align the wooden boards and nail them together. She placed the boards side by side, gluing them together and nailing more wooden boards to make it thicker so that it would be able to withstand strong tides in sea. The most important part of the ship was the bottom park, which she was working on it. She aligned the wooden blocks into a long line, gluing and hammering them together before she would start to place more boards by the side of the ship for the next step.

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#17Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was unloading all the paint while Snow was starting on the more heavy planks and boards. It took a while before they had unloaded it all. The oxes where fine as they had been tightened them to the fence outside. Which was clever thinking of her. Chelvaric made sure that whatever he unloaded was placed together and in the order they would need it to build the ship. They had a lot of work to do if they wanted to finish this in time. While Snow started to glue the bottom together he started to cut the sails and put them on the wooden poles that would support them.

Once the deck was done they could just place them on top it and they would be done. Since Snow was done with the bottom side he started to nail the planks on top of it to make the deck of the ship. Making sure he left a hole or two in it so that people could go down to the inner side of the ship. Once the deck was finished they moved on to make the rooms in the hull. This was just for storage and sleeping quarters for the crew. The captain’s cabin would come on the deck and not below it.


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#18Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

While her teammate worked on the deck of the ship, Snowflake would continued building the side of the ship, stacking the wooden plates and nailing them together before she decided to move onto building the mast of the ship. The construction of the deck would take longer than she’d expected since her partner would have to design stairs and the cabin for the ship. Meanwhile, she could work on the rest of the construction of the ship, the front part, the details, the sails and the mast of the ship. She was quite disappointed that they weren’t allowed to use to magic to help build the vehicle since the lord sought to honour his father, which was honestly, a dumb reason to her but nevertheless, she was resolved to go along with it despite how their magic would probably help them finish the work faster; not that she had one.

With barely less than 5 people working on the construction of the ship, the work was definitely bound to take forever, but since she had a quite an ample amount of strength, it was easy for her to carry heavy load, hammer nails quickly and whatnot. After she has chopped off the large piece of log into a smaller pole for the mast, she placed near the middle of the ship and located it upwards with the top pointing into the sky. The sails would be attached with ropes and strings before she hauled the cloth up to the top of the mast and hung it there where it billowed outwards and danced along with the rhythm of the wind.

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#19Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric worked a bit longer on the stairs and cabin then he wanted too but it was a tremendous work to do it with so little people. It took them a couple of days but eventually they finished the job. They would sleep at the dry docks in between the working days. On the third day the young lord arrived and inspected the boat. “Thank you fellow men and women for your tremendous job. I know I asked a lot of you but you finished in time and faster than I expected”, the lord said while he walked around the ship a last time.

Now all aboard the ship! Time to test this majestic vessel out” he would say loud and from all the sides sailors came running that climbed on board. Chelvaric stayed on shore with Snow as he didn’t wanted to get near the water for now he was too tired to make him mentally ready for the trip. The sailors were shouting instructions to each other and not much later another boat towed the warship out of the dry docks and onto the sea. It went perfectly and without any accidents the ship was floating on top of the water. It glided through the waves while the other boat was pulling it. “You two mages did a great job here is your reward. If I ever need capable people again I will call upon you” he said to both of them and gave a rather large amount of money to them.


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