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Smuggler's schemes [Quest/Kenny]

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In Hargeon again, it was such a peaceful little place. So many friendly people and things, Kenny felt right at home! And that was the issue, he partially hated his home, more specifically hated the people there and to be even more specific hated his father and even more specifically hated what his father wanted him to do. Weird, he grew up a miner’s son, but grew to resent everything that had to do with the town he grew up in and not the mining aspect of it. So many specifics for one city, maybe he was just overreacting, his hometown wasn’t so bad. Sure, it wasn’t the prettiest place and he was certain that he would have died of boredom if he stayed but that’s all in the past. Now he could take Alyssa there and introduce her to his folks… Erm, maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea. More so because of his grandparents and mother, they would pester her and spoil her the best they could with what little they had. All of this thinking about his family was beginning to make him miss the place.

Kenny sighed and laid on a hillside that overlooked the town, it was so peaceful. Kenny’s hands found themselves behind his head as he rested undisturbed. There was nothing around him, just peace, more peace. Strange, it was almost like he experienced this same fit of peace when he met that girl… What was her name? Lee. Ah yeah, that day was amazing. He had met so many interesting people back in Era, and leading up he had in a sense found himself for the first time there as well as here. One thing did somewhat hinder his calm, the fact that he would have to leave his family again soon and head to the next town over. It wasn’t her, he loved her, but he had a few things he needed to settle before he went back to her. She was the greatest love he ever knew, and he was burning up in her love, it kept him warm like a roaring fire and he couldn’t help but touch the flame to know what it felt like. Many times he thought the fire would eat him alive, but now he knew he would be just fine. Burning up inside her love. Who would have thought that he would find somebody after all of the turmoil he went through with Cell and big boy Boltan! Shit, he was getting distracted.

Kenny pulled the letter out of his pocket and read over it, from the smuggler once again and this time he needed help with… Something new… Distracting guards it seemed. Hm, not the most peculiar thing Kenny had done with him, hell he did kill like three animals for one jobs before. Two of which were minding their own business. It’s whatever truthfully, there was nothing Kenny could do but take the jewels. Kenny finally stood up and looked down at the city. He took in a deep breath and let out a bellowing yell at the landscape below and a cackling laugh. The silence was beginning to get to him and he was starting to get bored. It seemed on the ground below he had scattered a few flocks of sheep with the sudden disturbance.

He ran down the hill, and bounded for the first docking area he saw. The one he was assigned to or was he? Him one of these guards reminded him of farmer jim. Was farmer his first name? He seemed odd enough for it to be. Kenny leapt over the chain link fence with another loud bellowing. He saw the guards standing guard. He noticed a pair of men holding crates, struggling with them at more. They seemed to be struggling with the few crates they had, thus the raven hair took one off their hands and looked down into it with great interest. “Cabbages?” he narrowed his eyes, “Yummy.” he picked one up and bit it, much to the guard’s dismay. With that kenny threw the entire crate into the water and began making ape noises before running up to another guard and spinning her around in a hug.

“What in the hell are you doing boy?” they scolded, getting Kenny’s attention. Kenny tilted his head and cackled aloud.Kenny in true Omega fashion kept on with this for a moment bouncing around and making strange noises, he even went as far as to push a guard into the water before jumping in as well after them.

Soon the job would finish and it was time for Kenny to go again, the distraction was done and kenny could get home and take a nice long bath. He stretched his arms and legs, sighed and skipped his way to the next job.

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Smuggler's schemes [Quest/Kenny] Qurywgl

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