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Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:41 pm

Liam Kawitika
The tall blue haired man walked along by the water of the beach,It was a beautiful beach.The beautiful Blue water and the sounds of Nature itself.All that was left to make the beach fun complete was to go take a dip in the water,and the beach experience would be complete.He put a beach towel in a place close to the water,but not too close to the point where it would wet the towel.He took off his shirt and threw onto the towel before running towards the water like a child would.He splashed around in the water,he was having fun,but not much,mostly because of the fact that he was just alone,but he'd be alright as long the water's there.

He moved along to the deeper part of the water,it reached up to his chest area now,Which was usually already too deep to drown in for someone of the normal height for men.He continued to splash around like a child,until a ball was aimed at him,It was decorated in a variety of bright colors.He grabbed the ball and threw it back in the same direction it was thrown at him."What should i do..." He thought,as he walked back to his towel.

#2Takumi Yoshino 

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:00 pm

Takumi Yoshino
Takumi had decided to spend some time at the beach to have a little fun. Instead of his usual Tunic or Kimono he wore only a simple T-shirt and shorts, the top being loose and white and the bottoms being green. He wasn't quite sure if what people did besides swim, since he had never been to a beach, all he knew was that a trip to the beach was considered fun. He wandered around aimlessly, his large sapphire blue eyes taking in the sea and the people around him, sparkling in wonder. His long braid nearly reached his ankles, getting wet as he walked along the edge of the surf. Lost in thought, the tiny man hardly noticed anything else around him, and didn't notice he was now knee-deep in the water.

I guess this is nice? I mean, it's a bit loud, and crowded, but it seems nice enough here... thought the man to himself as he continued walking absentmindedly into the water. Soon, he found himself chest-deep, and immediately panicked. He had wanted to go waist-deep at most, he couldn't swim! As that thought entered his mind, a wave approached the small man, who was knocked over, unprepared and too small to really stand against a wave.

#3Liam Kawitika 

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:17 pm

Liam Kawitika
Liam looked around the large beach filled with lots of people until he saw someone come into the water,they looked quite feminine,but they didn't seem to be female.Maybe just a feminine looking male,he was quite short and he looked very young,almost like a child.But of course the boy wasn't a child,since he would be quite tall for a boy.One noticeable thing was the fact that he had a long braid,that went up to his knees.Liam ignored the man for the time being and went to look back at the large body of water,a small wave went towards the edge of the beach,He looked back at the sandy area to see that the feminine looking male had been knocked over by the wave.All you could see of the man was his face,above the water.

He ran over to the boy,and checked if he was alright,he seemed to be alright other than the fact that he fell over to the small wave."You ok?" Liam asked the small blonde haired boy.Be held Takumi's hand to pull him back up so he didn't end up breathing in or drinking the water.

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] QEdBjlh

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#4Takumi Yoshino 

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:43 pm

Takumi Yoshino
The sheer panic Takumi felt at being knocked over in the water was overwhelming. He couldn't swim, had never needed to in Magnolia. It was all he felt for a minute as he tried to figure out how to get out of the water. But after that minute, by some lucky coincidence, a man had seen Takumi get knocked over and came to help. Takumi spit out water as he tried to remember how to breathe, coughing and ridding himself of the water he had just inhaled. The man asked if he was okay, but he couldn't speak just yet, and instead Takumi nodded to show he was fine now. At least until he looked at the very tall man's face. The tall guy was undeniably handsome, which made Takumi turn red as a tomato, squeak, and move towards shore as fast as he could like his life depended on it. In some cases, it actually might, if he let himself freeze up he'd probably drown right there in front of the man. So he fled, though slowly because of how short he was hindering him as much as the waves. He was moving so slowly that if the man so chose, he could easily catch up.

#5Liam Kawitika 

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:03 pm

Liam Kawitika
As soon as Liam helped the man up,he started to run away? Or maybe he was trying to run away at least,since he was going a bit too slow too be running.Maybe he was afraid of Liam,But Liam was completely fine with this,He probably did seem scary though,since he was literally a very tall man."I'll see you later i guess,Be safe out here." Liam told the boy,The boy was quite cute,so he was happy to help him,but he really wouldn't even care if he was a different person,he really just wanted to help.

As the boy tried to sprint away,Liam noticed something about him.His face was completely red,he was like a strawberry,or a tomato.Maybe he had gotten sick,since his face does turn a bit red when he's sick as well,but that would be quite weird given the situation.He was probably just embarrassed by the fact that he had fallen over by the wave and needed some help form someone,so he probably was someone who chooses to not need help? But he didn't give any hostility towards Liam,so probably wasn't possible for that.Liam then started to walk towards the small man,he helped support him so he could actually walk back to shore."Are you sure you're alright?" Liam asked again.

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#6Liam Kawitika 

Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] Empty Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:35 pm

Liam Kawitika
Eventually he just payed the man on a towel,since he was basically waiting for nothing,the man didn't' give an answer towards any of his question.Maybe the man was just clueless to what was happening,so it was probably best to had left him alone.It was quite a shame hat they weren't able to make friends wit each other,but then again it was probably best to just leave people alone,since they were probably already fine with their problems,but the man had fallen down in the water,and he didn't' seem to float up so he obviously had to do something.Or maybe it was a trick,and the man was luring Liam in,but the chances of that happening was very low.

"Welp i guess I'll leave you alone,since you have no injuries or such,Good luck and be careful next time you try to go back into the water." He told the blonde haired man before leaving to go to the changing areas by the entrance of the beach.He changed out of his trunks into his regular clothes.He walked out of the area and went to his guild to see if anything new happened."That was fun,lets see if I'll be able to come back here again soon." He told to himself before he started to accelerate his pace so he could make it to his guild fast,since he really didn't have anything else to do at the beach anyways.


Some Fun At The Beach[Private|Takumi] QEdBjlh

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