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Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Travel]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town [Foot Travel] Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:40 pm

Bianca Fleur †
Actually Bianca could have taken the train to Marigold Town, but she did not feel like waiting three more hours for that train and she did not mind the distance from Magnolia Town to Hargeon Town. Especially because she was going to be taking a carriage for literally the whole fucking trip. Money was not an issue for Bianca especially right now. She was no broke bitch like she was a while ago. Anyways, now that she was in Magnolia Town, the first thing she did was look for a carriage straight away. As she had been in Magnolia before, she knew of most of the important locations. And since she usually traveled from town to town using carriages if she could not find trains, she knew where she could find carriages.

“Hello, are there any carriages going southwards?” she asked the man standing against what was probably his carriage. He looked up from his feet and said that there was actually. “Oh nice, where exactly?” she asked to make sure she knew where she was going and so that the carriage driver would not kidnap her or something. He then told her that he was heading to Hargeon Town. “When is it leaving?” asked Bianca again.

“Uhh, if you want I could leave now?” he said.

Blinking Bianca thought about it for a moment. Maybe there were not many people going to Hargeon Town today, and he just wanted some money even if it was just from one person. Looking at the size of the carriage she noticed that it could seat about four people or five, actually, but she decided she did not want to wait. She was not a big fan of waiting, after all. The only things she could be patient with were important things, obviously. So she just told the driver to leave right now.

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