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Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] Empty Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:07 pm

Liam Kawitika
"What's this job about...?" A question he asked himself,He was was holding the flyer for the job,but there was almost no details.All it said was "Please Help Rebuild This Beautiful Town".Of course Liam had heard that the Town was still under construction due to some past attacks,from various countries and cities.Really the only things that weren't rebuilt were the buildings nearby the docks.And that's where the job was located,all he had to do was meet the client.

He walked out of the Blue Pegasus guildhall and headed straight towards the Hargeon Docks.A place in Hargeon,that is pretty much very valued to Hargeon.Mostly because of the fact that the town is known for trading items,like fish,fruit,vegetables.So it is one of the most valued countries as well.Liam made his way to the Docks,he went through the town trying to remember where it was placed,but eventually he did find out where it was.It was a bit obvious where the job was located,He was walking into the streets by the Hargeon docks,quite alot of houses were destroyed and some were even vandalized.Which of course made sense,because any bad person would take the advantage to destroy something that's in a vulnerable state,whether it be a person or an inanimate object.

Liam did end up walking into one of the bare houses,it's walls were destroyed and there was nothing left but an oven and a front door.He walked out of the 'house' and looked adventured more around the streets,he fiddled with his hair,a bit scared that something was gonna pop out and try to injure him or something like that.Eventually he did end up finding the man who was the client of the job he was going on.He fit perfectly with the description.Blonde haired and hard working.But before he came to the Client,he could see another man in the distance.


Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] QEdBjlh

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#2Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas walked through the docks in Hargeon. He hadn't really been there but he felt shocked from it. There was a lot of damage done to a lot of the area. He wondered what could have done this. He thought of a couple different scenarios in his mind. Maybe there was a big battle here, maybe a gang war, maybe a Blue Pegasus member went crazy on a job and accidentally destroyed a good portion of the town over here. He felt kind of bad about it though. Atlas made sure to put Totodile on his shoulder as he walked around looking at the area. He didn't want Totodile to step in something and hurt himself. This was Totodile's normal spot when he didn't want to walk so Atlas was used to it. Normally Totodile could keep up with Atlas but after a while, since he had to use more effort to keep up, he would get tired so Atlas would then carry him. Atlas had to wonder though was they might be doing to help pick up the area. He was sure they weren't going to leave it like this. It just looked like a lot needed to be done. He sighed as he kept walking. After a short moment he saw a group of people working around, cleaning up the streets, moving heavy objects or even transporting things. He guessed they were cleaning up after whatever happened here. Atlas continued to walk up to them when he first noticed an extremely tall man. The man was even taller then Maarschalk by half a foot.  Atlas stopped for a moment by the man to get a better look at him, when someone approached them close by. A young man with blonde hair came up to them. "Hello, would you guys be interested in helping us clean up the area?" the man would ask, "we will pay you for your help of course," he continued. Atlas thought for a moment and knew he couldn't leaving this place like this. "Sure, my name is Atlas, where can I start?" he said. He couldn't speak for the tall man near him though.


#3Liam Kawitika 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] Empty Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:39 pm

Liam Kawitika
Liam went up to the job client before he went to look at the other man located in the distance. But the man had already reached the Client as well before Liam could even look back at him. The client had asked the both of the men for some help on cleaning the streets. "Oh sure, I'd love to help, I'm Liam By the way" He said, telling the both of them. Now that he knew the other mans name he could finally refer to him with his name. "Shall we get started, Atlas?" He asked the other man before grabbing a piece of paper that had flew over to his feet. It was just a random letter, probably sent to one of the nearby houses, but it failed to reach to the destination since the place was a little destroyed.

He walked over to one of the other streets nearby, and this time the buildings seemed to be fine, but there was quite a lot of debris and trash left over. He picked up a piece of cardboard, but underneath it was a family of rats, of course Liam wasn't scared of the rats. He ended up picking the rats up with the cardboard and went to put them into a different place so they wouldn't have bothered him later on. "How're you doing Atlas?" He asked the other man, even though Liam had done almost nothing yet. But he did end up checking out the many destroyed area, there was one that was made by bricks, except all of the bricks and broken into many pieces, or at least that's what it looked like. He would've liked to clean this part, but he had no tools to help him, no broom, no duster, not even a mop.But it was alright he could always work with his surroundings. He grabbed a piece of paper and another piece of cardboard, and started to push the tiny bit and shards onto the cardboard with the piece of paper. Now this method was working quite good, but no efficient enough,so he tried doing it the other way, now instead he would put the piece on the paper, with the cardboard pushing them onto it. This was working pretty well, after probably 10 minutes or so he was finished cleaning up the shards and bits. He left the cardboard and trash in a pile so he could come back to throw it away. "What have you done so far Atlas?" He asked the other man before he crossed his arms.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] QEdBjlh

