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Basic Duties [Quest|Rishi]

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Basic Duties [Quest|Rishi] Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:48 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been strolling through the small town, enjoying the small children laughing and playing in the streets. This really made her think about how lucky they were to be able to have fun on a normal day like this, as when she was she was little all she got to do was sit back and watch chaos flash before her eyes and when she grew up, she was expected to be just like her father. Sometimes she does get those surges where she wants to cause chaos and just turn completely evil but even so, she a=had to stay true to her guild and abide by it's rules. She might as well just drop out of Fairy Tail later, as she really wasn't too sure if she could keep her evil side contained for as long as she thought. But when that time happens to roll around, she will be sure to make it to where everyone in Fairy Tail was safe from her destructive side. She wanted to be able to hold that side of her off for as long as possible but right now it seemed stable so she just had to stop thinking about that and carry on in her everyday life as if it didn't even exist. For now she would just have to find something to do that would keep her mind away from even thinking about going back onto that subject again for a little while. She let Furry walk on his own today, seeing the fact that he needed some time of his own today without her pulling him along. He would still follow her but just now at his own pace instead of the pace that Rishi wanted him to progress at. It seemed he really was enjoying his freedom today, as he was a little more cheery and upbeat with the way he acted towards her. He seemed happier about the way she was treating him and the freedom he was getting. She was happy that her companion was happy and that was enough for her.

Later on she had remembered that she had wanted to do a quest today. That was one of her top priorities and she really needed the money that she was going to get out of it. She needed to do things and you can't really do anything in the world without money in this country or possibly anywhere in the world. So she set out on a hunt to find something that would give her a decent amount of money. She ended up finding an officer named Kenji and she was asked to find a few kids who are usually spray painting stuff onto walls. Surprisingly these kids have gotten into more trouble than she had thought and she was supposed to help the officer catch them. It really wouldn't be that hard of a job, considering she would be able to smell the paint and hear the spay cans.

She had been walking around town for a while now, looking for these kids and keeping an eye on Furry at the same time. Furry was still happily trotting along which she was happy about, as her companion felt good about himself. She had seen a few tags on walls and public buildings, trash cans, schools, hospitals, and many other places and she could see why these kids were in a lot of trouble. She was amazed by their art skills though, as they were skills she had never seen before. She had seen drawings in books and sketches on some of the request papers but never anything that involved spray paint. She had started to think about that evil side of her again but then had to discard it immediately as she had just found the kids. There were three of them there, one looking older than the other two. There were 2 boys and 1 girl, the boy being the oldest there. She did want to do this peacefully but then again these kids did cause a lot of trouble, so she deserved to take part in punishing them. She grabbed 2 of them by the back of their shirts and let the third one cower against the wall, her red eyes glowing and staring right at him.

"Alright you guys, hand over the cans right now," she said as she let the two of them go and they scattered to pick up all the spray cans and put them into a bag and handed them to her. She could tell that they thought she was going to hurt them, and though she really did want to, she couldn't. She was part of Fairy Tail, and she had to be true to her guild, no matter what the purpose happened to be. She had just explained to them why they shouldn't be doing what they were doing and what the consequences would be if they were to go any further in their actions. To be completely honest, the consequences were outrageous. I mean 10 years in prison for stealing things from the market? Well she couldn't question the law, but one thing she could do is finish up this quest. She finished up the conversation she was having with the kids and went back over to Kenji to hand in the spray cans. She was happy she didn't have to use Furry to enforce anything, even though she knew he was standing right behind her through the whole thing trying to scare them.

They eventually got to Kenji and gave him the spray cans, and he thanked her a lot. She really didn't understand why it was such a big deal, she didn't really do much but hey, if he was happy then that was good. She walked back to her hotel happily, so she could think about everything that went on that day and finally go to sleep. Today kind of tired her out and she really did need some rest. She skipped happily back to the hotel with her companion by her side, being happy right along with her.

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