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Marigold to Hargeon [FootTravel|Sage]

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Marigold to Hargeon [FootTravel|Sage] Empty on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:01 am

Sage spend the night in one of Marigold's Inn, it was an ordinary inn like any other. The next day, Sage walked around Marigold just to look at the place since he had never been there, He is at the end of Fiore. Then he stumbled on a map throughout all fiore, he could see that hargeon is the town next to marigold, so he decided to visit Hargeon, the first place where he did his quests. Sage took the old way to travel there, by walking, He didnt have to pack his stuff that hard, cuz he only spend a day in Marigold. When night covered the sky, Sage took shelter under a tree and slept there, being a part of nature himself, he didnt mind at all the dirt beneath him and the grass and sticks all over the place. The next morning, Sage searched for water and found a river nearby, he drank from the river and continued his journey. While Sage was walking, he realized that it is the end of summer, noticing the heat and the date. He cant wait for next Spring, he thought, cant wait for next year's spring. Then when he arrived in Hargeon memories came flooding back into his mind, he cant believe that it has been over a month already.

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