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#4Atlas Prime 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:21 pm

Atlas Prime
The tall man that was near him introduced himself as Liam. "Well, its nice to meet you Liam, this is Totodile," Atlas said while pointing to Totodile on his shoulder. The other man would soon speak to give them a general idea of what they could do. "Well, if you feel like lifting there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be moved out of the way, if not there is a bunch of debris that is all over the place," he said. Atlas knew he was pretty strong so lifting the lumber wasn't that bad of an idea but it seemed the taller man wanted to check out a street to the side and see what they could tackle there. "Guess that doesn't seem like a bad idea. We will start over here and see what we can do, also can we get some garbage bags so we can pick up trash?" Atlas asked the man in charge. The man handed Atlas some bags and even some gloves for both of them. They walked over and noticed that the area wasn't really damaged but it was dirty. Atlas was kind of shocked at this, but knew he should not complain. He put Totodile down from his shoulder. "How about you help us too, just be careful okay," Atlas said to him. "Oh here's some gloves," Atlas said to Liam passing him a pair. Once Atlas put his gloves on he would start to pick up the trash. He would tie a bag over by a near by pole so that they could put whatever trash they grabbed into it. After a short while Liam asked Atlas what he had done so far. Atlas was a little confused at this. He hoped the man wasn't trying to compare what they had done. "Not much yet, I feel like it will take a little while to make a dent in this trash, but lets keep at it," he said to him while grabbing more trash.

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#5Liam Kawitika 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:49 pm

Liam Kawitika
The area he was in currently was looking just a little clean, at least to the point where there was no more garbage there.Which was pretty quick, Now he had to move on to another area. Since their job was supposed to be making the place super clean. He started to walk to another area on the street, but before he had started to walk he was introduced to the small blue crocodile looking animal.It was pretty cute, but now he had to get to work.He was handed a pair of gloves, so his hands wouldn't get as dirty as it would if he wasn't wearing any. "Thanks Atlas, I'll go move to another area,so i don't bother you,and plus so we could finish this more quickly,since we don't want this to last forever." He walked away form the area atlas was currently at and walked to another street that was even dirtier than the one he just was at.

"This'll take awhile... But it'll be all worth it in the end." He thought,this was mostly so he wouldn't give up on cleaning the area,since he does get lazy form time to time.He walked to the door of a house,there was some rotting lumber in front of the door,It was probably rotting due to all of the moisture in the area.He picked up three of the rotting lumber,He walked over to the other street Atlas was at and put down the lumber in the pile he put all of the other mess on."You look like you're doing pretty well Atlas,I just need to clean up a little more on the other street and it should be all clean" He told Atlas, in a more energetic voice.He ran over to the other street and grabbed alot more stuff,including lumber,cardboard,bags,paper,and some other various items."That should wrap it up,I've cleaned the other street,and it seems you've cleaned this street as well.Good job!" He told Atlas,before the Job client had walked over to the both."Thank you so much! I'll pay you both a generous amount of jewels!" He said before giving both Atlas and Liam a small pouch filled with jewels."It was nice to meet you both,Hopefully i'll get to see you guys soon!" He said walking away waving.



Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] QEdBjlh

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#6Atlas Prime 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest|Liam and Atlas] Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:19 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas continued to pick up the trash in the area. After a short moment Liam said he was going to start working on another street "Okay, that will work," Atlas said. He looked at the progress him and Totodile were making and thought they were doing pretty well. After getting mostly everything from the street he went back to the man to ask him something. "My little buddy here can spray water, would you like us to hose down the street for too, it would help to get rid of all the dirt, but we need a place to aim the dirt at," he asked the man. The man seemed to ponder for a moment before speaking. "Actually there is a drain right down the street you are working on, just aim that way and it sounds like a good idea," the man said. Atlas walked back to the street they were working on and had Totodile start shooting water down the road. He wouldn't be able to get everything sadly but he still got quite a bit of it by the time he was done spraying the road. Liam would come back with more trash and put it by the pile they were had earlier. Atlas would tie up the bags and bring them back to where the main group was cleaning up at. He dumped them down there. Atlas walked back to the street but failed to notice there client following behind him. When he got back to the street Liam seemed to be there and the client spoke about how well they did. Atlas wondered if they could just leave it like that, but it seemed the person didn't mind. He gave both of them some jewels for there trouble. Liam gave his farewell to them. "Same, possibly see you around," Atlas replied to him before leaving the area.


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