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Of Deep Respect and Wounds

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#1Tenshi † 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:18 am

Tenshi †
Growth was not something that came through time. Time was merely the catalyst in which it was best noticed, allowing comparison to times past. It was the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that one put into something that gained back results. If they could pour forth that amount of effort in an instant, it would work. That was impossible though. It allowed for the direct correlation of time and improvement, and though the two seemed to closely intertwined, some people could see the difference. When two individuals put forth the same amount of time, and yet one sky rocketed ahead. Somehow, in their own way, they had found a way to put forth more effort.

Finn was not such a talented individual. He had not found a way to put in more effort in less time. Instead, he pushed as hard as he could day after day. Mental training, physical training, and fighting as much as he possibly could. These aspects that he embraced fully into his life were how he continued to press forward and evolve, and it was these aspects that would allow him to reach the precipice of humanity. He knew it. The further he pushed with the weapon, the more he understood that his body held him back.

Standing on the beach without any of his armor, in only his bathing shorts, Finn moved about the sand. His movements were like a dance, and it brought feeling of unease and wonderment in those who glimpsed it. Few if any had been able to see someone with this much mastery over their weapon, and yet here he was. And he felt that the next level was close. He was going to break through if it killed him, and he needed only those who were skilled enough to help push him forward.

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#2Atlas Prime 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:22 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas walked town not sure of what to do today. He had Totodile with him on his shoulder, which seemed to be his normal spot. Atlas decided to walk down to the beach to try and see something new to him. Like usual, the part in front of the town was kind of busy with people. He saw there were groups all over the place doing different things you might normally do when having fun on the beach. Some where in the water swimming, some where playing games, and some were relaxing. Unfortunately this was a site Atlas had seen to often. He hadn't been here long but he felt like he needed something else. He continued to walk down the beach to see what would go on in the less busy places. Atlas soon found himself in a place that had almost no people. He looked around but they seemed to be doing the exact same things, maybe just enjoying the calmness in this area instead of the business of the big group. Atlas looked around and then found one thing he felt that was weird. He saw a man moving around in the sand swinging something. Atlas at first couldn't tell what it was with how far away he was so he moved closer and saw the man swinging a sword. It seemed he was practicing with the sword. Atlas watched his movements and felt admiration for it. He took out his, lance and stared at it, wondering if he could use it as well as the man in front of him.

#3Tenshi † 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:10 am

Tenshi †
Finn would notice the other person on the beach come over to his approximate area, taking out a spear and beginning to train himself nearby. Finn's moves slowed down, and before long he was standing there observing the individual. He seemed to be training on his own, though his moves were slow and stiff. It was not his own fault, he was obviously new. Good for a beginner, and also a perfect testament to Finn. He was now able to see the difference in other peoples skill, even when using other weapons. It was amazing how much transferred over between different weapon types.

Walking over to him to close the distance some, Finn called out. "Hey there!" Waving a hand that wasn't holding his blade, Finn waited until the individual gave him his attention. "Since we both seem to be here for the same reason anyways, wanna spar? You can use magic and all too if you have it." His words may have sounded cocky, but they were for his own good. He needed more experience fighting people who could use both magic and weapons, and this individual may just be able to help with that.

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#4Atlas Prime 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:11 pm

Atlas Prime
After Atlas looked down at his lance he figured that the best way to get better was to train himself as well. He might be able to learn a thing or two watching the man but they were using different weapons. Learning how to swing a sword would not help him learn out to use his lance though. That would require him to swing it himself. Atlas would first stab the lance into the ground and then grab Totodile off his shoulder and set him on the ground. "Guess it would be good if I practice too, just stay in the area, or go play in the water," he said. Atlas would watch Totodile walk off a little before he would grab his lance from the sand. He guessed a good way to practice with this kind of weapon was more just to stab with it. He would grasp both hands and start to stab at the air. One could tell his movements were pretty sloppy if they knew what they were doing. Atlas was pretty focused though and was thrown off when he heard words being spoken near by. Atlas looked up at the man that was practicing earlier. He asked Atlas if he wanted to spar. Atlas felt regret about that but remembered what being a member of Lamia Scale was about. He could not deny the challenge of this man. "Sure, not sure how well I will do against you, but I'll give it a shot, one moment though," Atlas said. He saw Totodile close by. "Totodile, come back over here, I have something fun we can do," Atlas said. Totodile would walk back over to him. "This man wants to spar with us, think you can handle it?" he asked Totodile. Totodile seemed really excited about this. Atlas would walk back to allow 10m to separate them. "Well when your ready, try to go easy on my though," he said, putting his lance forward.

