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Mapping Theft [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Mapping Theft [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:00 am

Shin Katari
It was a silent yet eerie night in the south of Fiore. The port town of Hargeon was sound asleep as darkness crept over the town. The alleyways and main streets were mainly empty except for a few strays finding their way home. The bars were a different story however, as pirates and sailors alike filled the bars with their drunk stumbles and vulgar speaking. Stepping out from one of these bars was the red-haired Phantom Lord mage Shin. He wore a white t-shirt paired with blue denim jeans and black sneakers. He had chosen to leave both his leather jacket along with his companion Gastly back at the hotel. It was yet another day that he had not brought Gastly along as he had no need for it as of late. Tonight was another night where Gastly was not needed.

Shin had just finished speaking to Raegan Hullston, a smuggler who transports products in and out of Hargeon via water trade routes. He had requested for Shin's aid in the stealing of a useful map that was being contained in the the Hargeon town hall. Entering and exiting the building without being caught would prove to be a difficult task but one that was enticing to Shin. His usual method of dealing with these kinds of requests was a hands in, fist-to-fist manner. However, Raegan made it clear that he could not use violence as it would cause far too much heat. He would instead need to use stealth and logic when entering the hall, obtaining the town map without being noticed and exit all in the same. It was definitely easier said than done.

However, Shin had a plan in mind. He was told by Raegan that today, town hall was going to have a delivery. The delivery included different papers and files from other towns along with new lacrima powered appliances for the town hall. Essentially, the plan entailed Shin knocking out the regular delivery person and putting on his work clothing with the hopes it fit. He would then proceed with the delivery and retrieve the town map that was located on the second floor storage room. He could use the different crates and boxes as cover when moving and blocking the different lacrima powered cameras that would be a problem. Ensuring his face would not be seen by the camera would also be a task but one that added flair to the request at hand. For a stealth operation, the plan was a lot more intriguing and interesting than Shin had originally thought it could be. He was hoping he could execute as well as he had planned it out. Making his way over to the town hall, Shin stood far away enough that he would not be seen by the security of the town hall, especially in the darkness. The delivery man was busy placing crates atop each other. Without hesitation, Shin grabbed the man and pulled him into the darkness of a nearby alley.

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#2Shin Katari 

Mapping Theft [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:01 am

Shin Katari
Shin took the man's pale blue delivery outfit and put it on. It was slightly tight and small since Shin was a tall man. However, he was positive that he would not raise any suspicion. Stepping out from the alley, Shin adjusted his cap and took a glance around, ensuring the men outside did not notice anything and sure enough, they did not. Placing one crate atop the pile, he placed the base of a delivery cart underneath the pile of crates, tilting the cart backwards a little as he began to move towards the town hall entrance. It was time for the performance of the year as all eyes were now on him.

He pulled up to the front of the entrance and allowed a man in a night guard's attire to scan the different bar codes on the three large crates. He then proceeded to await for Shin to pull out his ID. Complying, Shin reached into the pocket of the pants and pulled out a card that had a bar code and other random words. With a scan, the lacrima powered machine gave off two beeps before the screen was a bright red. The man had a puzzled look on his face as he scratched the back of his head. Before Shin could say anything, the man simply shook his head and let Shin through, opening the door to the inside of the town hall. By the grace of god, he had gotten past the first trial that stood before him.

The inside of town hall was pleasant. It was painted a plain beige color with several tables scattered around the main hall. The first floor above the stairs was where the mayors room was along with the rooms of other important staff members. The second floor, according to Raegen's information, was where they had a large storage room that contained all important items such as the town map he was required to steal. Grabbing the crate at the very top of the pile, Shin began to make his way up the velvet covered stairs. The crate was reasonably light allowing for Shin to maneuver easily up the stairs and shift the crate in different spot as to block off the view of cameras. He had gotten past the first fleet of stairs and continued to proceed up the stairs until he finally reached the second floor.

There was a man that was guarding the storage room but for some reason, like out of a movie, he was fast asleep atop a chair. Sneakily, Shin placed the crate on the ground and snatched the keys that were hanging out from the pocket of his pants. He singled out the scanning card and pressed it against the scanner before him. With a quiet beep, a light blinked red then green before opening the entrance to the safe room. Entering the room, Shin flicked a switch that turned on the lights inside the room. He ensured to lock the door behind him and there it was, sitting before him on a stand was the town map of Hargeon.

