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Peaceful by the Waterfront [Arisa]

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Peaceful by the Waterfront [Arisa] Empty Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:07 pm

Yasuki made it back into Hargeon from her short stay in Marigold, and wanted to let it know that she could be in this town for awhile... 'Maybe, if I stick around long enough someone will come up here to join me... I can see the crowded beach from here, maybe they can see me too.] Yasuki would think to herself. She knew that she had to do jobs to make a name for herself, but at the same time she just thought it was just as important to just help people out of the kindness of her own heart rather than trying to be known by many.

Yasuki headed down to the dock and would begin to look out towards the water. She could see in the far distance where the water met the skyline. The sun was sinking down to start the sunset, and Yasuki would look off into the sunset squinting her red ruby-like eyes to see in the distance. She could remember being on a boat and arriving ever so long ago for the first time. The feeling it felt as if she was standing on the boat with the wind blowing through her hair. The feeling it felt when she stepped off the boat for the first time onto the dock. She could see the boats passing by as they went to dock for the evening, Yasuki would sit there as if she was getting lost in her own thoughts again. 'Hopefully... Someone will come by soon.' thought Yasuki, as she continued staring off into the distance.

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Her eyes drifted into an expressionless state. The golden color wasn't there and the brown chocolate shine was all black like a coal colored gem. Her lips would frown as she felt somewhat different after that one night. Would she regret not telling him? Her arms wrapped around herself and her plump butt was sitting on the docks, watching the waters. That night was special to her, but why did she feel that there was something she forgot to say or do? Her heart was beating slow and her long violet hair blew back by the winds. Her hands would clench the wooden planks, feeling her nails dig into it. 'When will I meet him again? Why does my soul obsess over such a soul? Does this have to do with my mother?' she would wonder all these questions as she would feel something coming closer. What was it? Her head cocked back as to look behind her to see someone not so far away. Her expressionless black eyes would stare as her mentality wasn't quite working right. ''Ya...Yasuki, right?'' she questioned ghostly and calmly. Her eyes were half closed as she looked at the red eyed girl who was indeed her sister.


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It felt like Yasuki was sitting there by herself for ages, but in reality it was only maybe a handful of minutes. Looking around the dock from where she was, she could hear people in the background yelling and carrying on sounding like they were all having a blast. Then there she was, just sitting there on the dock along...in the quiet. 'Am I ever going to meet friends, or any other people for that matter... Will I ever meet back up with my sister, Arisa?' thoughts like this kept on filling Yasuki's mind as she stared into the distance, just waiting for someone to come by. Yasuki started to hum quietly, making sure that no one would be able to hear her if they were to walk up. All she wanted was to be seen as normal, and been seen as a friend to all, but she really hasn't met many people since she came in to this land on this very dock. "Maybe I should just return to my country..." Yasuki said quietly to ensure that no one would be able to hear her if they were to walk up.

Suddenly she could see a woman approach the dock, and Yasuki could hear the woman call out her name and then question it. "Uh, yeah. Yasuki is correct." Yasuki would respond as she turned towards the woman who seemed to be approaching her. The last time Yasuki saw her sister was a while ago, the two of them were in a hotel room and well... Yasuki had to wake up her sister after she fell asleep in the hot tub. "Arisa, is that you..?" Yasuki would question as she waited for a response.

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Arisa would look at Yasuki who was somewhat not that far from her. Her own light violet hair would sway left and right as she would sit still on the docks. Her feet on the other hand was in the water that felt rather cool and simply good. Not only that, there were little fishes that tickled her feet. Did you know that there are these little fishes that can eat up all the dead/bad skin off your feet and that's about it!? It makes your feel really soothing/soft, but if you leave your feet in the container too long, you can get really severely ill. Softly she yawned and leaned, arching her back towards the direction Yasuki was at. ''Indeed it is I... What are you doing out here? How's the traveling? Finding friends?'' she spoke softly with a facial expression in hope that she had some success in making friends. She didn't want her sister to be as alone as she felt when she wasn't with those she actually cared about. The friends that she had, it feels like it's been so long since she has seen or even spoken to them... Were they dead? Were they like her first friend Nas? She disappeared on her too..


