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And They Come (Odin)

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Tenshi †
Finn had walked to the outside of the town, sword in hand and armor equipped. He was realizing now that he had already pushed himself to the point that he was about to transcend the next limit. It was a unique feeling, his muscles feeling looser and his bones stronger. Everything about him felt like he was lighter, and yet his moves had become more exact and direct. There was less wasted movement, and the decisions he made were both quicker and more precise. Beyond simply that, he had realized now where he was lacking. He could start to see his own wasted movements, and how to compensate for them through training and over time.

He had come to realize that Hargeon had become a hotbed of people who wished to train and improve themselves. The outside of the town, and the beach at its coast, had become a magnet for those who were obsessed with improvement. Finn had found several people here, either on purpose or complete accident, and he had now come to the realization that he would have to continue to search for individuals of whom he could clash with. As he made his way to the outskirts of town, his senses alert and his body nimble, he began walking through the outside of the town in hopes of finding an individual who was both willing and comparable.

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"Two more days, give me two more days then I'll be back..."

One could very easily mistaken the sounds escaping Odin's lips to be the ravings of a madman, but as he spoke, the dark mage was making a promise to return to Oak town, and his pub, soon. He'd been away for too long, completing all sorts of missions for both himself and his guild to try and make some money, and he'd failed at the majority of it. He had aided in the attack of Blue Pegasus, but had failed his comrades by losing his battle against Alisa, a woman he had met only a few weeks prior in Magnolia. That made it his second loss to a member of Blue Pegasus, and his no doubt hundredth loss in general. When it came down to it, Odin had yet to actually win any kind of serious fight against another mage. He was a disgrace to his guild, and a terrible fighter, which meant only one thing: he could only get better from there. He was at rock bottom, and he was planning on climbing.

As such, when a certain previous combatant walked through the streets of Hargeon towards Odin's position, he decided not to pass up the opportunity. With his sword secured at his left hip, he walked over towards Finn, his arms in the air as he spoke.

"Hey, Finn, right? We fought in the martial arts tournament ages ago. You completely destroyed me but I was wondering if you would be willing to go a few rounds with me? Name's Lucifer by the way."

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Tenshi †
Finn had made his way through the town for the most part undisturbed, but it hadn't taken long for his hopes to be answered. He had been near the edge of town, almost ready to begin looking through the outskirts, when he had been approached by an individual whom he recognized. Giving him a nod and a confused look, the man reintroduced himself. He was Lucifer, a participant from the tournament in Baska whom Finn had fought with before. He recognized the fellow, and he remembered him well. Finn would not forget someone whom he had a serious battle with before.

"Of course," he started with a smile, dropping into a fighting stance immediately. Lucifer was five meters away, and Finn would certainly give him an opportunity to prepare himself. He didn't know if Lucifer planned on using only his weapon on his hip, or some sort of magic, but that lack of knowledge excited him. It was going into the fight blind, and though it seemed to be a sparring match, that made it feel all the more real. Finn would stand there in his position, knees bent and sword to the side in his right hand with his left arm bent stiffly in front of him and a comfortable angle. The blade itself pointed forward towards Lucifer. It was also Lucifer's decision if he wished to go first, or be defensive.

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Finn seemed happy to oblige Odin's request for battle, and instantly prepared himself with his blade pointed towards Odin, which got the mage thinking. Finn had defeated him completely, and in very few movements, when the battle was simply one of fisticuffs. Going by the fact that his sword was already out and ready to begin combat, would this mean that Finn was more confident in his sword-wielding skills than he was in his hand to hand? If that indeed was the case, then Odin would definitely have to be careful, especially considering how strange the design of his blade seemed to be.

After making the instant change from casual to combat ready, Finn waited and allowed Odin to ready himself for the fight ahead. They were very close to each other, with only a mere 5m gap separating their bodies, ignoring the lengths of their blades, as Odin drew his own, holding it in his right hand at a forty five degree angle outwards towards Finn, but slightly to the side so that there was no way it could mask his vision of his opponent. With his left foot slightly in front of his right, knees bent ready to spring at any moment, Odin was physically ready, but that wasn't all he had planned.


It came out as a whisper, but it's effect was instantly complete, as Odin changed form in a mere moment, growing to a height of five foot ten inches, with wings sprouting out his back and horns growing from his head. His face became more angled and noble, and his hair turned a pale gold colour. Only his eyes, the same crimson, gave any indication it was still the same man.

"Hope you don't mind, no point making it easy for you."

The voice was that of an angel, but the speaker had the menacing smile and the devil.


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Tenshi †
Finn pushed off the ground, propelling himself forward right as the man finished speaking. His transformation had been impressive indeed, but it was certainly not something that would prove impossible to deal with. While the young adventurer did not have the capacity to sense magic or to tell what had changed with the man, he was certainly still able to act and respond to anything which was thrown at him. His movement had been two pronged. The first action was actually propelling himself forward, the second action was placing his blade in front of him fully extended. The blade itself was aimed for the bottom of the mans rib cage, angled so that it was tilting diagonally, lower left to upper right on Finn's own side.

