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White Claudia [Mission:Aria]

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#1Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

White Claudia [Mission:Aria] Empty on Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:42 pm

Ashira Aria Tsukihana
'Hear he' hear he', those who speak for the almighty warrior god... or goddess.' she thought as she stabbed a body a couple times. It wasn't always like this since the last time it was her 'god' Khrone. Something happened though, her mind happened to be exact. She would feel her skull thumping with pain as if it was about to split. 'Oh dear.' would she cry in thought. 'Oh no.' would someone else say as blood of others spit everywhere. It didn't really matter in the end as Aria was alone. Yes, alone. Oh Oak, how dreadful and dull it was during the day. Gladly it was night time as the weather would change totally. Aria with her golden red eyes would wander to seek her last victim before some quest she was to do. Truly she didn't know what this quest was about, but maybe she would obviously find out the hard way. As time went by, it was late. 'Oh well.' she thought as she would go towards the person she was to see about some mission. Right. It was that weirdo of a man who did hexes. She remembered the last time she did that... It went relatively well. She listened to the girls words as if they were sugar. Truly there was some sweetness hidden behind them. 'Mmmm...sugar.' she would think to herself as she would stare into the girls light colored eyes. The girl seemed to have an interest in exploring and learning new things. 'I can sure teach you a few new things and help you explore.' a male voice spoke rather darkly in her head. 'Shut up damn you.' she thought back as she would look normal and calm from her outside expression. Not too soon she would hear the guy come back with a couple and some bingo tickets? What the hell? The dude played some damn bingo without her?! Rude! Softly she would scoff rather silently so no one would hear, but then she would take a grip of one of the hexes, looking up at it as she brought it to her face and then looked at the woman he had. ''Decrepify.'' she spoke coldly as her eyes glared rather differently then they were.

Soon the ladies legs would pretty much cripple as she couldn't move. Slowly Aria would walk towards her, took her from the guy and turned to look at him. ''I'll take this one...'' she spoke rather back to innocent and sweet with a smile filled with pure-goodness. Not only that she would giggle as she dragged the woman with her to some alley to uh... sit with her. Before she did go into the shadows she would look back. ''You two have fun with the next.'' she would say and then went on her way to an alley. She would start and walked about with a twirl as she giggled happily like any child-like person. She was wearing short shorts in jean-like fabric and overalls that connected with her crop top-like shirt. She would smile brightly and then looked at the sky. She enjoyed the weather in Oak due to being use to it even though she was use to monsoons and such, but this weather was foggy, cloudy and even smell of death because Oak was a bad town. Shame that she couldn't get candy without being tricked by some stranger. 'Shame on them though. I would like some candy.' she thought as she saw a stranger with candy in a bucket to lure in children. Her brown eyes would look around as she roamed through the streets she was passing and even the strange little alleys she would not even dare to go in alone unless there was a huge reason to anyways.

It was no long before she shortly meet in the magic shop, her expressions changed once more like always when she's questing. Some people found this weird, but it was a part of her in which she doesn't even know the answers to. Her eyes would meet with Dr. Stephan Mabuz in which she didn't know much about him besides that Dr. Stephan Mabuz runs a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. Though it doesn't receive much traffic, Stephan isn't worried; his real business comes from his underground dealings of illicit magical items. Poisons, hexes, and whatever else a dark mage might need, the good doctor has it - for a price. That is all she knew though other than he gives out quests a lot here and there as she heard some stories from it. Aria opened the door, waved hello to him without actually saying hi as he would then be all tense looking. Sure she didn't know him, but it was easy to tell if someone was all tense and shit or not. He got off his chair, went up to her and showed her some white liquid that looked really strange. It looked all milk substance-like looking as he was then telling her that he was going to test it on her. ''Wait what?'' she questioned and motioned her eyebrow a little in questioning. He would back her back to move it in which she would then move to some secret background room. In the room itself was a single chair like some torture chamber. 'Oh man.' she thought as she would sit there. 'Too late...' she thought about turning back, but it was indeed too late. The guy was smiling as he strapped her to a chair and finally injects her with whatever that crap was. Aria felt weird, eyes started to see some red and then bam, things changed. The area formed into a cave-like area as the doctor would change into... into 'No....' she thought as her eyes watered, eyes went wide and glared at the thing that scarred her very being. The thing that was there when she hid from that game of hide and go seek. She screamed, but it didn't last long due to her then blacking out - causing such trauma to her head in a way of its own. She woke up as she heard the doctor impatiently telling her to get up and get moving. She opened her eyes, dazed and got up as fast as she possibly could. Her brown eyes saw that she was back, everything looking normal and a breather of relief escaped her lips. He gave her reward and as fast as that happened, it was as fast as Aria then left with it.



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