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Magnolia to Orchidia [Train Travel|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Magnolia to Orchidia [Train Travel|Sage] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:15 am

Sage †
Sage woke from his bed, the sun was bright and his room is a mess even tho he doesnt have a lot of stuff in there. Sage rolled from his back and got up when he is near the edge of the bed, shirtless, Sage looked for a shirt to wear. He then found a yellow jacket near the end of his bed, took it and wore it. He then packed his stuff and head down the registration counter and checked out, he didnt make any eye contact with the woman who was working in the counter. Then Sage would leave the hotel. He was planning to get on the train heading where ever it stops. When he arrived at the train station, Sage bought a ticket for himself and sat on a bench waiting for the train to come while observing the people around him. Then the train came to the station, Sage walked towards the train and let the passengers inside the train to get outside mannerly. He then got on the train and chose a place to sit. luckily he sat alone without any companies. He actually needed that, to be alone. But looking back he is always alone, even when he entered a faction. Sage slept through the whole journey, got off the train and saw something familiar. It is the town he left before, Orichidia.

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