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A nasty state of mind [solo]

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A nasty state of mind [solo] Empty Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:12 pm

The world around him was changing, the bite on his neck throbbed when ever he thought about that woman, he couldn’t recall a name, truthfully Kenny didn’t remember much from that night. What he did remember was being drunk, weak, and full of sorrow. His last memory of the nameless woman was that when she bit him, resistance was futile at that point, purple eyes filled with tears seconds after the bite as Kenny Omega felt what it was like to be a bigger animal’s prey. There was no coping with it, she took his innocence for granted and told him he would be stronger, but right now he didn’t feel any different. Well, that wasn’t true, he felt revitalized. Everything felt new around him, when he awoke in that abandoned building things were just… Different. No explanations, guidance or security, as far as he knew she could have injected him with a deadly dose of poison, little did he know he got an equivalent: Vampire blood coursing through his veins. At the moment there was no sign of vampirism in him, he spoke to a lavender haired woman, but she didn’t help much as she seemed more fascinated in who bit him than helping him figure out what was going to happen to him. With this rebirth, came with a new feeling of howling loneliness.

Alyssa was gone, he finally accepted this fact. He burned their pictures the night before, he donated the clothes she bought him to a charity. There was no going back to her, he couldn’t make her his security blanket anymore. She was really gone and he would never see her again and that fact made his heart sink and wretch in pain. Kenny would miss her more than anything in the world and he could do was wish he was a better man for her. The Omega would never see her again and he would never get to look for her.

“I’m so sorry…” he looked down at his feet, he stood at the edge of the dock, the words were sincere despite no one being around to hear them. Formerly dry tear ducts welled up with tears, a large frame shook uncontrollably as he brought gloved hands to his face to dry his eyes. Kenny would squat and cry into his hands, it was okay to cry wasn’t it? When you lost someone, when you lost everything that mattered to you? Sure it was okay. Kenny sniffled and used his sleeve to wipe his eyes clear, he sighed: breath shaky and broken as he thought about all of their experiences. He felt so complete, he had found his other half and he ruined it because he was a no good bastard, he was no good to anyone. Not even that guild he joined.

“You won’t have to worry about me cheating anymore though… I promise.” more sincere words wasted on non existent ears. The waves at the bottom of the dock were thrashing against the concrete coast. The storm had made the water more harsh than it should have been, “I’ll never hurt anyone again, I swear.”

A foot raised and stepped off of the dock and into the water. His vision would see nothing but the cobalt green of the sea as he sunk, air bubbles rushed past his eyes. There was nothing more for him to do with his life but sink.

Everything would go black for the adventurer, his eyes closed as the water took him. Lungs filled with water, or at least they would have. Kenny blacked out, surely death would take him in her arms and help him repent for all of his sins.
Heh, Kenny forgot a few things: Not even death would pity him and he forgot to make himself a pair of concrete shoes. His sorry carcass would float to shore not too far from the dock, he washed up on the beach: eyes half lidded and empty. Dead or alive, it didn’t matter his problems would always be there. “Fuck me.”

A nasty state of mind [solo] Qurywgl

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