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Ex's closet [Quest/Kenny]

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Ex's closet [Quest/Kenny] Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:22 pm

‘if you wanna get down on these hairy balls, why don’t you jump right in~ It’s a crotch party right up in here why don’t you lick on this big juuuuuuunnnnnnkkkkkkkuuuunk.’ Kenny happily sung the song in his mind, it was one made by him, composed by him, in dedication to the many people who disliked. An immature little song that he wrote for all of those who despised him, many, many people despised him, not really. Kenny was probably the most irrelevant guy in the region truthfully, no one knew who he was and his guildmates barely really put a name to his face. Seriously, how was he the most irrelevant guy in an eil guild, it just wasn’t fair. His name should have been big by now, he was a small time perp and he didn’t have too many crimes under his belt but he did well for himself yeah? He was an okay guy at most a bad guy at least and so on and so forth until he was deemed nice enough not to kill by whatever force came his way in the course of a normal day. Every day it was something new, it was everyday bro with him, he couldn’t do anything without someone coming up to him and beating on him like he was a red headed step child with extra freckles. Kenny didn’t even have freckles, he was a pretty black haired male with beautiful purple eyes. He looked in a mirror and smiled at himself, beautiful purple eyes. Not red, not blue, not green, but royal purple, the color of kings. He blinked a few times and looked at himself, rubbing his chin and looking on and on, as he rubbed his chin and thought on. He couldn’t think straight with all of his beauty in his face thus he buried his face in the request that he had put next to his sink. He couldn’t believe that he was gonna get paid to raid some chick’s closet. Maaan these jobs were getting too easy and just too sweet. He didn’t mind easy jobs, but some times they felt either too easy or too hard, seriosuly, raiding a baby mama’s closet for some nonsense. The guy could have been doing it himself, but alas who was Kenny to turn down some free money? Easy or not cash was cash and if someone wanted to get down with him and give him an easy job he was gladly accept no matter what it was! Unless he was like, cutting off his dick. That was where his loyalty was, his dick and his fiance, he couldn’t live without either. His private parts were very important to him, if someone did anything to them he didn’t know what he would do, maybe smack them with it.. He hadn’t decided, and if something happened to his waifu he would turn into a BEAST and tear them apart in her name. SHE WAS HIS ONLY HIS AND IF ANYONE tried to take her from him they would pay dearly with their lives as he tore their insides asunder and wore them as a scarf.

“ALYSSSAAAAAAAAAA!” he called into the night sky, he didn’t have a clue where she was but maybe that cry into the night would summon her somehow, that was his hope. That she would hear his cry and come running to him so they could hold each other like they used to, just lke when they were young and foolish and she could still rub him in all of the right spots like she used to, rub the back of his head, scratch his ear and back. That woman had magic fingers, MAGIC FINGERS, she had healing hands after all! Oh how he missed her, but he was no longer obsessed, he understood that she didn’t love him anymore and he would need to move on with his life do things on his own and stop relying on her for everything. She was gone now and he had to do it all on his own with no one but his own gall at his side. He missed her, but some things had to be done on their own… Like this mission. The panty raid. Yes operation closet. Kenny stood in the closet and looked around he had broken in and sung to the little dog to get past it now he was in this woman’s closet. He took a few things for himself, cough cough panty raid. Cough. He looked around for a moment until he finally found it, he found a yellow box and tucked it under his arm. He spat and got out of the closet looking around before sneaking back out of her place. This was just too easy sometimes. He would drop off the box and get his pay before running home.


Ex's closet [Quest/Kenny] Qurywgl

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