#5Tenshi † 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:19 am

Tenshi †
As Atlas and Totodile made the distance between them ten meters, Finn had already put himself in a fighting stance of sorts. His arms were at the ready, his swordless hand stiff in front of him and his right hand, wielding the blade, angled to his side. The hilt was held loosely in his hand, but that was all part of the tactic. While it was loose in the sense of how he could move it suddenly, it was not loose in the sense that it would be easily knocked out. With all that in motion, Finn would wait for Atlas to give some sort of announcement that he was ready.

With that, Finn would begin moving forward at a relatively fast paced walk. With it, he would intend to eliminate five of the meters between them, making the distance more reasonable for the two of them. If given a reason to react he would do so, and the blade was now angled to his side and facing in front of him, towards the direction of Atlas. He was ready to maneuver with it at a moments notice, but the first step was to eliminate this artificial distance set in place so they could truly spar. Once at a five meter mark, or upon moving five meters if Atlas had moved, Finn would retake his fighting stance and prepare himself for the fight at hand.

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#6Atlas Prime 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:46 pm

Atlas Prime
Totodile placed himself 3 meter to the right of Atlas. It wasn't a big difference between them. Totodile was quite short though, so it seemed a bit bigger. The man was prepared in front of him and when Atlas gave the okay the man closed the distance. He halved the distance between himself and Atlas. Atlas held out his lance, having his left hand farther up on the handle. This would mean his right hand was placed below it. With the way Atlas had the lance it would be on the right side of his body. With the man waiting, Atlas didn't know if he should try and attack first or have the man attack first, but it seemed since the man was giving him a chance he should try it. Atlas knew he would have distance on the man with his weapon being longer and with Atlas being a little bit taller. Atlas would walk 2 m ahead and stab at the man with his lance. He at first wanted to test the man here. He wanted to know how the man might counter or attack. Totodile would move forward 5 meters from his position as the same time Atlas moved. Totodile would run it so when he turned he would fire a water attack at the man hoping to deal some damage to him.


1185/1185 mana
Strength = 15
Speed = 12
Endurance = 11
Int = 2

Lance +18 = B-rank damage

Totodile 250/300 mana

Name: Water Gun
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Totodile Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Water
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user opens its mouth wide, as a thin beam of water emerges from its mouth to deal blunt damage.

#7Tenshi † 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:21 am

Tenshi †
Atlas began to move forward, attempting to close the gap. As he did this, his companion shot off to the side. Finn looked at both of them, tracking the angle of Totodile as well as the speed of Atlas. As Atlas closed the distance to two meters, he brought his arm back as if he were going to swing or stab his spear. Simultaneously, Totodile got an angle and began to open its mouth wide. At this moment, Finn would decide to act.

Atlas began to stab his spear forward, though he never firmly planted his feet to get a solid and smooth stab. The spear would be coming upwards at Finn's left pectoral, near his shoulder. Finn would be able to duck down to the right, taking a solid step forward. As he did this, Totodile would have already begun firing off his water blast which would be aiming it at where Finn had just moved away from.

As he stepped down away from the spear, Finn lifted his left hand and grabbed the spear as he simultaneously swung his right hand upwards at an angle. The whole combination took place as one solid, quick movement. Take a broad step inwards to the right, dodging the spear, grabbing the spear, and twisting while pulling the spear backwards to get a slash across the mans midsection. The blade would, at this angle, cut through either Atlas' stomach or chest, gashing him deep and likely ending the fight there if it landed.

