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Sign Me Up [Quest|Tsubaki]

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Tsubaki Blossom
Tsubaki had been looking at the beach, watching the waves roll over people and watching families laugh together. Sometimes watching stuff like this made her think about her old life and when she was a kid. She hated the thought of her mother, and that was only because when she thought of her, it hurt her heart to even think that she was gone and she would never see her again. It hurt her too much to even consider the fact that she had to go the rest of her life without any family members and to think that her dad just left her at birth was just despicable and plain ridiculous. Why even bother getting into a relationship if all you are going to do is have a kid and then leave them in the dust? None of the choices humans make made any sense at all to Tsubaki but hey, that's just the way their brains work and she wasn't even in a place to even look at humans from a third person view as she was one of them herself. She would just have to ignore their stupid every day actions and stick with what she knew, avoiding people and keeping her head in books. She liked to stay away from people yet she had bumped into and apologized to almost everyone at the beach that day. She was a clumsy woman, really needed to keep her head out of the books that she owned, as she had read over them so many times before. Even so, she could still read them again and again because refreshers were never a problem. Today she had to go out and help someone today though, because she needed more money and even though she didn't really like the idea of talking to people, helping them out in a good way was always something she wanted to do. She walked around the beach for a long while until she had encountered a body builder named Jay Holiday, and he told her that he needed help signing up for a competition but he didn't have the time to do it. She agreed to help him and he wrote down the information that she would need to put into the paper and told her the deadline was by sunset. It was already almost time and he pointed to where the sign-up table was and... it was all the way across the beach. She could see a long line forming at that table as it seemed that most of the other people were finishing their workouts and signing up at the last minute. Doing things at the last minute wasn't always the greatest thing but for this reason she could understand why they were doing this.

She had a little bit of time before she had to get there and she figured she would just get a head start and read her books while just casually walking over there. She had been reading a book about birds, as she hadn't seen many birds, only seagulls flying above her and the crows that would stop around the guild hall to eat the few pieces of food that people would drop onto the floor. It was sad to see such a waste of food but it was good that the birds would clean it up, as she could see that the people that had to clean those messes up a few times per month weren't really happy with their job. Any time they had come around, they would always have an unhappy expression on their face, and it made Tsubaki feel bad. She could understand that they needed money but the extents they go to in order to get that money was just bizarre. She had to get there soon, and she had only read half of her book. She had already read that book a few times before, so it wasn't of much importance to her so she put it in her bag and started running over there.

The sun was edging towards the night and Tsubaki was almost out of time. While she was running she had to avoid all the little kids running around, the teenagers that were drinking, and the elderly crossing the beach. To be honest, the teens that were drinking had reminded her of herself, and all the bad decisions she used to make herself. Now she was a mage of Blue Pegasus, and the thought of going back to those ways never crossed her mind and if it did, it hadn't left a trace of being there in the first place. She had just approached the line once her train of thought had reached it's end, and she jumped right into it sort of like a little kid would. There were already 3 more body builders right behind her, and she had thought one of them looked really hot. He was sweaty from his workout and he wasn't much taller than her. He wasn't too buff but he wasn't scrawny like some kind of twig that came to life either. She could see the outline of a four pack in his shirt and she started to blush. He looked at her for a second but then she turned around straight away, her face turning a bright red. This wasn't the time for crushing on people! She was helping Jay out, not creating fantasies. Anyways, she would probably find someone later that she would actually be able to talk to instead of just staring and looking like some kind of stalker or something along those lines.

She had reached the table and put in Jay's information quickly, as she didn't want to hold anyone else up. Her handwriting was perfect for how fast she was going and after she was done, she immediately ran off back to the guild hall. She didn't trust the night and it was pretty much empty around this time at the guild hall, so she needed to get home fast. She ran swiftly and silently, writing things that had happened that day down in her journal.


Sign Me Up [Quest|Tsubaki] Sg17t020

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