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Heading towards the Harbor (Era to Hargeon) foot

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#1Gala Nakamura 

Heading towards the Harbor (Era to Hargeon) foot Empty on Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:49 am

Gala Nakamura
Gala sighed as he headed out of the gates of Era and towards the town of the harbor town Hargeon, he was rather sad that he was unable to spend as much time with Hikaru as he wanted to but the man was rather busy and he had managed to obtain something as well that had kept him in bed for a few days so his brother went on his way while he recovered from. Thru the half way thru the afternoon the dark haired man reached Magnolia and passed thru it without any trouble though his appearance always drew looks of either wariness from strangers or intrest from women since his dark hair and bright eyes were very pleasing to look at .

As he made his way thru Dahlia town as quick as he could Gala cracked and stretched his jaw as he ran his tongue over his enhanced canine teeth and he grinned as he thought back to what he had gained. A dragon lacrima and he managed to obtain it legally before he had it implanted into his body. The pain had been overwhelming at points but now he was just adjusting to his enhanced senses and his slightly new appearance since his canine teeth were now longer and sharper and his eyes while slitted before were now even more slitted giving his eyes a very wild look to them. Sniffing the air the new slayer suddenly caught the smell of Salt and the sea and his grin became wider as he saw the gate of Hargeon appear in the distance and he could only wonder what he could find here to eat and to entertain himself with. As he passed thru the gates the slayer could see the aftermath of some very big battle and he now knew why he was sent here to help out with anything that his higher ups could think of.

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