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Hargeon to Worth Woodsea [Travel | Yumi]

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Hargeon to Worth Woodsea [Travel | Yumi] Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:13 am

Yumi growled as she rose from her slumber stretching her limbs. She awoke for a fresh start, ignoring the suns rays as it pierced the window of hthe room she was in. Blinking Yumi realised the room was unfamiliar, where the hell was she? Yumi checked herself, she was still wearing her armour and nothing had happened to her in herself, her sword was even still fixed to her back. Yumi sat up on the bed, making sure her sword was fixed right and looked around, it seemed an entire day had passed. Grumbling the little demon stood up and examined the room with a glare on her lips, this was definiately not her room. Looking around Yumi spotted and note and began to read it, it was from Finn this was apparently his room and he was apologising for Jake's action. A dark scowl formed on her lips as Yumi drew her sword and roared in anger swinging it down and cleaving the bed in half. Tossing the sword onto her back, Yumi left leaving the room of the inn, tearing the door off in the process in her anger. Yumi fled returning back to her rented apartment, she needed to leave immediately and flee to the Worth Woodsea. This failure was a stain upon her lord and she needed to pray for forgiveness in the Temple of Malum.

Walking through the streets of Hargeon, Yumi released a long sigh as she made her way towards her apartment. Entering into the main gates and closing it behind her she walked up to her room on the fourth floor and walked into the room half way down. Walking in she shut the door behind her and began to collect her belongings. First was her gothic lolita clothing, she packed it away into her travel bag, followed by her high heel boots. She was dressed in Viking Armour, Helm and had her executioner sword on her back. With her bag packed she threw it over her shoulder and walked out heading down to the reception where she was greeted by the girl behind the counter. Yumi signed herself out and paid what was owed, Yumi had only spent three nights in Hargeon no more no less. She wasn't in any mood to stay any long all she wanted was to leave and head towards the Temple of Malum in the Worth Woodsea to beg her God for forgiveness regarding her failure.

Yumi left the apartment shutting the gate behind her and amde her way through the streets. The little demon walked with slow steps as she hummed a dead tune, her familiar Venom the Duskull floated over following close behind her. Perhaps she should have taken the little creature with her that day she attacked blue pegasus, that way it could have alerted her to Jake's attack. Yumi shook her head no use crying over spilt milk, she would reflect on her actions and use it to better herself in order to grow from this experience. Even she after so many years could get sloppy, she needed to throw off the slack. SHe had slacked off in her training by fighting weak opponents that she had dropped her guard and made mistakes.

Yumi departed from the main gate. Looking around Yumi spotted the sign that would lead her to the Worth Woodsea. Yumi didn't want to take her time the faster she moved the quicker she would arrive at the Temple of Malum. Yumi stretched both her arms out deciding to fly. Magical energy coursed around Yumi's body flooding out intot he shape of two black demonic wings that sprouted from her shoulder blades each 1.5 meters long. The wings expanded in size as Yumi grabbed Duskull and took flight. Yumi lifted up into the air and flew off towards the Worth Woodsea.

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