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#3Shin Katari 

Mapping Theft [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:01 am

Shin Katari
The map was easier to locate then he had anticipated but he was not going to complain. This saved him plenty of search time and made it easier for him to grab the map and head out. Wasting little to no time, Shin moved forward and grabbed the town map before him. However, like any movie involving a heist, if the item being stolen was too easy to steal, then there was some kind of catch. This instance, the catch was that an alarm system began to screech as he placed his hands in the vicinity of the map. The security room began to flash red and Shin had little time. He had to get out of her as soon as possible. He pulled the town map off its stand and rolled it up before attempting to unlock the door. However, the card to the door failed continuously meaning Shin was locked from the inside. Instead of panicking, Shin remained calm and used his eyes to scan the room looking for anything that would help him get out. Something that caught his eye was a vent system.

He rushed over to the farthest wall and looked at the large vent before him. Sticking his fingers through the little openings, he used his raw muscle strength to pry the vent cover off it's hinges before crawling inside the vent system. This was not ideal by any means but in a time of crisis, ideal did not matter. As long as the vent system got him out of this jam, he was happy. Wasting no time, he began to crawl forward at a slow pace, not wanting to create a bunch of noise that would attract the attention of the different guards. He could hear shouting from the storage room now and it would not be long before they took note of the vent cover missing from its hinges. After a couple moments or crawling through the vent system, sweat dripping from his body, Shin found a new vent exit. He ensured no one was around and once satisfied, he pried the cover open and exited the vent as he wiped sweat from his eyes. He patted his pants to ensure the map was still with him and sure enough it was. He found himself on the first floor above the stairs meaning he was not out of the woods yet. One thing that caught his eyes was a window that shone moonlight through it. Looking around, Shin only had one chance and it would make him quite the daredevil. Despite the noise it would make, Shin got a running start as he took off from his spot and smashed through the window, using his arms and hands to shield his face from the shards of glass. With a loud thud, Shin landed in a forest area as the lush plants broke his fall somewhat but not enough to protect him from cuts and scratches. He returned to the alleyway and retrieved his clothing, opting to switch back into them.

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#4Shin Katari 

Mapping Theft [Quest | Shin]  Empty Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:03 am

Shin Katari
As per the information given to him by Raegan, Shin was to find him sitting atop a wooden bench near the main park of Hargeon. He was to not raise suspicion by talking and instead, give him the town map and take the bag of jewels that would be placed beside him ripe for the taking. Dusting himself off, Shin ensured he was not being followed because of his risky escape but alas he was not. Additionally, the town map had escaped all damage was still in mint condition. Satisfied with everything, Shin took off from the alleyway and returned to the streets where he headed to find the Raegan.

This was not easy as there were various benches all over Hargeon, mainly for people to view the scenery of the sea. The only information in terms of location Shin received was as mentioned earlier, the central Hargeon park. Even though it was night, the area would still be home to several people so that would add to making it more difficult to find Raegan. After about fifteen minutes of walking, Shin found himself at the central park and began to scan the area before him. There were several benches before him, some of which were occupied while others were empty. Simply standing around would not let him find Raegan so instead, Shin began to walk the park taking a close look at the benches. It took him over ten minutes before he finally found the man he was supposed to.

Without saying a word, Shin glanced around the dimly lit park as he pulled up and sat beside Raegan who was in disguise, acting as an elderly man as he read a newspaper. Acting natural, Shin pulled the town map from his pocket and dropped it onto Raegan's lap who never took his eye of the newspaper. With a yawn, Shin stretched his arms and legs as he extended forward and got up from the bench by placing both hands on the seat. He pushed himself forward and with a swift motion grasped the small back of jewels and tucked them into the pocket of his jeans. He was sure he would see or hear from Raegan again at some point but for now, he would need to get away from him and return to his hotel to ensure he was causing no heat. Walking away from Raegan, Shin began to count his reward once he believed he was a safe distance away. As was agreed upon, Shin had made 50,000 jewels for completing the request without fail. Hargeon definitely offered an excellent business in making money as Shin had not made this much from a single request once in Oak and yet in Hargeon, he had already made 100,000 jewels from two simple requests. Hell, he would have to extend his stay here if the request were going to play this well. With the request now in hand, the request was over. Shin returned to his hotel for the night.

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