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After hearing the confirmation that it was in fact her sister, Arisa, Yasuki would turn and see her sitting on the dock with her feet in the water. After sitting for a little while longer, she would get up and walk over towards Arisa and continue the conversation. "It's nice to see you again, I didn't know the next time I would see you. You seem busy." she would say as she approached. Yasuki would begin to crouch down so she could as well put her feet in the water and sit while the two had their conversation. She heard the question about if she had made any friends, and wasn't really sure how she wanted to answer... 'I don't want to lie... But at the same time, I really haven't met that many people.' she would say to herself. "Friends...? Right, I." she paused thinking how she wanted to word this, as she wanted to be sure to be appropriate with her word choice. "I haven't been able to meet too many people, I find it a little difficult to strike up a conversation. But I have met one who seems nice, whatever nice entails that is.... Her name is Alisa? Know her?" Yasuki would say kind of hesitantly because she wanted to tell the truth about meeting people, but a part of her was still shying away. She would sit there and wait to what Arisa has to say, gently kicking up her feet in a motion so where the water would make little splashes outward.

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Her mind was becoming lost while her eyes could obviously see what was realistically going on. The shine of her brown eyes showed no sunset at all. It was gone like the mental thought of positivism. She would try to snap out of it mentally, but that other part of her just wouldn't participate in the realness of what was happening. Slowly her right hand would reach for her own hair by her ear to move the simple strands behind her ear. She licked her lips to moisture them and then looked down at the clear water that her feet was in. The clearness was sparkling, but it was somewhat cold as of right now. The thing that happened next was her sister moving to sit next to her. After that she would tell her about a girl she met named Alisa. 'Alisa?' she thought as her mind was snapping on its own while thinking of the girl. 'Right... The one I did a mission with and met up at the beach. Heh.' she thought with a small smile as the sunset of her eyes started to rise. Her eyes cornered to look at her sister and nod simply. ''I see. I have met her a couple of times. She's nice.'' she spoke calmly and quietly as she would look back at the water.


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Suddenly she would stop kicking her feet and therefore stop making the little splashes in the water. She was hoping that her sister wouldn't be disappointed in here for some reason, for not making that many friends... But honestly it was like she didn't quite know how to make friends with people her own age. "Honestly, Alisa is the first person I've spoken too... Besides you." she would say with her quiet demeanor. "I'm just not all the sure how I should y'know approach people. People aren't too used to seeing a over 6 foot tall woman, with red ruby-like eyes and dark hair." she would say once again to finish off her thoughts. Maybe her sister could offer her some advice in meeting people, though anymore it seems like Arisa is pretty busy keeping up with her own business. Would she really have time to give advice to a sister she just met again after so many years?

Yasuki started to comb through the side of her hair with her fingers. Sweeping her bangs towards the side a bit leaving like an 'A' shape over her right eye where you could see her forehead. Then she would move her hand to dust off her shirt and start kicking her feet in the water again, gently to not have any splash backs as she waited for Arisa to reply.

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Arisa would look at the water, wondering on little things like how many stuff was in the water. Some people can get an infection of die by the bacteria that was in the water itself. If one person swims and pisses their pants, it attracts bacteria and some small tiny little creatures that like to go where its warm. Most people can guess the rest of what happens afterwards, but that was not to be really said in details. Her feet was the only thing in the water so none of that really matters unless she was in the water itself. Yasuki was talking to her about how Alisa was really the only one she has met or really talked to. According to her, it was hard to really talk to new people and that not many people really go up to a dark haired girl who was six foot two. It was somewhat true because how some scary stories there are always dark haired Chinese girls who wish to just... kill you. ''Not sure about the height part since I've made friends and one of them happens to be a giant that's about three meters tall if not more.'' Arisa spoke softly as her eyes then looked up at the sky, wondering on how Jeeroy was doing.


