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A Shrine To Remember (命)

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

A Shrine To Remember (命) Empty Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:09 pm

Chisu Lau Manji
A Shrine To Remember (命) 0-10


She knelt before the stone lantern, one of the few things she remembered of her past. Symbols and letters decorated the back of the small lantern, but for her it was an altar for her family.

She bowed her head in respects to the god she knew nearly nothing about. All she knew was the power behind the altar and the protection they provided. She begun to tear up, holding onto the box, the only thing left of her family. She would open it only after leaving a few coins at the base of the light, and only after it was lit. She would find an old leather like material inside that bore an unfamiliar emblem on it that seemed to bring back memories. She held the limb fabric in her hands, only to feel what felt like a pulse from it.

She would sit there astounded, finding out the true nature of her family's secrets. She needed a home. She needed a place to sleep.

She rolled up the artifact and placed it back in its box and sling it on her back. She bowed at the alter and begun to make her way out of the small offorad.

She knew the god's face was ever changing. The name of them was worn away by time.

The nameless god of protection.

And she knew that god was real.


#2Tsubaki Blossom 

A Shrine To Remember (命) Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:41 pm

Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

Silence, scent of candles, prayers going up to the gods. That's what Tsubaki was here to do today. She came to this small praying shrine in a silent place inside of Hargeon, where people would come to pay their respects and thank the gods for all they have done for them in their lives so far. She had brought a few candles and an offering to use to pray. She walked up to the shrine, knelt down onto the pillow that was on the floor for this purpose, lit her candles and put her offering in front of the shrine, and looked down to pray to the gods. She had read about this in books and she was supposed to do it monthly to honor our gods and pay our respects to them for helping us through our daily lives. She found this concept interesting, and wanted to learn more about it, so she got into it herself.

She payed her respects, made sure to leave a few jewels there along with her offering, got up, bowed to the shrine, and walked away peacefully, her soul feeling cleansed and her mind clear and pure, and she walked back home, going back into her study on this intriguing concept of life.



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The lantern was small and had an otherwordly presence, Now was one of the few times he would ever reveal is horoscope necklace neatly hidden away. he kneeled slowly in front of the lantern, the gentle flickering of light cast shadows over his face. He gently ran his hands over the 12 symbols, resting gently on the tenth one, his symbol, Capricorn. He'd begin to speak, murmuring in an ancient tongue. If translated it would read, " I pray to Leo for his passion, Capricorn for his wisdom and Pisces for her selflesness. Leo help me slay the enemies of my past so acceptance may be seen. Capricorn guide with your wisdom so i may proceed carefully and not falter. Pisces, i ask for your help, so the weak may not be forgotten."

He'd sigh heavily and remove a small drawing of the illumin church's symbol. with gentle fingers he'd light a candle. Then, raising the drawing above the candle, he watched it burn with delight. He needed this it was peace for him, in some demented twisted way, this soothed him.

Running his hands over the capricorn symbol one more time, a small brief glow burst forth. With that he stood and left.



#4Namé Les 

A Shrine To Remember (命) Empty Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:15 pm

Namé Les


"You're . . . too . . . late."

A voice could be heard in the whispers in the wind. Namé smiled, she was closer than she thought. This shrine was lit, she must have been here as some others may have visited as well. She was alive, that eased her soul.

She knelt on one of the old pillows and bowed her head once more. She knew the god chose her. That alone was something to be content about. Her princess was becoming a queen, even if she didn't know it. She must have gathered a large following and had worked with others to follow her path. It begin to excite Namé.

"Blessed god, may you grant me a guide to take me to her." the girl said. She rose again to light a few candles at the base, for the lantern was still lit.

"Continue to watch over her, okay?"

She wanted nothing more than the respect and kindness that Chi had shown her, even if it was only in a passing gesture. Things were to be had.

"Show me someone who was like someone you once had to guide you." She smiled. She hoped her prayers would be answered once again.


#5Jason V. 

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Jason V.
It was a little unorthodox to find himself praying at a shrine. After all, Jason's totally not-a-cult that he was raised with didn't worship a particular deity. However it did believe that there were ultra powerful figures in the world, as was the natural way of things. Figures that could be defined even as gods. It didn't particularly suggest that they were worthy of worship on their own however, more suggesting that they should be appreciated as more of a part of the grand picture that was the world of purity. While Jason had left behind his original tribe of nomads, he still kept some of the core values he believed they were right about. While he didn't really think too much into whether or not to worship gods, he wasn't really the most devout person in the first place.

Yet for some reason, he found himself drawn to the old shrine that he found. Without even really realizing why he was doing it, he found himself stepping up to the shrine. He wondered what he should pray for. Should he simply pray for more purity in the world to make it beautiful? No, that wasn't how it worked, by his own desires he'd need to do it the natural way. He knew what he had to pray for.

"I wish for the strength of the pure, I wish to help forge a world of the pure." He waited for a few seconds, he blinked. He didn't feel that much stronger. He didn't feel different at all actually. Whatever, he didn't have high hopes in the first place. HE started to walk away... he stopped after taking a few steps away... Were those... tacos he smelled? He shook his head, must be having a stroke or something. Though now he couldn't get that craving for tacos out of his head. After walking away from longer he thought he heard a bit of whispering, but after inspecting the area, decided that it was probably just the wind.

A Shrine To Remember (命) Oie_Tldii27h1OvV

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