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From Baska to Oak on foot [Foot Travel]

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From Baska to Oak on foot [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:17 am

The birds chirped and the wind moved through the city as Evictus slowly made his way forward placing one foot infront of the other pacing slowly through the dirt roads of baska. He tapped his right index finger against his coat. The uncouth smell of village life filled his nostrils. From everything, the roads to the finest baked pies that came out of this rathole of place. He walked slowly out of the village perimeter. Walking and walking over the plains and hills freshened his mind up and what used to be the smell of some bloody rathole of a village was now the fresh smell of the wilderness breeze as it moved through the landscape.

Having walked for a long time now Evictus was quite tired and having entered A forest still on the main road there was now plenty of shade that allowed him to cool a bit as he kept pacing slowly forward along the road. Bored of walking he decided to take a short rest underneath a tree along the road. The tree felt nice as he laid back against it. Resting his eyes an hour or two passed by. He woke up to an evening sky huddled up under his coat like it was a blanket. He then kept walking arriving at Oak town.

WC: 219/200 --> arrival at Oak

From Baska to Oak on foot [Foot Travel] Tumblr_nf7adp7LZy1rd98kro1_500

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