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Accidental Demise [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Accidental Demise [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:54 pm

Shin Katari
"Thanks for meeting me," said a bald headed man as he sat atop a wooden bench in the central park of Hargeon Town. He wore cargo shorts with a grey t-shirt and black sunglasses. On his feet were a pair of sandals and in his hands a newspaper that he pretended to read. Shin had been contacted by Reagan a night earlier about meeting him here and truth be told, he was expecting to meet Reagan and not some random bald-headed dude. Shin expected him to be a messenger that worked for Reagan so Shin complied and sat down, leaving enough space for another person to sit between the two if necessary. Without wasting a moment, the man began to speak.

"Reagan can't make it today because he's busy. However, he believes he's being tailed my a member of the Rune Knights. He can't act suspicious thus he can't meet you. I must tell you though, that Reagan wants you to tail the page that is following him and kill him using an accidental mean. Don't make it obvious to attract heat. Do this and meet with Reagan once done, he will reward you in person," finished speaking the bald-headed man without wasting a moment to catch his breath. He flipped the page of the newspaper as Shin digested what was explained to him. It was yet another stealth mission but with a little bit of killing mixed in. The end result of the request would have the man being killed. Making it look like an accident would be a little troubling however, as he would have to wait for the perfect moment to strike. "Where can I find this guy?" Shin asked as he took a glance around the park. "Reagan is near the docks right now. Tail Reagan from a distance and you should be able to find the page," he replied as he flipped the page of his newspaper again. That was smart. Tailing Reagan would allow him to take note of anyone else or anything else that was following him. If the page was following him, Shin would have to switch over to tailing the page from a distance. Stealth would be essential for the request all the way throughout. This was going to be interesting.

Getting up from the bench, Shin stretched his arms and legs before leaving the park. He would first need to find Reagan near the outskirts of the dock as the bald-headed messenger told him. However, instead remaining out in the open, Shin decided to use the cover of the forestry around him to his advantage. He would remain hidden in the trees and bushes all while watching his steps, not wanting to alert anybody else by stepping on a twig or something alike. The cover would allow him to see out from the darkness and provide him a hiding spot in case he attracted any kind of attention. All in all, it was a damn good idea that he had come up with.

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#2Shin Katari 

Accidental Demise [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:19 pm

Shin Katari
It did not take long for Shin to reach the outskirts of the dock. From his position within the cover of the bushes and trees, he could overlook a majority of the docks. The sea was furious today, crashing against the shore leaving the beach goers soaked. Clouds were taking to the sky as well, a possible sign of rain to come. Despite the scenery being the main point of attraction, Shin glanced around until his eyes finally met Reagan Hullston. The man was not wearing a disguise today as he had done so in the past times the two had met. He wore a black fedora with vintage cowboy clothing. His grey mustache appeared as if it had been pinned there by a kid. He was busy talking to some other men, checking some stuff off on a clipboard with pen in hand. Shin was unsure if this was meant to be a cover or actual business. Looking past Reagan, Shin attempted to located the page that Reagan feared was tailing him.

At first glance, there was no one out of the ordinary. There were a couple beach goers that were running on the sand while an elderly couple were out on a walk. There were workers working on loading and unloading products off different ships. Finally, there was Reagan himself and the other men he was talking to. No one in particular appeared to be out of the ordinary but on second glance, Shin noticed something peculiar. There was a man resting against a tree with a smoke in hand. He wore clothing that was native to those in the south of Fiore. He showed no clothing that was linked to Rune Knights but his gaze was in the direction of Reagan and the men he was talking to. He was far enough way from Reagan that he would not be outright noticed and it appeared he was quite good at tailing his targets. It took Shin a second glance to even notice him being there meaning he also had a knack for concealing his presence. Shin's blood began to pump more and more as adrenaline followed. His amber gaze was locked on the man as things were beginning to get interesting. Who knew stealth requests could be so fun?

As Reagan scribbled something on the paper before him, he shook the hands of the men before him and pulled out a cigar as he began to walk, leaving the area. Shin remained in his spot and took a quick glance between Reagan and the page. The page also stood in place until decided it was fine to move. He took one more drag from his cigarette before tossing it to the ground and putting it out with a firm stomp. He placed his hands into his pockets and walked in the opposite direction of Reagan, possibly in an attempt to conceal his presence while ensuring he was not being followed himself or attracting attention. A good precaution but there was one problem in his plan, Shin was one step ahead.

