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Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty on Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:30 pm

Salem had grown tired of chasing these mystic Olmecs that where popping up all around the lands, though they seemed to give out great blessings. The young Rune Knight Salem would seem un able to get one of those in his last few visits as it would always be someone else who showed up and got the blessing of the Olmec instead of Salem, making the young mage feel that It just wasn’t his time yet when it came to receiving these mysteries blessings. So instead of continuing to go around chasing the rumor mill of the latest Olmec to pop up. Salem figured that he would get back to the task at hand that he had started way before the Olmec hunting frenzy came about. As it did side track Salem from his original journey route having sent him all the way back to his birth town just for the hopes of receiving some blessing from a magical stone statute.

Thus while sitting inside of the tavern here in his home town of Era, Salem could only wonder where he should got to next, having just came all the way from North Fiora on this epic hunt, and he had no plan of going back up to the north. Salem having great spite for the northern parts of Fiora especially one town in general, but that was beside the point. As Salem really had no intention of going back into the cold, being one who cared more for warm environments. And was slightly feeling like the beach might be a good place to visit, considering all this running around Salem had been doing, plus the fact that the young Magic Council Rune Knight felt that he could also use a little work on his tan. Having started to lose a little bit of his nice skin tone completion and feeling that the water might be a nice thing as well, Salem figured that Hargeon would be the town for him to visit.

Having heard a little bit about the town, as well as the fact that it hosted the guild hall of the Blue Pegasus Mage guild. Salem figured that it would be the perfect next spot for him to visit on his journey. And so with that being decided Salem gathered his belongings and made his peace with his birth town of Era before he had out back once again on his journey to explore Fiora

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