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Magic Mending[Arisa]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Magic Mending[Arisa] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:04 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
It was a nice day in the small town of Hargeon, with the birds chirping, people laughing, and Jeeroy in a better mood than usual.  Since taking the potion from the mysterious man that owned a magic shop, he had been feeling sickly and too weak to do much, including the jobs he really needed to do.  He was getting really low on jewels, something he needed to fix quickly.  He had woken up that day feeling much better than he had been, it seemed that the magical energy flowing through his body had finally merged with himself and his body had stopped fighting it.  He still had no clue about what his magic would be, yet he was excited as ever to find out, and he could feel it growing closer and closer to time.  Something seemed to be calling out to him, something powerful.  He wanted to go on an adventure to find out what it was, but he did not want to go alone.  Heading out into the town, Jeeroy was on a search for something...well someone to be more specific.  As he had been there when Arisa had achieved her magic, he wished for her to be there when he did as well.  With ambition to find the woman, he headed out towards the beach, the normal spot where he had found the woman lately.


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