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#3Shin Katari 

Accidental Demise [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:01 pm

Shin Katari
Shin left Reagan out of his sights and began to follow the page. The page must have had a good understanding of how the streets of Hargeon operated for him to take a different route to follow Reagan. Luckily for Shin, the page was going to remain on the ground and not take to the rooftops. The bad thing was that his cover would be useless as the bushes and trees were coming to an end. With a quick shifting dart, Shin hoped out of the bushes and continued to follow the page before him as he dusted himself off.

The page appeared to be moving out of the crowd that surrounded him and found himself on a long dirt road. Shin ensured to maintain a safe distance between himself and the page as to avoid any suspicion. The dirt path was rather long but provided safe cover behind various bushes to the sides and other people traveling the road as well. There were quit a few people around meaning it would be hard to get a clean kill without being noticed, especially since he needed it to look like an accident. Luckily for him, the opportunity would present itself before him.

With a quick left turn, the page made his way down an empty fleet of stairs. These stairs were in an odd place, acting as a shortcut that not many people appeared to know about. The path to the stairs was covered by various bushes but the page managed to find these stairs with ease. Shin made sure to follow behind, again keeping a safe distance. They were half way down the fleet of stairs until Shin decided to act. He ran down the stairs and pretended to be out of his breath as he placed his left hand on the man's right shoulder. The page instantly froze up and turned around slowly, only to see Shin gasping for breath. "Wh-what's that?" Shin said as pointed forward. Naturally, the page followed suit and looked in the direction of where Shin pointed. A sinister grin crept onto Shin's lips. The page had taken the bait.

With a swift motion pushing forward, Shin used his strength to push the man. The page stumbled a bit before bashing his skull against the cement stairs. He continued to tumble down the stairs until he lay on the cold ground at the end, blood filling the cracks of the cement beneath him. By the time someone noticed the body, they let out a scream and looked up at the stairs to see if anyone had done this. By that time, Shin had already taken off from the scene of the crime. This was going to cause a lot of commotion so he would need to allow it to die down. For now, he would go to a bar for the time being and reward himself with what he believed was a rather flawless kill. The planning, the bait, and the finish was all perfect.

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#4Shin Katari 

Accidental Demise [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:06 pm

Shin Katari
Shin remained in the bar for an hour or so before finally exiting it with a bottle of beer in hand. He believed enough time had passed that he was clear. However, he would first need to ensure that the page had been taken care of. He did not want any complications or unforeseen consequences especially if he somehow failed to kill the page. It took him around ten minutes of walking before he noticed a large crowd hovering around something. Using his height, Shin was able to see the page being covered by a black blanket as other Rune Knight attempted to keep the area clear. The woman that had found the dead body was being interviewed by the Rune Knights while other knights examined the staircase, looking for evidence of what had occurred. It was beautiful to see what Shin could do by killing one person with some kind of power. He had played these figures of authority, leaving them to clean his mess and look for evidence of foul play being involved. With a satisfactory smile, Shin took a sip of his beer and began his return to meet Reagan outside the Hargoen docks. He now needed to collect his reward for a job well done.

Getting to the outskirts of the docks, he noticed Reagan talking to someone as they looked through a few pieces of paper. Taking a glance upwards, Reagan noticed Shin walked towards him and instantly stopped his speaking with the man, motioning for him to go away for a bit so he could speak to Shin. He took a quick drag of his cigar and puffed the smoke out. Before he could speak, Shin beat him to it. "The jobs done. The page isn't going to bother you anymore. Nobody knows you were involved or who did it," Shin said quiet enough that only him and Reagan could hear. Reagan took note of what Shin had just said while he took another drag from his cigar. "Thank you," he replied as the smoke escaped his mouth. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. His wallet was filled entirely with jewels, some overflowing out and nearly falling onto the ground. He opened his wallet and pulled out 50,000 jewels, handing them to Shin in a discrete manner. "I'll contact you for future requests," he added as he shook Shin's hand and returned to the man he had told off earlier. Shin grasped the jewels in his hands and placed them into his pocket. He turned around and began to head back to the bar from which he had remained in for an hour. Finishing off his current beer with one last sip, he looked up at the dull grey sky above him. Tonight, he had taken the life of someone. However, it did not feel satisfying. They offered no resistance. It was no fun if the prey did not fight back. Hopefully, the next time he would need to kill, the person would put up somewhat of a fight.

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