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Era town to Hargeon town [Foot Travel][Kon]

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Era town to Hargeon town [Foot Travel][Kon] Empty on Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:24 am


It seemed the attack on Era and the Rune Knight Headquarters had been a two-pronged assault on the country, Kon had heard reported that Hargeon town had also been attacked most likely by the same people responsible for the attack here, He had only just recently left the town to go to the Worth Woodsea which was an interesting experience to say the least with him having spoken with a spirit that guarded the magical spiral library. Given the raw power that the spirit demonstrated with it even having the ability to teleport him from there to Era town he wanted to learn more about what made that library so special.

But alas the spirit mentioned something about it taking time or it wasn’t time yet, something along those lines and he knew he would just have to be patient as arguing with a spirit wasn’t exactly the smartest thing someone could do. No for now he would head back to the port town and see whether he can help with the recovery there, sure he could help in here in Era town, but he had done so much for the Rune Knights and had nothing to show for it.

Fortunately as the Holy Knight purchased a vast amount of goods the following day he was ready to leave the town the instant he woke, of course he would first shower and shave before heading out. He was disheartened when he remembered the loss of his companion which had proven to be a valuable travelling companion, but alas he had gone so instead he would organise another method of transport preferring not to use his own two feet, no he would catch a ride using a merchant who happened to be travelling to Hargeon anyway, he was happy to have the mage upon him revealing his objective and the offer to provide free protection from bandits.

Something which was unneeded to offer as the roads were safe and quick meaning that he was able to get to Hargeon in the fraction of the time that it would have taken him had he walked. Thanking the man for his help, kon left the caravan to which he had sat for a length period of time and booked himself a room at an inn in the heart of Hargeon town. The town for the most part seemed the same perhaps a few less ships at the dock but other than that. “Hmm, odd, very odd.”



Era town to Hargeon town [Foot Travel][Kon] AqDcw7Z

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