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She would just sit there and wait peacefully until Arisa had said something, anything. Basically she just wanted reassurance that she wasn't some weird, oddball kind of person that no one wanted to make friends with, much less talk to. Yasuki would look towards Arisa who seemed to be lost in thought about something, but that was nothin out of the ordinary. It seemed like someone like Arisa was so prone to being that way, she was a busy person after all... Yasuki didn't like to feel like she needed to be with someone all the time, but she knew it would help her become more comfortable with not only other people but also herself. She would hear Arisa mention something about knowing a three meter tall giant, and her face would just drop in amazement. "Three meters tall...? What was his name?" Yasuki would ask amazed. She looked around at the dock and would look up slightly towards the sun. She loved everything about nature so anytime she had the chance to just sit outside and relax t was a peaceful moment, plus she was able to spend the moment with her sister. "Can you tell me how you do it? How do you meet at the people you meet?" she would ask quietly as she continued to look up towards the sun allowing the suns warmth to hit her face.

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She once again sat there in silence as there was tons of it going on between them. Arisa as she always had been, would have her mind drift off every so often and wonder about things. Soon enough her sister would ask about the three meter tall giant who in this case, was Jeeroy. She still didn't know much about the guy besides some things here and there. A small smile went to her lips as she would then wonder how he was doing. There was small things that made her curious about the giant, but she wouldn't really care too much on it. Her eyes would look over at her sister and then forward out in the see, fearing it. Softly sighing, Arisa spoke once more. ''All I know is that his name is Jeeroy. He sparkles as he flexes and is a rather caring guy. Perhaps if you act like yourself and go up to people, embracing your curiosity, you'll meet people. Just don't get too curious as some people will attack you. Not going to sugar coat it.'' she spoke at last as as she would think about that certain dude who attacked her with his sword. All she did was look to see who it was...


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She glanced over at Arisa after feeling the warmth of the sun on her face. Yasuki was pretty used to playing the lone wolf part, but she knew it would be good for her to meet people. It looked as if Arisa was in deep thought thinking about the many travels she's been on or something, or maybe she was thinking about how to answer the questions that Yasuki just asked her about making friends. All in all she didn't mind, she got to spend some time talking to her sister and relaxing by the water, where the weather was lovely. She looked out into the distance though she could hear everything that Arisa said about the giant she met and his name being Jeeroy. When Yasuki heard that he sparkles when he flexes, she let out and innocent chuckle though she knew if she'd ever gotten the chance she would love to meet him, Jeeroy.

She also heeded warning to the advice she was given by Arisa, to work up the courage and embrace the curiousity to meet people, but to be cautious about it cause some people may attack her. 'Guess I should really watch out for some people.' she would think to herself after hearing that. As she started to straighten up her top and tie, she looked towards Arisa again "So, enough about me and my social problems... What about you, what have you been up to?" Yasuki would ask very much interested in any news that her sister could give her that was going on.

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A small smile appeared on her lips, a small wrapping of strands from her hair behind her ear, Her eyes would corner to look at her sister. The fact that her memories came back inflicted more pain than the fact she didn't know. Would it have been better that she forgets it all? She couldn't answer that question herself just yet. With that the subject would turn around. Yasuki would wonder about her sister's well-being. What should the woman tell her dear little sister? The drama that has happened or the fact that her back was burned into a tattoo to hide her wings that made her non-human? Maybe the fact that her views were recently changed and a little part of her changed as well.

The water on her feet would feel cool, the wind was still cool as well, but it was getting a little more chilly. Squeezing her grip on the plank she was sitting on, she would stare forward and squint slowly. Her eyes would look sorrowful, but had a small smile still on her face. ''Not much. Just learning new things every day about people and things I suppose.'' she would state. It wasn't a lie, but she wasn't going to go into full detail with her little sister.

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Arisa looked at the sun and its beauty while she knew her sister was gazing at it as well. She wondered on what her Country of Sin was like and if it was still as horrible as it was in her memories. Tragically enough it must still be somewhat bad if they traveled here just to kill fye and probably whoever else escaped from their ceremony. A frown escaped her lips while she would turn expressionless. Once more she held her tears and did not allow herself to cry. 'I can't... What good would it do me?' she thought a she wiped her eyes. Her feet were getting prune-like and so she lifted her feet out of the water and stood up. She waited for her sister in hopes she would join her and in doing so they would start walking towards the hotel. The hotel was nice and relaxing. It was better than to what it was like outside over here. The pillows, the shower, the drinking... All of it was just so nice or so it sounded. Soon there was a party to be due to what the blue Pegasus did and whoever fought along side with them. She didn't know the details, but who cares... The party sounded good to get things out of her mind.


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