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Experimental Hexes [Quest | Yami]

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Experimental Hexes [Quest | Yami] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:08 am

The wind mage known as Yami was kicking an empty can of soda through the cobblestone streets of Oak. THe sun was raised high in the sky at an angle, as dozens of clouds floated in the bright old blue. Half of the sun was blocked out by clouds floating on by, which provide a minute amount of shade to the denizens of oak. The tall mage, over seven feet in height continued kicking the can along the streets, all the while dressed in a black as night suit, a white collared shirt underneath the black silk jacket that was opened up. The white shirt he wore was untucked allowing the shirt tails to hang free. His hands were tucked away in his pocket as his black shoes kicked the can again sending it sailing two meters up into the air. The can sailed five meters through the air before hitting the ground with a loud clang as it struck cobblestone. The can rolled across the cobblestone a further two meters before it came to a halt. In that time Yami had already crossed the distance with his long legs.

Yami pulled his right leg back and brought it down slowly. The tip of his foot struck the can on its side with enough strength and at an angle that the can was shot up into the air. The can spun in mid air having be hit near the edge of the can. The can spun as it sailed forth in an arc before hitting the ground with another loud clang. The can had a big dent in the side that was facing away from Yami not only from the kick but also the fall. The wind mage released a bored sigh as he pulled his right hand out of his trouser pocket and examined the item that was clenched in hsi hands.

In Yami's right hand was two slips of piece with a magical hex engraved into them. The mage could feel the magical energy radiating from within the paper. He clenched the papers as he reflected on what happened this morning. He had been lying outside the guild beneath a large oak tree when some random man would up to him, he was fat to and looked like some mad scientist. Turns out his name was Doctor Stephan Mabuz who had come in search of a Phantom Lord Mage to hire. The doctor was hiring a mage to test out two new hexes he had made, they were experimental and he needed a guinea pig to test them out.

The first hex was called "Stimuli" and it was supposed to make the body extremely sensitive to stimuli for an hour. THe other was called 'Decrepify" the hex was supposed to stop someone's legs from functioning, again for another hour. Yami would have prefered to just lye about sleeping the day away, but sadly he had been the only Phantom Lord mage present so he had been forced to take the quest. So here he was walking the streets contemplating on what to do.

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Yami sighed in boredom as he tucked the second hex, "Decrepify" away and held onto the 'Stimuli' hex. It was time to find a target to test the hex on. Once he had tested them both he was apparently suppose to find Doctor Mabuz's magic shop in the streets of oak to give him the results of the test. Yami pamled his left hand to the middle of his face as he groaned in annoyance. All he wanted to do was sleep, kick but and relax, but he supposed he should do more quests especially because he needed money. Grumbling in lazy annoyance he walked forward with a slouce in his spine. The wind mage looked around, the streets were quiet there was only the odd person about, making them easy targets for Yami's test.

The lazy killer raised the first hex aiming it towards a woman in her earlier to late thirties, she was average in look, a mother holding her young childs hand in her right. The child was a boy of maybe seven to eight maybe nine years, Yami couldn't tell. Yami eyed the mother as he pointed the hex at her as she walked past. He muttered the hexes name under his breath activating the tag. The mother stopped letting out a low gasp as her face quickly flushed. She wiggled in her clothing appearing uncomfortable. The child looked up at his mother and in an innocent voice asked her what was wrong. The mother said nothing was wrong attempting to avoid the question, just saying she was feeling a little hot and that it was time to head home as she needed rest. The child didn't question his mother and further and walked home holding her hand, the entire the mother was visible uncomfortable with a flushed face.

Yami gave a soft chuckle as he continued on to find his next victim. His grey hues darted back and forth. The mage spotted a bench and walked over to it, taking a seat in over to give himself a better view of the streets. his grey hues darted back and forth as he watched everyone walk by, attempting to pick just who he would use the final hex on. His target was a healthy young teenager, a male around fifteen years of age. Yami chuckled evilly as he aimed the hex as him and muttered Decrepify. The teenager suddenly stumbled almost falling over. The teen fixed himself but as he walked he frowned, he had a bit of a limp. The teens eyes widened as he turned and headed towards the hospital, he wasn't limping a moment ago something wasn't right.

Yami laughed as he got off the bench and headed towards Mabuz's shop. He walked through the streets taking fifteen minutes to arrive at the magic shop. Yami walked on in finding Mabuz at the counter. The wind mage began explaining everything that happened in detail. The doctor seemed pleased as he slid a few jewels over to the tall mage. Taking the money Yami left, ducking on the way out, he needed a nap.

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