Of Deep Respect and Wounds D09aavQ
#8Atlas Prime 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:46 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was alarmed at how agile the man was. Atlas was sure he would catch him off guard but that didn't seem the case. Atlas was still clumsy with his spear so he guessed that was how he became open to the mans attack. Totodile would also seem to miss his attack which wouldn't help Atlas much either. The man seemed to dodge under Atlas' spear but Atlas remembered to keep watch to be careful. As the man took a hold of the spear, Atlas would let go of it as well. With how the mans actions went, it would seem like a good thing since the man would pull the spear back towards him. Atlas was sure the man would be knocked of balance with this move. If the man was trying to pull Atlas closer to him he would put in a lot of force here to pull both him and the spear, especially if he did it one handed. The man would attempt to slash at Atlas in the moment of pulling the spear back but it would most likely miss due to Atlas not moving closer to the man and his balance possibly be thrown off. Atlas did think that there was one bad thing about this though. He had surrendered his weapon to the man. If this was a fight of only weapons, he would be in a bad spot, but the man earlier spoke, saying if he was a mage he could use magic. Now Atlas earlier would give no indication he was a mage or what type of magic he could use so the man would most likely not expect Atlas' next attack. Atlas would cup both hands and send out a ball of energy. The ball wouldn't deal much damage but it would be a good distraction to the man he was facing. While the man would have to deal with the actions, Atlas would back up a few meters after firing the spell. Totodile would remain on guard in his same position.

1160/1185 mp:

Strength = 15
Speed = 12
Endurance = 11
Int = 2

Totodile 250/300 mana

Name: Charged Ball
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Vibration Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user positions a hand in a cup like formation while the other is held above that to form an visible ball of energy in the middle. They then channel magic into the middle to make a ball that is .5m round. They can then throw it at an object  to deal D-rank damage.

#9Tenshi † 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:50 pm

Tenshi †
Calling Hit:
So your entire dodge is dependent on my being thrown off balance for planning to pull you closer with the spear. I never stated that as my intent though, and even had it been, it is not enough to throw me off balance like you assumed. So this should be S rank damage to your chest, ending the fight.

Finn had indeed yanked away the spear, though the action was in no way a deterrent of what was to come next. For someone of Finn's strength, yanking that spear away from even a fully resistant Atlas would have been of little effort. With how light his blade was as well, such an effect would be of little consequence. His body was balanced, and Finn was well versed in the art of his craft. As the spear was ripped away, if anything, his twisting body was given better leverage for the slash that was to follow. The individuals best bet would have been to let go and leap away, but he had not done that.

Finn at no point intended to yank the individual closer using his strength, and merely intended to keep him from retreating while also taking his weapon. Considering the individual had not retreated from his position and instead had counted on Finn being off balance, the attack went through without a hitch. Even if the blade rose or fell slightly due to the sudden releasing of the spear, the slash would go true and cut into the individual, cutting open his midsection.

Once the blade had cut cleanly through, the individual would certainly be out of the fight. With that, Finn would help him up and find a nearby medic before thanking him for the fight and making his way off.

[Assuming this fight is now over with, EXIT]

Of Deep Respect and Wounds D09aavQ
#10Atlas Prime 

Of Deep Respect and Wounds Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:09 pm

Atlas Prime
It would seem Atlas underestimated the mans strength. Atlas felt like if it was a normal man then his attack tactic would work but that didn't seem the case. The mans skill, plus his strength was enough to keep his balance from being thrown off. Since Totodile did nothing at the moment Atlas would still be trying to cup his hands when the blade would connect with him. Atlas had to wonder why this man would use so much force to injure him if it was just a spar. Normal people would be knocked out form the blow that was give to Atlas, especially from where it was, but being from Lamia Scale had its perks. He could feel energy from his tattoo which allowed him to stay concious even though he received such a heavy blow. Atlas felt like he couldn't keep up with the man even though he was still up. He had received a heavy blow so he figured he wouldn't be able to fight well at the moment. He could always rely on cheap tactics if he wanted to, like bend down and face unconsciousness and then sneak attack the man, but he felt like it wouldn't be right. Atlas felt like it was good he stay up, because if not Totodile might of tried to go on a rampage after the man and get injured himself."I give, you win. I thought this was supposed to be a friendly match," he said. He was bleeding from his wound so he would have trouble moving at one hundred percent. The man seemed to want to help him, so he helped him to a medical tent. Totodile would follow along with them, staying by Atlas until he recovered.


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