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Beach Gym [Quest|Liam Kawitika]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

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Liam Kawitika
The blue haired man walked along the beach again,to see the blonde haired man he had previously met on another job.This time Liam just came to visit to check out how he was doing,and maybe Jay holiday had a favor to ask of Liam,Of course Liam wouldn't mind doing this,since he's already done something for him once.And Last time was pretty fun with him,probably cause they did take a detour,and have an actual tour around Hargeon,which made them almost late to the registration but they had made it just in time,so they were fine.But anyways,he walked towards where the gym was last time,This time it didn't look like how it looked before,it was very different,it was actually much more expanded,and was an actual building now.Which was a bit weird to see,as he did get used to seeing the black fences surrounding the gym supplies,but now it's a building.He walked in and was met by the same blonde haired man he had met on his last job,he bumped into him,and he fell down."Agh! Watch where you;re going!" He didn't even know it was Jay,since they just bumped into each other without looking.He held onto the door for some support and got up,at this point he was easily able to see that the man that had bumped into him was actually Jay."Oh god,Uh.. Sorry about that Jay,I didn't know it was you... Heheh..." He said nervously laughing as he did on the last job."Hey! Don't worry about it man,How are you doing? It's nice to see you again,Did you know i won the running competition? It was awesome you should've came!" Jay said blabbering about some other topics as well."Aww,I really should've went with you,and it looks like the gym got a makeover?
Liam was telling Jay,he ndoded and started to explain what happened.Apparently after Jay won he won some jewel and donated it here,so now it's a big gym,that almost everyone at the beach come to."Oh that's pretty awesome,Well i just came here to visit and see how you were doing,Need any help on something?" He asked Jay,he tried to cover up what had happened when they bumped into each other.

"Well not really but you could maybe spot for me? You seem pretty strong so would you mind spotting for me?" He asked Liam,Liam really had no idea what spotting was,but he really didn't want to refuse so he ended up agreeing to do it for him.Jay led Liam into the now huge gym,that was filled with much more equipment than before,it was a magnificent sight,but a horrible smell.Lots of men were there,but only a couple women,which did make sense,since Hargeon was a little bit of a small town.So of course there would only be a small amount of people there,but it was pretty big.Finally Liam was led towards a benchpress,it had a barbel with a large amount of weights,did Jay really think He or Liam could do this? "Alright all you gotta do is tell me any tips on posture,position or anything like that,got it?" Liam sitll had no clue what to do still,but before he could do anything jay was already on the benchpress he grabbed onto the barbell,Liam helped him take it off the hooks,After that Jay started to lift it up and down,Liam still held onto the barbell,but he didn't help lift it.Jay was quite strong and really had no fear about it dropping on him or something going wrong."Thanks Liam! Is there something i could do so this could feel alot more comfortable?" He asked Liam,Of course Liam had no clue what to do,and took a gamble,and told him to maybe move his legs a bit more back and move his arms a little more back as well.Jay took the instructions and he did look alot more comfortable."Is there anything else Jay?" he put the barbell back onto the bars quite quickly and led him to the dumbells.If he was going to be lifting this after lifting the barbell he was going to be exhausted after this,"You alright? Don't over-exert yourself" Is what he told Jay,Jay seemed to be fine and went to start lifting the dumbells,he was doing alright and looked like he didn't need anymore  help."Well i'll be on my way back home now,Seems like you don't need any of my help anymore" He said walking away waving at him."Hey! Come back,i still need to do more stuff,you haven't told me if i was doing anything wrong,or i needed to do something."He told Liam,He of course really had no idea what else to do.Liam walked back to Jay,and took another Gamble."Alright fine,Maybe lift it a bit higher,as you're going too low,and maybe check on your posture,your back will snap in half if you don't correct it" Jay stood up much more properly and started to lift the dumbell higher than before,finally he was starting to sweat,which means the exercise was was going well."Alright you can leave now,I'll see you soon dude! Come by again!" He told Liam,Liam started to walk away and wave to him,as he left to go back to his residency.But before Liam could start to leave Jay ran to him with a big pouch of something.He threw it at Liam's head before going back into the gym.Liam laughed a little before grabbing the pouch,He opened up the pouch a little and he was met by a generous amount of jewels stored in the pouch.Liam wanted to say thanks,but the gym already started to close,which did suck alot for Liam.He sighed and continued to walk down the sandy beach,he was thinking about what he was gonna buy with all this jewel.Maybe he could buy a pet,or some food at a fancy place.There was a lot of stuff he could do with the money,but did end up wanting to save it up for something later.He lied on the sand before falling asleep.Some people gave looks at him since he really should get home before the sun sets.One person pulled him up and pushes him into the water.Now Liam was awake,he really didn't get mad at this man and ended up running away to his home.



Beach Gym [Quest|Liam Kawitika] QEdBjlh

Credits to Eva For The Siggy ^^

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