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Sail away [Maarschalk:Arisa:Private]

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Lights, stars and the sparkling ocean that went far in the distance. Arisa would have her full plump lips depart as she gasped astonished at the sight. Today was a fine and rare day as she got a random invitation to a boat ride. It wasn't just any normal boat ride. It had free dinner, sights of the sea and music. Her long beautiful violet hair would move undetectable ways as the strands didn't go in the same direction. Her sunset brown eyes would shine like shimmering jewels. Each step her wide forty-three inch hips swayed left and right upon each step from her long muscular-toned fourty-seven inch legs. Her thighs were thick and formed that left a diamond shape. She wore a long black shealth, Side-Slit Laced dress that revealed her right full leg to the mid-section of her thigh. The top of the dress was V-neck styled with see-through lace in fancy designs. Some could say it was an expensive dress, but this was a special occasion.

Finally she would hit the beginning of the docks to see a man in a suit waiting. Slowly he bowed his head. ''Please wait here.'' he spoke politely. ''Of course.'' she would say as her eyes wandered the area. The boat was a large sails boat with hanging lights. The water itself from the distance was glowing blue. She wondered how decorated the boat was from the inside. She was excited for this, but a huge part of her wished she was with a certain man... This would be perfect or so it played in her mind.
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The lower cabin on the boat held a lingering miasma of tobacco, the source of this being Maarschalk who's gone outside to smoke a few times--but carrying the faint scent on him. Maarschalk has been waiting for a little bit, not that he'd make it apparent though, or try to. The clock was ticking, and it was going to continue until 11PM. That was when his date was supposed to arrive. Tapping his foot. Shaking his leg. Checking his watch. This went on for a few minutes. Being nervous wasn't in Maarschalks nature; this was rather rare. At least it was a good time for him, he felt the most comfortable at nightly hours. This was something that divided the couple, that being the Sun and Darkness. And then came two knocks. This was the sign that Maarschalk told the starboard captain to give him when his date arrived. Quickly pacing himself, Maarschalk left the cabin, went onto the gangplank to greet Arisa.

A quick flash of his smile appeared on his face, with him getting close to her immediately. This dress she wore. It was something special. He placed his hand on her hip, and wrapped his other arm around her waist. Pulling her in close into his embrace to kiss her lips.

"Glad you could make it. You look... magical."

The outside smelled rain, but there wasn't a drop of water to be seen on her. Perhaps it cut out a little earlier than he expected, which was good--they didn't need an umbrella today anyway.

"Wanna come into the cabin? I got dinner for two, and besides, it's pretty cold out here~"

After which he released her from his embrace, and gave her a little bit of breathing space. Maarschalks outfit was nothing special, though it was a class above his normal attire, commonly described as casual business. Deep blue slacks with the ends rolled up slightly enough that it revealed a little bit of ankle. Cognac colored Oxfords at his feet, with red socks which covers aforementioned ankle. And then a simple white shirt tucked into his pants. His hair had grown a little since they last met.

You could tell that Maarschalk wasn't used to walking on his oxfords', each time he moved, the wooden heel made this clicking noise. He'd lead her over the gangplank and towards the cabin should she have agreed.

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

There she stood tall and patient for whatever she was waiting for. Her eyebrow lifted in curiosity, but then her facial expression turned rather shock to see the very man she was thinking about. 'Maarschalk?' she thought and had a bright smile to where almost tears developed. The tears would dry before he could see them in her eyes though as she soon felt his hands and arms. The last thing she could feel were his soft warm lips against her full ones. Soon enough the warmness left and he stood by her. They walked together as he escorted her to a room full of 'surprises'.

The area on the sides were thick invisible walls of invincible glass. The back and front (where they walked in from) was covered with maroon wallpaper and designed with black at the top and bottom of the walls. In the middle was a table for two with moveable seats with fancy red cushions and a three-candle lit dinner. Slowly she walked carefully to her seat and sat on the chair that had her back towards the door. ''You surprised me, Maars. This is unique and beautiful.'' she spoke sweetly and smiled happily towards him. Her hands would grab the mid-section of her long violet hair, playing with the strands as she shyly looked at her lover.
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Of course, Maarschalk pulled her chair back so she could sit on it, and then scoot it forwards slightly. His etiquette was derived from his parents--who taught them to him in cruel ways, but alas--it was deeply ingrained in his system. The cabin had a clear outlook through the sea. Soon when they entered it, they departed from the docks. The strong lights showed the sea, its fish and the floral. When he sat down on his chair, he extended his arm towards hers. Holding her hand and interlocking fingers, every now and then moving his head to kiss her fingers. This had become a habit of his

"A proper date has been long overdue. Actually I-"

Maarschalk was interrupted mid-speech by the door opening, the starters were being served. A tray of two plates was laid down on their table. When the covers were removed the waiter explained what the starters were. Crabcakes & watermelon with feta salad. A nice aubergine dip with a freshly cut baguette. The waiter left shortly after.

"Mmm, this looks nice doesn't it?"

In all secrecy, Maarschalk wanted to sit next to Arisa. They haven't been intimate in a long time, but he didn't mind.

