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Basic Duties [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Basic Duties [Quest | Genjiro] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:04 am

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro yawned loudly as he awoke on the beach, he had fallen asleep after lending his aid to Jay. He had to hekp the buff young man lift weights by being his second, making sure he didn't hurt himself as he increased the weight gradual. It had been a tiring experience for the elderly man as he exhausted the conserved stamina he had saved up over the day. He had immediately fallen asleep in the morning sun on the sandy beach of Hargeon. It seemed many hours had passed as it was well into the afternoon. Genjiro stretched his limbs as he stood up brushing away the sand from his clothing. He felt well rested after his nap. The fire mage picked up his walking stick and began making his way towards Hargeon. The elderly male walked with small steps, taking his time as he departed from the Hargeon beach and into the streets. He had his eyes appearing almost shut as he walked his slow steps to conserve the energy he had regained from his nap. He circulated his small magical reserves to ease the pain from his muscles, his muscles were a little sore from the workout earlier but they would heal later.

The old man looked around with a soft expression, watching as a group of kids ran by laughing happily as a kite trailed behind in the air following after them. Genjiro chuckled softly as he approached a vendor on the side and examined the range of fresh fruits. Genjiro selected a granny smith apple and a green pear. He payed the owed jewels taking the two fruits in a bag with his right hand. He held his walking stick with his left hand. The wooden stick thumped along the cobblestone floor making a soft clunking noise with ease step. His steps were not silent as he walked through the hargeon streets.

Genjiro removed the pear from the bag, shoving the bag holding the apple into his right hakama pocket. The old man raised the pear to his lips and took a bite with a loud crunch. He chewed the deliciously sweet fruit as his dull crimson hues glanced around the the streets, he was feeling a little over energised perhaps he should find a quest to help remove the excess energy. Changing directions the fire mage headed off towards the middle of town where the Quest Board would be located, holding an assortment of Bad and Good Quests. At the moment Genjiro would take all the Good quests in Hargeon before moving onto the bad ones. He needed to earn a little money for his travelers and to continue his studies. Arriving at the board he hummed softly as he took a final bite of his pear and tossed it into a nearby bin. Genjiro's eyes scanned the boards contents eventually locking onto a quest from Officer Kenji. The fire mage grabbed the quest and began to read its contents. It seemed Offer Kenji was a little busy and couldn't deal with the local graffiti problem which was becoming a problem so he was hiring help.

WC: 521

#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro folded the quest over and slipped it into his left kimono sleeve. The old man removed the fruit bag from his hakama pocket, extracting the green apple form within and took a bite. He balled the bag up and tossed it into a bin before heading off. He had a little time before he needed to work on the quest as the kids causing the graffiti problem usually never appeared until nightfall. THe fire mage walked over to a nearby bench and began to eat away at the apple enjoying the taste before tossing it away. He then sat there with his hands folded over one another atop his walking stick. His eyes shut themselves as he leant forward and drifted off to sleep, giving soft snores, setting his internal clock. Time began to pass and before he knew it the for the old mage the sun had set and the moon had risen as nightfall arrived.

As time ticked away getting closer to midnight, Genjiro's eyes snapped open before slowly closing until they appeared shut. Genjiro gave a yawn as he slowly stood up with the help of his walking stick. He cranned his neck and rolled his shoulders removing the stiffness. His crimson hues looked around, it was nightfall and the kids should be out causing mischief. The fire mage then began to walk off, in order to search the streets of Hargeon for the mischievous graffiti spraying children. He would teach them a lesson by giving them a small beating, the old mage wouldn't go overboard a simple wack of his walking stick should be enough to get the message across. People tended to underestimate him because he was old and only a D rank mage, but that didn't mean he was weak. He had experience from spending years as a soldier, mercernary and as a bandit.

Genjiro searched through the night and time ticked away. It wasn't long until he heard the sound of spray cans. Following the noise the old mage came across a group of three children laughing as they sprayed a large wall, writing out profanities and drawing lewd images. Genjiro slowly approached the sound of his wooden stick banging on the cobblestone drew their attention. The old man stood a meter from them and coughed, "I must kindly ask you to stop." Spoke the old man starting off noise. The kids stuck their tongues out at him and returned to their graffiti art. The old man gave a sigh and shot forward covering the distance in 1/5th of a second. He swung his walking stick low tripping up the first kid knocking him off his feet before striking down with the bottom of the stick into his solar plexus making him gasp for air. Genjiro moved onto the second a swing of his walking stick hit the kid on the head before whacking him on the butt. With the final kid Genjiro thrust the walking stick forward hitting him in the chest before using it to sweep him off his feet and onto his butt.

Genjiro smiled softly as he tapped the end of the walking stick on the ground. The kids gulped and scrambled running off shouting they would be good. Laughing Genjiro left meeting up with Officer Kenji and explained what happened. The officer laughed and handed over the reward bidding his goodbyes. With that Genjiro left returning to the room of an inn he was renting.

WC: 579
TWC: 1100/1000

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