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Poltergeist [Phantom Lord]

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Here Geb was again, on his mission to become the guildmaster of Phantom Lord. It had been a while since that day Cesare died now, and he'd imagined that the members of Phantom Lord would want to get this over with. Geb sat in his hotel room, room 404 in the best hotel in all of Hargeon. Geb had a suite today, so he would have lots of room for visitors. However, it wasn't the room for visitors that mattered.

Geb had sent out a message to all the Phantom Lord members in the area through a variety of ways. Hopefully more than one would turn up. The problem was that they needed a new guildmaster, and Geb aspired to be it. However, at this moment, he had no power. He'd have to get through this with his bluffing skills until he could get used to his new body and magic.

Geb sat in the hotel room on a comfy chair, waiting for anyone to show up. It was 1 minute until the second meeting would begin. He only knew one thing for certain. No matter what discussion went on in this particular room, Geb was not planning to leave empty handed in any way.

Knowing this, Geb waited patiently for a knock on the door. It would be any second now.

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In the back of Kenny’s mind rang the gentle sound of a babbling brook. It seemed a few days away from guild work and fighting were all he needed to cope with… His situation. A lot of his thoughts had to be bottled up, an ever present question looming in his mind when he remembered details from his past life, who he once was. For a man who was supposed to have been newly cleansed of his morality, he sure didn’t feel much of a change in his person, though he did feel a change in his spiritual being more or less. Then again that woman could have been fooling with him because he was so drunk… Fuck if he cared.

There was another message sent out wide, it was vague and was meant for all of Phantom Lord yet again. The lone omega didn’t have a desire to see his guild mates again, he was still dealing with his own demons and did not have the temperament at the moment to listen to them bicker and argue on and on about who got to wear the pants in the family. Between Shin and the nameless ash- Oh that was right, he was trying to forget certain things. Between Shin and the unnamed male he couldn’t be bothered with any more chest pounding and crying about a corpse. Funny, that came from the man who not long ago tried to drown himself for similar reasons.

A brisk sigh left his lips as he looked at the hotel entrance. Could he deal with another shouting match. Who knows who was up there, “I need a drink…” he reached into the pocket of his blazer and retrieved a small silver flasks. Inside the instrument was little more than liquor, nothing hard but enough to give him a buzz. He turned the flasks up and emptied the contents into his gullet before plopping down on the steps and sighing to himself as he leaned against one of the solid stone railings.

It was going to be a long night, and regardless of what happened Kenny would likely need more to drink.

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#3Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Room 404

Shin stood in front of the wooden door, his gaze set on the metal plaque with the numbers 404 engraved. This was the room that would hold the second meeting between phantoms. The previous meeting at the Hargeon Lighthouse was rather anti-climatic. Only three members of the guild made an appearance and agreed to rendezvous back at Oak Town but it appeared things had changed. How annoying.

If he had to guess the point of this meeting, he figured it would something to do with the vacant position of guildmaster. The man who had called the previous meeting appeared adamant on claiming the position for himself. Although this did not sit well with Shin, he would attempt to keep an open mind this time around. He was beginning to accept he was not currently suited for the position of guildmaster. Despite this however, he was still inclined on climbing the ranks within the guild. He would become strong enough that no one within the guild could question him. The guildmaster could be whoever but his loyalty would remain to the guild itself, not the person with the title.

With a deep exhale, Shin proceeded to knock on the door. He was hopeful for a greater turnout than the previous meeting.

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#4Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
The message came to her a few days after she met Seira, when she thought that nothing could ruin the excitement she was feeling. Bianca unfolded the piece of paper in her room, wondering who had sent it, and more importantly how they did so. All thoughts of paranoia disappeared when she read what was written. In an instant, the piece of paper was torn up into pieces by her hands. She knew who had sent it to her, and finally realised what had happened. This is why she hadn’t seen the master ever since she got back from Era. An image of Cesare’s face floated into her mind. How did this happen? She wanted answers. So many questions clouded her now aching head. She didn’t care much about who became the next master, but she did care about Cesare. He had helped rebuild her from the pathetic girl she was. And now she felt as pathetic as she did before coming to Phantom Lord.

Bianca clothed herself and brushed her hair after a while of trying to calm herself down, then left her inn as fast as she could. She was given an address and it seemed not too far away from where she was so she didn’t bother hiring a carriage. Her eyes cast downwards the whole journey, only looking up to see where she was going from time to time. Once she reached the hotel, she walked through the double doors and headed straight for the stairs, climbing them hastily two steps at a time and stopping at the fourth floor. Room 404. As she neared it, she noticed another man knocking on the door. It was Shin Katari, a guildmate of hers. She remembered him clearly, but she knew he wouldn’t since she didn’t look like what she did when they last met. But she would remind him later, as there were more important things to do right now. She waited for him to enter first before following him inside where she would find Geb - the one who had sent the message.


