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Era to Magnolia [Foot Travel|Sage]

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Era to Magnolia [Foot Travel|Sage] Empty on Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:58 pm

Sage decided to leave Era as soon as possible. After getting out of the rune knight's faction he felt a little bit free and dark. He dont know what has gotten up to him, but he was pretty sure that he need to start doing something. Sage decided to stop travelling to the whole Fiore, he then travelled south towards Magnolia where the Fairy Tail guild recides. Sage travelled in a dark cloak, and only travel at night where there is nobody around him. He took a longer route and didnt stop even once in the city to eat or whatnot. He kept walking and walking. Until at one point when Sage is very tired he slept under a tree. When Sage woke up he was thirsty so he went to a nearby river and drank from it, not checking if it is clean or not. Sage continued his journey until he reach Magnolia, Sage felt calm there. So he decided to do some quests there but first he must search for a room to stay in. Sage booked a room in a pretty shady Inn, it wasnt that crowded and litty. Sage set his bag on the bed and jumped onto the bed, exhausted.

WC: 205

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