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Fetch Me This And That [Quest: Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Fetch Me This And That [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:09 pm

Bianca Fleur
After the lizard hunting job, Bianca felt like she had not done enough for the day and decided to take another job. She decided to just take a D-rank this time because she had just done a C-rank and she did not want to be too tired today. Not that she was a seventy year old grandma or something, but she preferred going slow. ‘Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.’ She preferred slow and steady. Well sometimes fast and efficient was good, but not in this case. There was always a time for something and this was not the time for fast and efficient. It always depended on her mood too. If she was feeling like going fast and efficient, then she did go fast and efficient. Bianca walked up to the request board in Oak Town right away after getting her jewels from the doctor and spending some on her lunch. Although it did not give her as much satisfaction as drinking blood, it gave her some energy to last for quite a while. Of course drinking blood gave her energy that lasted for way longer. She could go a week at most without drinking blood, that was how long the energy it gave her lasted. Human food did not do much, and lasted her like a few hours. It was pretty much the same for humans as well. They had like three meals a day. It was the same for her before she became a vampire, so she knew.

Back to the current timeline, Bianca stood in front of the large request board that had a lot of sheets of paper stuck to it, some of them pinned. Some of them were even starting to go yellow probably because people did not take them and Bianca took a look at those yellow ones first. She wanted to clear the board of any old requests so that it did not look ugly. She was a perfectionist. She liked to make things look better. Especially since it was a request board in her town, she cared that it looked nice. So after scanning the older requests, she decided she would take one that said ‘Fetch Me This And That’. It sounded pretty funny to her, and the client was the local witch. She just needed to get her some things and the things listed were not hard to find, compared to the one she just did. Nothing like a green spined lizard on that list, so that was good. In fact, the things she needed to find were pretty simple things. She already knew where she was going to go to get what. She wondered why this was even a request honestly. She believed the witch would have underlings and she could just ask them? She was not sure but she was going to get rewarded anyway so nothing really mattered. As long as she got the money, she did not care. So she started to walk towards where she would find an old plant.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Fetch Me This And That [Quest: Bianca] Empty on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:51 pm

Bianca Fleur
So after reaching the location, she got hold of the old plant and next was to get some burnt wood. She decided she would just get a piece of wood and burn it with her lighter. She wondered what the witch needed these things for. Maybe for a spell? A potion? What even could these three ingredients make? She would not know. After all, she was not a witch. She knew some basic chemistry, but that was nothing like what the witches’ were doing, she knew that much. She found some pieces of wood along the way and picked one up, crouching down to start working with her lighter to make it burnt. After a while of holding the lighter to the wood, it started to make dark marks on it. She kept holding it, so that it was more burnt than it was now, and after about another minute or two she decided it was enough. Once she was done she kept her lighter and held the old plant as well as the burnt wood from the unburnt side. If her client said it was not burnt enough, she would just bring out her lighter and keep burning it. So now for the last thing on the list, a large chunk of metal. It was going to be weird carrying a large chunk of metal around. She knew where she could find it, but she was not sure how she was going to carry it to the witch. She was probably going to have to use a carriage to and from the location.

Bianca stopped a carriage just then, holding her hand out and once the carriage came to a halt she got on immediately, asking him to be fast. The driver gave her a quick nod and started speeding up. She wanted to get there fast and retrieve the last ingredient. She was very close to getting her reward. After all, that was what she most looked forward to in taking a job. The carriage went pretty fast and she had arrived at the location in no time. After that she hopped off of the carriage with her first two ingredients and paid the driver. She then went inside the shop and asked the salesman for her last ingredient. The salesman brought it out immediately, thinking that she was going to pay. Jokes on you, man, she thought and left without a word. The man yelled after her and chased her to the entrance of the shop where she simply used the metal block to knock him out. Afterwards she left to get another carriage to the witch’s place. Which was where she delivered the items but apparently it was all a joke. The witch laughed and threw a pouch of jewels towards Bianca which she caught. She then gave the witch a stern smile. It seemed like Serena the witch was having the laugh of her life, so Bianca left. As long as she got the money.

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