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Geb opened the door for the many men and women that would come inside. Not that it was exactly many, only 3 had managed to show up. Still, a slightly better turnout than last time. 2 of these people Geb recognized, but there was a third. A tall, purple haired woman. Regardless of what he thought of this band of 3, especially his hatred for the redheaded man, he opened the door up to make sure to make them feel welcome in the premises. "Please, come in. I would like you all to make yourselves at home." Geb, being a courteous host, sat on a simple wooden chair. He would let the others take the couch and loveseat and whatnot. Though knowing this guild, he wouldn't be surprised if they all just leaned against the wall or something.

Geb wasn't wasting anytime, talking once more before he even let anyone get to their seats. "In case you do not know me, I am Geb Majura. I'd like to discuss something important with you all. About the guild, that is. I only ask that the last one coming in close the door." Geb's fear of theft once again kicked in, causing him to remember to mention another thing. "Oh, and lock it. If you would."

Geb wasn't the fan of sucking up a little, but this needed to be done. He had not the power to kill for the title of Guildmaster, nor the will. He would not want to lose members. This entire evening would be based off his powers of persuasion. "Let's all be on the same page with each other and introduce ourselves. Even if some of us already know each other." Geb tried his best not to give an icy glare at the red haired man.

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Kenny had managed to make it to the meeting after taking a short nap on the steps outside, he was just about ready for whatever nonsense was about to come his way. Just as the door opened he managed to slide in, nonchalantly walking into the place and making himself immediately at home. If this guy wanted to be the new guild leader, he better have made snacks because the madara look alike had a hankering for something yummy to eat, oh so yummy. He could go for pasta, chips, finger sandwiches, maybe even an apple if this milksop had it! Whatever he could get his mouth on would suffice really.

Not wasting any time Kenny shut the door and locked it right up to ease the “guild master in training’s” fears. After looking the door he yawned and crashed on the couch slouched with his legs open and head thrown back. Should have known better to engage in day drinking the way he did, or well drinking period at the moment. “Door locked, four people…” he mumbled. He didn’t know what he said.

“I would rather skip introductions and get straight to the heart of why we’re all here.” he rubbed his temples and sat up, “One of us or you all or whatever the fuck you decide will need to start their on the job training as Guildmaster soon right? But first we need to pick a body to weigh all of the responsibility on.” he leaned back and yawned, “So to start up let's skip the bullshit and get right to this situations polka dotted underthings, who wants the job and what would you even do with it?"

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#7Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Avoiding eye contact with the man, Shin walked towards the back of the room and stopped in front of a large window. As Geb began to speak, Shin turned around to see the other two people that joined the meeting. One of the two was Kenny, a person Shin recruited and the other was a tall purple haired woman that he had not met. The conversation began to pick up as Kenny offered to skip introductions and get on with the subject of the meeting. Taking a seat on the window ledge, Shin tucked his hands into his pockets and kicked his feet outwards.

"Nobody here deserves to be guildmaster," Shin began to speak as he took a glance around the room, "except me." Although Shin had decided to not become the guildmaster, he would not lay low in this matter. He would play the part of taking the title and see where he would end up. "The person who most recently joined doesn't deserve it, the person who let the guildmaster die doesn't deserve it, and some random woman doesn't deserve it," Shin spoke as he took a short pause at each person. He believed his arguments were valid, say for the last one. Now was a waiting game to see what counterarguments each would make.


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Kenny looked down at his watch and growled at the time, it seemed like it would just be another pissing contest and if Kenny wanted to watch a couple of girls bicker he’d go down to ladies night at the bar… The bar, that was a good scene to go to now over this one. Maybe he would head to one tonight after he left. In fact he would be leaving now, there was no leader to stop him and he was getting tired of all of the woofing and preaching and crying and snuggling and hand holding and even more aggressive hand holding and one guy would look at the other and the other would look at him and it seemed like they would make out any minute either way Kenny didn’t want to be involved anymore. Whoever was the leader didn’t matter and neither of them could stop him. Not that they should.

He would stand up and stretch tapping his watch, “Alright I don’t feel like listening to all of the bickering and babbling. You all can decide among yourselves who the leader will be or whatever the heck we’re here for.” he rolled his shoulders and straightened his jacket before dusting off his pants. “I vote for Shin, he seems sure of himself or whatever.” and with that he turned around, opened the door "And if he votes for someone just move me to their ballot too. There's no time to bicker we've got shit to do and I doubt the other guilds are being so sluggish."


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Bianca Fleur †
As soon as everyone was in the room, Bianca walked over to the wall and stood leaning against it so she could see everyone. Shin decided to seat himself on the window ledge while the last one to enter just threw himself on the couch - looking pretty intoxicated. Bianca had definitely missed something because she sensed a tension between the three men. She had no idea why, but she could feel it. Staying silent most of the time they spoke, Bianca tried to make sense of the situation, trying to figure shit out in her own mind. When Geb asked them to introduce themselves, the drunk man said that he would rather skip introductions, which made Bianca look up. She understood Phantom Lord wasn’t the most polite bunch, but a little respect wouldn’t hurt, especially to your ‘family’.

