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Rum Diary [Quest/Kenny]

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Rum Diary [Quest/Kenny] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:21 pm

Kenny awoke to a bright morning without much of a worry in the world, he had to depart from his Fiance yet again but this time he made sure not to leave a note and legitimately told her where he was going, who he would be meeting and what he would be doing for the most part. There were to be no secret or lies between the two of them he was going to be one hundred and twenty percent honest with her or else she really could butcher him like a holiday ham. A very handsome, holiday rum ham. Speaking of rum ham… Kenny picked up the one he had made last night from the dresser and took a bite, “Oh rum ham, how you make me feel like a young adventurer again, your tangy taste and booze keep me nourished while the meat in ya gives me energy, I love you rum ham, but not more than I love my Alyssa, sorry.” he tossed the ham onto the bed beside him and arose like he usually did at this time of day. It was a hot summer’s day, birds could be heard chirping right outside his window, kids could be heard giggling in the pool below and everything in between was making whatever noise they made, not that Kenny cared about everything in between because well… It varies really. Why was he still rolling around in bed? Or well rolling at the side? He stood up and stretched his arms, the satin sheets of his bed clinging to his muscular sweaty form as he raised his arms and twisted his back the cracks signaling that he was getting a good stretch into his form as he looked around his hotel room.

It was a dingy little place, a rat hotel at the most it was. The crimson red shag carpeted floor was barely cleaned there were darker spots here and there, Kenny didn’t dare wonder what where they came from, though given the stickiness of them he assumed they came from either a trail of sticky buns drippy and wet, or well… Someone in this city should be nicknamed the super soaker because they had aim like a sharpshooter. Sticky buns… Kenny sighed harshly as he thought about the best pair of buns in his life, Alyssa made a mean bun, she could cook her ass off and made him so many yummy snacks, he missed her so much now that he was on the road alone again and it was no fun having to do his fighting on his own, he was attacking folks plenty, he had find himself fighting more ever since the last fight he lost. It was good for him, he was hungrier and angrier, oh so much hungrier. It wasn’t like the last fit of hunger, he was still riled up to prove himself to the world, but to be Kenny Omega was to be a man of never giving up and fighting until he couldn’t fight any more… Hm, at least he stopped giving up in every other fight at this point.

Back to the hotel room, it was dimly lit the ceiling had similar spots to the floor, it was a egg shell white with spots here and there some were rather unsavory, others were just filthy, but this was arguably the most inexpensive hotel he could find so he would make do with what he was given for now. He looked over to the dresser and looked that the picture of Him, Alyssa and Arcane that he had began taking everywhere with him, to remind him of what he was fighting for. His murderous, child killing, weapon swinging, beautiful, angelic fiance, and her husky, fiery, jaw snapping hound, damn he loved those two and would do anything for them, maybe they were why he kept leaving. Not because he was tired of them, or wanted to split from them but because he loved them so much that he wanted to get strong enough to protect them and then some. He was still weaker than Alyssa, he couldn’t outlast her in a fight due to her advantage and training in the Rune Knights but over the past few days he’s found himself fighting smarter, though rookie mistakes have caused him to leave a battle with many a bruise or scratch. It just didn’t seem right that she was the one to protect him all of the time, he wanted to be the one doing the protecting and that was why he kept leaving, that and since she was training on her own he needed to train himself as well. He had no magic, but he did have the will to win, but that will was small like a freshly lit ember and had to grow into a roaring flame with time and fuel.

Oh yeah the job! He went grabbed the crate at the dock and left the docks after taking it to the client and wasn't noticed a bit.


Rum Diary [Quest/Kenny] Qurywgl

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