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Fishing Contest [Quest/Kenny]

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Admittedly Kenny was getting tired of coming here to the dock, another trifecta of jobs it seemed to be. Though this was more in the way of free labor if anything and he wasn’t doing anymore drugs, but the work was tiresome all the same. The dock also reminded him far too much of his home back in the marshes. Free marshes. What was he talking about again? Ah yes, the work, the tough work. The hard work. The work that he did not want to do but did because he got paid when he did it. He should give a nickname to this work, maybe call it pleasant work. An elite warrior like himself, despite nearly being killed twice in lopsided affairs, was a man of action and he took his work very seriously. What kind of man worked on a farm? Kenny can tell you who! Weak, sniveling, crybaby farmers… And their families that are delightfully pleasant. Too much time on their hands sure, but they were an alright bunch. How the farmer bagged such a dame is a mystery to the beard.

The sun beat down on Kenny’s shirtless form, as he was still too sore to deal with the act of putting on clothing. In Fact it was about time Kenny started showing off his form. He was a man after all and as a man he had the right to flaunt his muscles whenever he felt however unimpressive they are. It was a sweet day to be him, muscles were bulging, the scars Alyssa had left were there, but not as bad looking. His head wasn’t sore anymore, and he could feel himself getting a little stronger everyday. He was a big boy! And he of course did big boy things like feeling good on a hot day despite sore muscles. What was on the agenda today… Kenny put the top of his garb over his head to act as a sun visor. “It’s hotter than my girl out here. Phew.” he wiped the sweat from his brow.

Soon he saw the client’s house, the cute lil shack just sat there between the field and the waterand the big ass fish carcases starring Kenny down while he walked up the driveway. Kenny stared at them for a while before finally knocking on the farmer’s door again. “Hello, open up. Here about the job.” there was no answer, so Kenny knocked again… Still no answer. What kind of job was this again? He was to be a devious hand, kinda likea farm hand and like a farm hand he had a right to go into the boss’ house right? Kenny looked in a window “What the hell is he doing in there? Kenny knocked on the window and shouted, “LET ME IN before I kick your door down. I’m starting to lose my patience with you.” Kenny grumbled.

There was still no movement, Kenny looked back down at the job notice. It said something about sabotaging a contest. “Hm, so that’s what he wants.” on the porch was a pair of scissors Kenny picked it up and went to the shed. In the shed he grabbed the first tool he saw, a knife. Shame he had forgotten his weapon, but alas it was too damn heavy considering how tired his arms are .It felt like he had his arms pressed and stretched they hurt so bad. Was that a logical way to explain his pain? Maybe, whatever, whatever, he had stuff to do. He placed the knife under his arm and began peeling an apple he had stolen on the way here and shedding little peel on the dock here and there.

As he passed beginning of the contest he dove into the water unseen and snipped a few lines like a good farm hand. He pulled one line into the water entirely nearly pulling the fishermen along with it. He snipped another line and killed a fish that was on another he would keep up this trend until all but the kid’s fishing line was left as the lone survivor. Kenny put a tiny, weak looking fish on the line and tugged on it twice. There we go easy peasy lemon squeeze me.

Kenny went to shore and crawled out of the water, knelt by the first and grabbed his hair wrenching the water out of it and shaking his hair to clean himself up. Ugh he never liked these long quest they were never fun. he would retrieve his jewels and head home. “Next time do it yourself” he tried to grab the bag of jewels and instead picked it up with his mouth. “Nice doing buisness with you.” he couldn’t use his arms all that well at the moment, they were tired from all of the swimming and what not. 807/800

Fishing Contest [Quest/Kenny] Qurywgl

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