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A Sleep on The Beach.(Open)

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A Sleep on The Beach.(Open) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:10 pm

It was a long and quiet walk, sure much else he really wanted to do he arrived were he felt like he wanted to do, he just was comfortable by the beach if anything else, maybe him just sleeping more was just a feeling hitting him currently. After he felt like he slept enough he would figure out his next plan of action, So far the beach seemed empty but Waylon had no idea what time it was or what day it was he had just been moving and his mind lost track of stuff.

It must also be his mind telling him that he is draining himself of energy and the need to move because of how much traveling he just does, THe sound the waves of the sea were relaxing, were he had been laying on the beach, were a tree was laying back on it, with his eyes closed.

What else came next would be eventually to what Waylon would have come to mind, A part of him wanted to find either his sister or brother, A part of him wanted to go find Arisa again, A part of him wanted to stay here and rest, His mind always in other places and not in one spot always lost in trails of thoughts rather just nothing, the beach seemed to be much like him settled for now.

#2Asher Dakota 

A Sleep on The Beach.(Open) Empty Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:46 pm

Asher Dakota
Recently accepted into the force, he was supposed to be on guard, right? Nah, he was going to say "Screw it" and go to the beach. After all, if wind couldn't be used on water for practice, what would the point of training be for? At least, that was the original intention of it. But then he figured the best way to train was to train his muscles... He would claim. But in reality, a game of volleyball just sounded like fun, and he was not going to miss a chance. If an authority were to scold him, he'll just claim that the game was good for muscle strength. There was no way that would fail.

Today, he was equipped with a tank top undershirt and a pair of long blue jeans. Not the best attire for the beach, but it will have to do. As if that it was lacking enough, he had a pair of black boots, though that was just to prevent sand from entering inside. It was an irritating feeling. With the amount of strength he had, spiking wasn't in the best interest for him to carry out, especially with such restricting clothing, but he tried often anyways.

Those within range should perhaps hear his voice as he would let out a yell every time he tried to get a spike in. "HEADS UP!" Asher declared, jumping high up into the air, slamming his palm downwards. Unfortunately, his aim was not as good as he thought it could have been, and the slip of the hand resulted in the spike moving far off to the side, without a doubt out of bounds. But at the rapid pace that it is moving at, likely going to end up hitting something or someone eventually with the powerful strength of 1 point. By the time Asher realized how the hit of the volleyball went, he could only cringe from the result.

My name Jeff

A Sleep on The Beach.(Open) Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:19 pm

It just seem like something out, Waylon slowly seemed to wake up from the sound of some one playing something close by to him, but his normal slow mind he slowly wake up after all he had not change slightly, people would figure for a person who has traveled for so long he would have he a faster mind eventually but since he never worried about much or did much really he did not need to change, Maybe he was so much spent on sleeping in reflecting on what he felt like he should worry about maybe the situation he would end up in wouldn't happen to him, That and maybe finding better places that wasn't near sand and water....or a beach in general, all of these were a good idea if he were awake to think of them.

Hearing watch out Waylon's eyes slowly started to open as he figured it wasn't anything for him to worry about it, after all he was laying down, relaxing thinking whatever was coming would be no were near possible to hit him at all, only sign to him that something was different was the sound of the wind changing that something was flying close to him, But still no sign of Waylon moving form his spot muttering to himself quietly about a few more minutes until he got up.

But hearing the moving wind getting louder and louder, His right eye slowly started opening up and he started leaning up to look at whatever was what moving in the wind,opening his left eye was well as he got look towards the sound it was sounding like it was closer to him as he inched up from his lean, Blinking a few times because he was slowly waking up.

It would be too late in the end but Waylon realized in the end it was a ball flying towards him closing his eyes for the impact of where it would hit after all it was to the point were he could avoid it, He would just hear the smack of the ball hitting him and felt the pain from it, waiting to open his eyes until he felt the ball land on the ground or near him.

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