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Gone With The Wind [Rini]

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Mila walked out of the shop with the largest grin on her face and a skip to her step. This place had such a great selection of stickers, so she’d decided to buy as many as she could! She had gotten herself shiny, reflective ones, scented ones, glittery ones, and cute animal stickers. Truly, living the dream. Reaching into her loaded bag of goodies, Mila pulled out one of the new stickers. It was a hot pink, holographic sticker in the shape of a treble clef.

As she admired the beautiful, yet slightly obnoxious design of her precious sticker, a gust of wind suddenly blew in her direction. Her grip on the sticker hadn’t been very firm, causing it to slip from her fingers. Letting out a gasp, Mila threw her arm up, into the air to try to grab the sticker. “N-No! Come back!” No matter how much she flailed her arms about, though, she just couldn’t seem to catch the sticker.

With a frown, Mila watched as the sticker fluttered through the air until it landed right beside some girl’s foot. “Hey! Stop that sticker!” She called out in desperation as she began running toward the stranger. She couldn’t let one of her precious treasures get away!

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