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Beach Gym [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
An old man could be seen walking through the streets of Hargeon, dressed in a formal eastern atire from another time. The old man was in his mid eighties wearing a white shitagi, a black kosode over the top, with black hakama pants that had a white sash around to keep them up putting them in place that also looped over his kosode. Hanging off his shoulders was a long white haori that flowed along the ground gathering dirt. His arms weren't in the sleeves but it drapped over his shoulders keeping it in place. In his hands was a long walking stick that was tall enough to match his six foot two frame. He was old but tall for his age. The walking stick was made out of mahagony wood with a circular top making it easy to grip. He walked with a slow pace, but he didn't not limp, he was simply taking his time conserving his energy as he walked towards the Hargeon Beach. As he walked the streets parted to make way for the old man. He would give his passerbyers a friendly smile in thanks for letting him through. Being old had its advantages as people often made way for you.

The old man continued his journey taking his time. He would stop at nearby stalls inspecting their goods, asking various questions showing his inquistive nature before walking on, checking the time by asking nearby citizens. He had half an hour until the meeting time and plenty of time as the beach was in view. Walking onto the sand he glided along, getting odd looks from the beach goers for his attire. Genjiro paid them no mind as he walked on examining his surroundings. He held out his arms allowing the rays of the sun to wash over them. He basked in the suns rays giving a warm smile as he fell back into the sand, his haori like one big beach towel protecting the rest of his clothing from sand. The old man lay in the sand simply enjoying the feel, relaxing in the warmth of the sun.

He felt tired, but he forced back the sleep that threatened to overcome him. If he fell asleep now he would be late for his meeting. Genjiro laid their for a few more minutes before rising to his feet using his walking stick to help him stand. The old man craned his neck and brushed a little sand off his hakama pants. He shook out his haori and looked around spotting a small beach side gym twenty meters to his left. The old man walked over heading towards the Gym spotting a lone individual waiting for him. it turned out to be a young man in his twenties, with golden blonde short hair and a muscular build in gym shorts and a white tank top. Genjiro began his approach raising his left hand to draw Jay's attention. The young man blinked in confusion before a look of shock appeared as he realised his help was an elderly man.

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#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro smiled softly at Jay as he walked up to the slightly taller male. "Greetings, Genjiro at your service." The old man gave a polite bow, but there was clearly shock written all over Jay's face as he looked at the old man who was old enough to be his grandfather maybe even his great grandfather. Jay raised his hands, "No offence old timer, but I was expecting someone younger, I'm afraid you'll break your back or worse if you help me. Don't go giving your self a heartattack." Spoke Jay as he got over his shock. He didn't want the old man hurting himself attempting to lend him a hand.

Genjiro gave a laugh before he grabbed the front of his clothing and threw them off after dropping his walking stick. His arms slid out of their sleeves as he allowed the top half of his clothing to fall around his lower exposing his upper torso. Jay's eyes widened i shock as the old man could only be described as ripped, with a sick back and thick muscular arms. But the most surprising feature was all the scars that covered the old man's body. THe massive scar on his head hadn't really shocked Jay as being how old the guy was Jay suspected he might have been in a fight or two, but this was just insane.

"I'm more than capable enough to assist you youngester. Now lets get to it. What do you need." Of course Jay wasn't the only one shocked but everyone that was in view was as well as the sight of the buff old man. Jay coughed and began to explain the procedure that he needed help him. Genjiro was to watch over him as he performed his reps. The two set up as Jay got into position after loading the weights. Genjiro hovered his hands over the bar as Jay began doing his reps, after eight times he would load more weights and continued. As the bar got heavier and heavier, Genjiro had to grab the bar and assist with the reps using all his strength to raise the bar to help Jay out with his muscle building. Genjiro’s muscles flexed as they strained under the large weight of the bar, but he had managed to raise it back into place.

Jay got up and grabbed the last weights loading them onto the ends of the bar and got back into position. He gritted his teeth and pushed the bar up and off the holder. Genjiro gripped the bar aiding him in his final rep bringing it back into resting place. Jay got off and stretched his limbs before thanking Genjiro. Jay fetched his wallet and handed a few jewels over to the old man. Genjiro accepted the money and thanked Jay for hiring him. The old man redressed himself after wiping the sweat off his body. Genjiro walked over to the sand and simply collapsed back onto it, using his haori like a big beach towel again. Under the warm sun the old man fell asleep and began snoring softly.

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