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What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue!

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What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue! Empty on Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:36 pm

A giant statue of a head has appeared here. It seems to be quite old. With glowing eyes, the enormous ten meter statue keeps floating one meter above the ground. Who knows what it is here for and what it does? As you get closer to inspect it you can see the runic symbols changing into letters.

"O, D, C, T, U, A, Y, E, A, D, S, G, R, T, E, R, E, N, O."

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What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue! Empty on Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:24 pm

Olmecs had been the gossips of the land it would seem to Salem, with the talk of Olmec’s being all the young Rune Knight was seeming to hear these last few days. No matter where it seemed that the young magic scholar seemed to go. With Salem having managed to actually get to run into one of the Olmec’s himself in the mountains and getting to see that the stories were true. Something that was really surprising to Salem at first, considering the fact that he assumed that the quest for the Olmec’s would be nothing more than a wild goose chase that would lead for mages all over to search far and wide to end up finding nothing. Luckily this would not be the case as Salem was easily able to find the first Olmec he went out questing for by talking to the locals and going to different bars to hear the stories of the drunks, thus leading him to the mountains.

But sadly Salem found himself unsuccessfully in getting the blessing of the Olmec and figured it be best he make his exit in search of the next Olmec while the others were still occupied with the other one for the time being. Salem figuring that the best way for him to find out about, and understand the Olmec’s would be for him to get to them first and study them while he had peace and quiet and no distractions. Which was why Salem now found himself in the town of Era searching for his latest gossip of Olmec’s, information that Salem got in a tavern in the northern parts of Fiora right outside of Nanuq. Leading Salem to the perfect spot, as while the young rune Knight searched around the woods of Era he would soon come to find himself face to face with a figure similar to the one he had spotted in the mountains. Though this one had strange runes on it that seemed to turn into letters the closer Salem got to the Statue. Getting within ten feet of the Olmec Salem would proceed to speak to it.

“O great mighty Olmec I have traveled far and wide in search of you in the hopes that I would be able to come face to face with one of your kind. And receiving your blessing. “


What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue! Empty on Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:32 am

What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue! Squidward_dab_ii__full_body__by_josael281999-dbbu8ke

Geb approached the statue with a pen and paper and sat down, making notes. He was about to crack this puzzle. After years and years, well, more like 10 minutes of trying, he was finally able to figure it out. He knew what it was that he had to do. The statue wanted him to DO HIS GREATEST DANCE. An anagram, eh? Well, he would be able to do this. He wasn't the best at dancing, but he would do his best one here. It was a move that he had been practicing for a long ass time, and now he would be able to show it off. It was hip with all the kids nowadays too, so maybe the statue would like it? Nah, it was a statue. It was old. Oh well, maybe the statue wanted to fit in with the rest of the kids. Geb made his arm go to the right, while putting his face in his other arm, all well doing some eloquent footwork moving him around, repeating this move by alternating between his two arms to do it. This was the move known as the "dab" to most of the kids around the block, and hopefully this dance move that Geb continually pulled off would do it. He also was throwing in some other moves in there as well and moving around with his feet, humming a song as he did so, so it seemed like more of a proper dance.


What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue! Empty on Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:37 am

Olmec's eyes started to glow. The ground started to shake terribly resulting into a small earthquake. The pieces of floating earth and rocks started to materialize into two hands. Olmec pointed his hands towards Geb as the runes on his entire structure started to shine. For a split second the entire area got illuminated, blinding everyone temporarily. Geb's body got covered in runic symbols briefly which disappeared short after. Olmec said something and then disappeared.


Geb received 20,000XP.


What? Even More Mysterious Olmec Statue! Empty on Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:50 pm

It would seem once more that Salem’s luck with an Olmec would not be today, or even with the current Olmec that set in front on him. As would seem a man that he recognized from the last Olmec he was at in the mountains that he also did not receive. Since it was some other stranger person Salem didn’t really know as he didn’t stick around at the mountains long enough to really make conversation. But he was sure he could tell the difference of the two gentlemen. And he was sure he would never get the image of seeing this man that now stood in front of him and the Olmec doing the all might and magnificent dance move the dab. Something that sort of brought a tear to Salem’s eyes, as the dance move was one of pure beuty and elegance that only a master dancer could do. A skill the man should be very proud off. Though Salem felt it was pointless for him to stick around any longer seeing once again he was not lucky enough to receive the blessing of the Olmec on this lucky day. So with that being that the young Magic Council Rune Knight made his exit from the seen, feeling he had more important matters to attend to.

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