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Fetch Me This and That [Quest|Audrey]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

Fetch Me This and That [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:43 pm

Audrey Namatzu
It was a quiet day in Oak, the streets silent. Only a few people dared to go out into the empty yet eerie streets. She has wondered what had been going on that day, as most all days she was there had at least three busy streets. Today the town seemed to be in some kind of slumber, one that needed the prince charming to be awakened from. She really did read too many fairy tales, but there was never a limit on how many dreams you can have or how many things you can read. She was just going to enjoy the day, as she really did love the silence around town. She was planning on stealing a few things from the empty markets but then again, she wasn't just going to be rude and take stuff. She wasn't as evil as everyone thought. Just because she had the Grimoire Heart guild mark didn't mean she was as evil as everyone. There was only one person that she looked up to in her guild hall and that person;s name was Yumi Hateshiginai. She was really pretty and really smart and sneaky, which was everything that Audrey wants to be. She wants to talk to her soon and learn a thing or seventy from her and become a better magic user. Since she wasn't going to go to the store she decided she would take a quest from a nearby bulletin board and get some good money off of it. She walked over and grabbed the oldest looking quest she could find. There was a list on the paper, seemed like a scavenger type kind of thing. She had never seen a quest of this type before, and to be honest she was quite suspicious of it. But it was a quest so it didn't really matter, she needed the money and that was all that mattered. Snowy was yipping away at something in a corner but Audrey was too focused on the quest to go look. Normally she would just yip and yap away at nothing so it was probably nothing, as usual. Today she seemed pretty happy and she wasn't sure why. They weren't doing anything special today, and she couldn't think of anything that could be exciting going on anytime soon. Maybe she was just enjoying her time out of the backpack that Audrey carries her in, as sometimes it gets cramped in there, even though she leaves it open most of the time. The times it is closed is when Snowy isn't inside, because who wants to smash their best friend?

She read the things that were needed on the paper. Old plant, burnt wood, chunk of metal... what was this stuff needed for? All of this seemed a little off but hey, it was money right? So she went off to go find the needed items that were listed on the paper, Snowy following and yipping right alongside her. The first thing she found was the chunk of metal, as the closest place she could think of with metal was the blacksmith shop a couple blocks down the road. It was heavier than she expected, so she just left it in an alley so that she could come back later. She then went off to a florist to get the old plant, and it seemed that they had too many of those just lying around in the back. Last was the burnt wood. She wasn't really sure where to get this honestly, so she just went around Oak asking every person that was outside that quiet day if they had any burnt wood.

It was a few hours before she had found someone who was willing to give her some wood. She thanked the person a bunch and picked up Snowy and the wood and ran off. So the plant was in her backpack, the wood was in her arm and the metal... the metal! She had left it all the way on the other side of town. She thought about what she would do for a while until she came to the conclusion that she would go to the place listed on the paper and drop the stuff off and come back for the metal, as it wasn't too far away from the place anyways. She ran through the streets quickly and quietly, making sure not to provoke anyone, dropped the stuff off by the door, ran back for the metal, walked back over to the place, and then knocked on the door, being extra careful not to drop the metal on her foot. An older woman opened the door and she had explained everything to her and she just laughed.

"That was a fake quest! I can't believe someone actually fell for it! Even better it was a kid lugging all this stuff around! Hahahaha!' She cackled, which made Audrey step back a few feet.

'Well uhm... Miss will I still get payed for this? Not trying to be rude to you ma'am..." She said while looking down at the floor.

"Of course kid, you did all this and made me laugh, you deserve something" The lady said as she tosses a small pouch filled with jewels in Audrey's direction. she said her thanks and they had their laughs and then said their goodbyes. She enjoyed hanging out with the old witch, she was really warmhearted and funny. She was sure she would end up seeing her again someday, not exactly sure when but she had a feeling in her heart that they would encounter each other again sometime. For now she would just enjoy her time in Oak and find out a little more about where she was and the things people were able to do there. So far she loved this town, it's right up her alley and really what she needs right now, quest wise anyways. She hoped to make one or two friends in her adventures, and learn more about this place and get some more money to live off of.


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