When Shin spoke up, he said things that answered some of Bianca’s questions. The drunk man was a new member, and if she assumed correctly, Geb was there when Cesare died. She frowned at him, wondering if that had anything to do with the new look he had. The last time she remembered he looked much younger, and much less serious. Shin had called her a ‘random woman’, which didn’t offend her in the slightest. It was probably because he didn’t remember her. She looked nothing like when she met him, so it was understandable. When everyone stopped talking, the man on the couch got up, looking like he was in a hurry or something since he kept looking at his watch. She assumed he was going to leave. So soon? He shouldn’t have come in the first place, she thought. Before he left, he made his vote for Shin. He didn’t seem to care much, though, and after a while he was gone.

Now it was up to the three of them to decide, so before the two men started arguing, Bianca spoke up. “My name is Bianca,” she said, introducing herself once again, giving Shin a look that said ‘remember me now?’ and then exhaling sharply, pushing herself off the wall. “I’m not interested in the position myself, but I’ll tell you guys what I think. The person who most recently joined obviously shouldn’t even be considered for it. But the person trying to blame others when he wasn’t even there to do anything about it surely doesn’t deserve it either,” she said, looking directly at Shin before continuing.

“Even though there was nothing he could do about it, at least Geb was there, and I’m sure he did everything he could to make sure Cesare was safe. Unfortunately we’ve lost him, and Geb here is trying to get us together to talk about the future of our guild. How responsible of him, don’t you think? And you and that bloody drunk are acting like babies, how pathetic. I don’t see why we even need to argue about this. The title is just that - a title. It doesn’t matter who has it as long as we stick together.” She turned towards Geb now. “You’ve gathered us here to discuss about this and I’m assuming it’s because you want to take up the responsibility. If that’s right, then I give you my vote because I believe in you.” She gave him a smirk and folded her arms, leaning back on the wall.

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Bianca Fleur †
Bianca glanced at the wall clock, checking the time. Even though she didn’t wanna leave yet and hear the other two out, she thought it was taking longer than it should. Clearing her throat, the vampyre gently pushed herself off the wall once again. “I guess I don’t have more to say,” she said. She brought out a cig and a lighter and looked at her guildmates. She just hoped that they did not start arguing, or worse, fighting after she left. “I’ll see you guys, probably back at Oak,” she told them, hinting that she would be leaving Hargeon soon.

And with that, she left the hotel room. She stood outside for a while to listen to them, but afterwards she left for the woods to hunt. On the way, she thought about the decision she made. Even though she believed in Geb, was it really the right decision to vote for him? Honestly, Bianca didn’t care much. She didn’t care who got the position as long as they led the guild right and didn’t stray away from their main objectives. It took some minutes to reach the woods next to the beach, her ideal hunting spot in Hargeon.


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Shin Katari
Yet again, the meeting between phantoms died as quickly as it begun. Each member tossed their two cents and some even voted. But that was about it. Without saying much, Kenny up and left leaving his vote for Shin. He offered little reasoning for his vote which was fine and all but his carefree attitude was slightly annoying. It was as if he did not take the entire situation seriously. Then there was the woman.

Bianca, as she introduced herself, had a passionate fire in her voice. She understood the situation at hand and agreed with Shin that Kenny was not a good fit. Unsurprisingly, she also went against him. Shin was just another member in the guild, albeit one with more of a reputation than most, but that was about it. These few weeks after Cesare's death, he had done very little to move things along. Instead, he fell into a darkness and has since been surrounded by it. Geb on the other has actively been calling for meetings. As Bianca mentioned, he was being a responsible member of the guild. Therefore he had won her vote and with that, she followed Kenny out the door.

One-on-one. One vote each. The two remaining members were Geb and Shin. If the previous meeting was any indication, these two mages did not get along. Although they were being more civil this time around there was still tension in the air. Looking in Geb's direction, Shin took a good look at the man. "Listen, you wanna be guild master and so do I. Of course, Bianca believes it should be you and Kenny believes it should be me. Although, I don't think Kenny's vote should count. He's obviously new to the guild and all. With that in mind, you have one vote and I have none." Getting up from his the window ledge, he walked towards Geb and stood across from him. "I'm not one to be a brat about shit. You've been calling for meetings so it seems you have an idea of where you want the guild to go or something. But I will tell you one thing, don't expect me to follow your words. My loyalty is to the guild itself, not you or anyone else. I won't hesitate to kill you." Sighing, he made his way towards the door and took one last look behind before he opened it.

"Let's what you can do, guildmaster."



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Geb was pretty happy with this turnout, and even happier with the decision. Now that everyone had left and he was now the Guildmaster of Phantom Lord, he stood up with a smile on his face as he once again locked his door. He would then turn around towards his hotel window, opening up the blinds as he would look out into the distance. This was big. Now, he was one step closer to getting into his plan of making the country of Fiore change its ways. Sure, he had a long road ahead of him, but he was getting closer at the very least. This was a big step. Even if he had to do it by a dark guild's way, he still would be able to accomplish his goals. It was simply a means to an end in this case. He chuckled to himself a little bit. He'd watch the street from his window for a little while, just thinking to himself before eventually going back to sleep. This was going to be a good year, and Geb could feel it. He already got this far just this year alone, and there was still time left to make even more improvements. Only time could tell with this one, to be honest. And luckily, Geb was a patient man.


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