Finn's hand was in approximately the center of the hilt, the blade full extended and his body obviously leaning forward. His left hand was to the right, angled in to quickly protect his face or body if need be. Even though it would take almost a second for his body to reach Lucifer's, it would take less than half a second for his extended form to place the tip of his blade into Lucifer's chest. Upon making contact with his blade, being blocked, or being dodged Finn would continue his movements, though how he would do so would depend on the actions of his opponent. With his knees already bent the dash had been performed with minimal delay, so Lucifer would have very little time to react. Still it was almost certain the individual would react, and for that Finn's eyes were on the mans chest to watch for any shifts in his gravity. However it happened, their fight would now begin.

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The moment Lucifer had finished speaking, Finn acted, propelling himself forwards at an impressive speed, his sword angled to hit the demon's chest, while his free hand was ready to protect his face, should Lucifer attempt a sneak attack while the rib cage was struck. Finn had also placed his sword in a diagonal angle, allowing it to protect the whole of his own body as he attacked. It was an attack of a man who knew what he was doing, and who had definitely become rather adept at using a sword, but none of these thoughts passed through the demon's head. His mind was blank, focused on the task at hand, focused on getting out of the situation that he was now presented with.

The answer was obvious: don't get hit, which meant Lucifer had to use some fancy footwork. Pushing off with his left foot, the demon dashed to his right: the side opposite to where Finn's blade was positioned, but that wasn't all. As Lucifer made his way to the right, he kept his body positioned to face Finn, causing his movement to be almost like a side step, and allowing him to keep his opponent in his sight at all times.

As Lucifer made this manoeuvre, he would strike with his blade. As his foot pushed off the ground to initiate his movement, his blade was pushed by the air into pointing down and to Lucifer's left, while still out of the range of Finn's own blade. In this position, the blade would follow a wide path during the dash, beginning at Finn's lower left side and ending at his upper right as seen by Lucifer, which would correspond to the attack finishing at Finn's left shoulder, causing a good amount of damage. Odin would not stop there, but his own movements would depend on what his opponent did next.

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Tenshi †
Finn's sword had not been held sideways, but rather fully extended to close the most distance as soon as possible. Odin sidestepped the blade, however he had gone only slightly to the side as if he had misunderstood entirely how the blade was held. This would serve to be his downfall. Finn's leading foot landed on the ground as Odin had begun to move, Finn's blade stabbing the air where Odin once stood. Odin had begun twisting his body, slashing his sword for a place that was a solid meter or so ahead of where Finn was standing.

If Finn had his blade held sideways in front of his body, in a way that would have led to Finn needing to propel himself past Odin for full effect, it would have been perfect. However, Finn's sword had been fully extended out in front of his body. As Finn stopped his momentum, sliding forward only a couple of centimeters, he twisted his body inwards, slashing is double edged sword below Odin's sweeping arm and into his midsection. This would open the mans stomach up and likely end the fight there, as there was no restraint in Finn's slash.

Had Finn been forced into the situation anyways, there would have been obvious recourse to his action. However, it would have never come to that. A miscalculation done by Odin, when acting at inhuman speeds, had allowed Finn to take advantage of the situation. He could only do so because of his superior skill with a hand to hand weapon, and with this fight Finn felt something click into place. He knew now that he had transcended his own limits once again.

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Odin had miscalculated, just like during his fight with Alisa, he had made one grievous error and it had cost him the entire battle. In his previous fight, he had put too much stock on his own speed, thinking he was faster than he was without taking the care required for such an intense battle. He'd though he was faster than Alisa, ad could win through that, and it had led to him being instantly defeated before anything had even started, and here it was again. The only difference was that, this time, Odin had miscalculated his opponent's speed, thinking Finn to be moving faster than he was, and hoping to use his nonexistent momentum against him. Ultimately it had completely backfired, and Odin had ended up striking where his opponent wasn't, which allowed an easy counter for Finn, who simply altered his movements a tiny bit to strike Odin's midsection, instantly giving him a deep gash in his stomach that he'd have to get seen to. From the blood loss, Odin collapsed, barely able to move, let alone say anything to Finn, but they both knew he had won. Odin had to improve, he kept saying it but he wasn't doing it. He was failing every time, it had to change.


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Tenshi †
As Odin fell, grievously wounded, Finn quickly sheathed his sword and looked down at him. It took a half a second for him to exit his fighting mode, and once he did it was like night and day. He instantly dropped down lifted Odin up. Luckily Finn was strong enough to hold him at a comfortable position, without really tiring his arms out at all. As he carried him like that, Finn rushed into Hargeon and to a local healers hut. The old woman had recognized him at this point, and upon seeing Odin, she gave a frustrated sigh and charged Finn the usual amount to heal him. Once that was all said and done, Finn left after thanking Odin for the sparring match. Leaving, Finn felt that he was much stronger now than when they had begun the fight. Like dominoes that had begun to fall, once they began they would not slow. Finn felt so many concepts finally click into place, and now he knew that he had reached the next peak. Finn was now at a point that he could consider himself a master with his weapon. Yet why was it that he felt he could climb higher still?


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