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Interrogation Tactics [ Quest | Nora ]

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#1Nora Deston 

Interrogation Tactics [ Quest | Nora ] Empty on Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:02 am

Nora Deston

The sinister lingering of emotions in the air was submerged within the hazy fog that engulfed the vicinity, limiting the potential of the eyes. However, it was the perfect weather for evil to lurk as individuals strolled past, hastening their steps with the embedded fear that dug through their flesh. Leaning her back on the cold steel bar that conjoined higher with it's kind to form a gate, her left legs bent, imprinting her presence onto the wall through her slightly heeled boots that caressed the chilled metal. Her relaxed expression portrayed innocence while her crimson irises flicked around and about, with the gaze of a hunter searching for a prey. The eerie smile that persisted on her plump lips showed no signs of fading away as her hair danced with the wind. It was indeed a perfect weather for her to find herself some amusement. However, she had in fact, already found it as she was awaiting it's arrival. Anticipation latched on as she found her smile widening into a grin, softening her facial features. Moments later, footsteps dawned upon the vicinity, growing louder with each step as the seconds ticked past.

From the hazy fog, emerged a man, clad from head to toe in black. The serene atmosphere clustered around him as he black fedora sat leisurely on his head. His tall height had the female craning her neck upwards, only to take a glimpse of his stone-cold eyes because the lower half of his face hid underneath the black handkerchief wit white imprints that knotted behind his head. Her grin morphed into a playful smirk, "Keeping secrets, now are we?" Without uttering a word, the man motioned for her to follow and indeed she did, "This better be fun." She spoke, with her words carrying a hint of danger as she strolled through the streets behind that man, only to arrive moments later before a large, grey building that dominated the area. They walked inside, only to be hit with the chilled air that caressed her bare neck as her legs were covered with black stockings that peeked through from underneath the short, burgundy pleated skirt. Her torso was embraced by the black button down that tucked into the hem of the skirt. The tapping of their footsteps bombarded through deadly silent and dull corridors until the man stopped before a dirty, metal door.

Halting behind him, she glanced at the door, letting a chuckle take over, "I'm guessing this is where he's kept." The man, throwing her a blank look, spoke for the first time, "The Tessio member is held captive behind this soundproof door. You already know what you have to do but use only your fists." He glanced towards her soft, but slightly rough hands before digging his own into the inner pockets of this coat, bringing out a hideous balaclava that he tossed at her. "Wear this before you go in and if anyone finds out that you are working for the Martello Family, you will die." His threatening tone would usually send shivers down anyone's spine, but not Nora's. On the contrary, her grin widened as she mockingly spoke after letting out a fake gasp, "Oh my, how frighting." She held up the balaclava to the height of her face, using the tips of her finger to hold it, "I'm sorry to disappoint you but this really isn't my style. However, since you're asking so nicely, I'll put it on." And so she did. Slipping the black cover over her head, her ebony hair slipped past it, taming and falling onto her back as her amused face was now covered, displaying nothing but her predatory crimson gaze that was strong enough to bore holes into one's mind.

Word Count: 625/1000

#2Nora Deston 

Interrogation Tactics [ Quest | Nora ] Empty on Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:08 am

Nora Deston

Strolling in, she came face to face with a man, tied to a chair as sweat engulfed his body. He desperately tried to shake himself free from the ropes that detained him in this empty, dimly lit room, hopelessly trying even more upon the sight of the female, "On no, sweetheart, don't worry. I won't hurt you." Her unseen smile widened, "Or well, at least not enough to kill you." His eyes widened as her menacing but pleased tone as her eyes glimmered upon the sight of his petrified face. She took slow and leisure steps towards him, allowing the commotion of her suspense filled steps to grace the room with it's presence before plopping herself onto his lap. Raising her leg gracefully to rest it over the other one, she let her finger run down the man's rough stubble that adorned his face.  "Now shall we begin? I would love to have an interesting session with you but you see, even I have to earn some money." Her eyes narrowed down as his widened even further, "So tell me about the cash transport."

Unfortunately for him, his lips were shut as she let out a sigh, "So you want to do this the hard way, I see." Getting up, she walking behind him with her hand tracing the man's body as she bent down, only to whisper in his ear, "I don't mind." Fear was seen at his finest as the Tessio man gulped, perspiring even than before as he once again, attempted to free himself from the chains that held him down. Ticking her tongue, she grabbed the man by the chin before roughly pulling it up, letting the cracking sound sooth her ears. Her nails dug into the man's neck until the red liquid rolled down. He let out a painful growl as she sweetly let the words roll off her tongue, "You poor thing. Look at you, trying so hard even when you know it's futile." A chuckle escaped her lips as she stared down at the man who's lips now morphed into a smirk, "You're one to talk. Being a pet of someone with power and doing their dirty work for them. You're nothing but trash."

Annoyance seeped through her at his words as she forcefully bent his neck further than humanly possible, allowing her eyes to see the painful expression of his face, "Say that again." She whispered, daring him, as her voice held no more amusement. It was then that the sudden jab in her head freed his neck of her hand which traveled to her own, clutching it as the daily occurrence repeated. Moments later, she found herself fading into unconsciousness as re-opened, radiating a much fiercer look this time. Looking at the man, he scoffed, "Who are you, you bastard?" His eyes glanced upon the man's neck which had nail marks on his while the nails on her hand were coated in blood. "So this bitch was having fun. Now, I can't let her have all the fun, can I?" He said before he walked around the man, until he stood before him, "I hope you're ready, you bastard." With that, his fists grazed the captured man's face again and again, mercilessly. Every time unconsciousness threatened to take over the Tessio man, Zeke could grab his hair and yank his head upwards, ruthlessly bringing him back to consciousness. Every man has his limits, and unlike Zeke, the captured man did. "Please. I'll tell you everything, just spare me." Letting out a scoff in the feminine voice, Zeke glared at the man, "So this was a job, huh? Spill." Without hesitation, the man did, telling the man who was within the female's body what he knew, "I don't know much except that the cash transport will happen next week and they'll use the dock route through Oak Town for it."

Sighing, Zeke proceeded to leave but stopped as he felt that he didn't have enough fun yet and so, he beat up the man some more, cracking a few bones and leaving him on the floor, tied to the chair. He left the room before ripping off the suffocating mask and throwing it at the man clad in black. "He said he doesn't know much except the fact that it's happening next week, through the dock route in the town. Now give me my money, you pansy." The man growled but handed Zeke the money nonetheless as he strolled out of the building.

Word Count: 1376/1000

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