"I saw your note the other day, what was that about? I wanted to spend some time with you..."

"What have you been up to. I mean, your appearance completely changed? And uh... I feel an.. hmm.. like an emanating... emanating light coming from you."

He stuttered a little.

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Their fingers twined and she could feel the warmness. Her heart was skipping beats faster than ever as she felt nervous around him for some reason. A small reason to be nervous, but he still didn't know she turned into a Seraphim or as some call them, angels. If he ever did look at her back he could see a tattoo with wings, a unique cross in the middle and human-looking eyes staring forward. The back of her dress was open so it was easily seen. Honestly, she didn't even think about the tattoo in the first place, forgetting all about it. The boat started to go and for some reason the workers left to go somewhere in which was probably the control room. Her attention went back to Maarschalk and smiled, but she tried to ignore the fact that their chairs could easily connect to make a love sofa as they were those type of chairs. Finally the food arrived as she sniffed the warm amazing aroma of the food.


She listened to Maarschalk speak as he questioned about this whole thing being nice. ''Indeed it is.'' she started and heard him talk again. Her hand that wasn't embracing the touch of his own hand, grabbed a glass to take a sip, sat it down and then looks at him with a worry smile. ''I felt bad for leaving like that, but I was being called to do some mission with a guildmate, but now I'm a higher rank than I was.'' she spoke trying to be positive. Her head turned to look away and towards the food and window. Finally she would think about if to tell him or not as well as asking about himself. ''What about you? What have you been up to?'' she spoke sweetly and smiled, yet he couldn't see that since her long violet hair covered her face and sunset eyes.
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Maarschalk let go of her hand to grab the cutlery. There was some magic to his dining ettiquette, it looked really formal. He cut the crab cake up in a pie shape.

"A guildmate huh. Honestly, I only of two--you, and Atlas; met him at the martial arts tournament."

He didn't notice her wrinkled expression, his attention was focused on the diner for a moment. Maarschalk tried his best not to psychoanalyse her--he thought it to be immoral to use his special skills on a person so close.

She spoke of her rank, it brought him into a nervous fluster. It was not like he was going to tell her his measly rank. He didn't take them seriously anyway. The rumors that have been passed on through the grapevine already indicated him that the tipping point of balance laid elsewhere.

"I went by some places; they've mostly remained... hmm.. unamusing. At least, without you."

His sweet glance went up into her eyes again and he'd smile. Being partially vague and mysterious was apart of his personality. He diverted his attention to the large ocean they were sailing through.

"Why don't you tell me what's wrong Arisa?"

He didn't want to look into her eyes. He didn't want to be the human lie detector--this was an indirect sign, and a test, of his trust in her.

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Slowly she would take another sip of the drink she had in front of her which was rather good. Sure it wasn't her typical alcohol drink she would order at a bar or club, but it was nice. Arisa smiled happily at Maarschalk and would try to hide that something was wrong. She didn't want to hide information from him, no. She loved him and she was even nervous to say it first. She didn't want to be judged for feeling so strong so soon. Small time went by as his hand left hers, her hand feeling the warmness of his touch leaving hers. Her eyes looked left and right quickly as she listened to him after he looked away from her. His eyes were like mysterious pools of the abyss. Like the abyss, it has its mysteries and unknown tales. "Don't think I've met Atlas. This one's name is Hyōen." She stated to talk about the first thing he said. Softly she bit her lower right lip with her canine and turned to look directly at him. Arisa didn't want to hide anything from him. Her heart would hurt and pain would linger forevermore as long as she didn't tell him. "Maarschalk, I found out days ago before we met up again that I am a Seraphim. My new abilities control the solar lights like light and the flames of the sun mixed. Something like that... I also found out my heritage. From the Country of Sin." She finally spoke out a mouthful, but the only thing she has yet to tell him... was her feelings for him.

Slowly she got up, scooted the sofa chair to make it into a sofa as it connected to his. Her body leaned against his side as she would hope he wouldn't move away. The day she found out she wasn't human was hard. Hardly could she move and rays from the sun tattooed her back. Her sunset eyes tried to not tear up and so she would grab a piece of crab cake that was cut by him truly and nommed on it cutely and slowly as her nerves were wired. Finally she would wait for him to talk, to move... anything as long as it wasn't him moving away from her.
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Maarschalk listened attentively to what she had to say. She hadn't met the other member yet, which wasn't strange.

"Seraphim? I've never heard of that."

He added, before listening to her some more. Sun-light magic--interesting. He begun stroking his chin a little before speaking up, slightly interrupting her.

"Remind me to carry around dark shades; speaking of which, I've been thinking about why light annoys me lately. I've come up with a comparable feeling. Whenever I step into the light, especially one fabricated by someone else... it feels like I have bugs crawling over me. Which is generally speaking a horrible sensation."

He took a deep sip of his wine.

"But with you, it reminds me of... hmm.. a passionate camp-fire. That's not to say that I enjoy it--since a campfire can get too hot if you're too close to it. But it certainly is nice enjoying your raw energy, in more ways than one."

A little smirk ended that sentence. Arisa added on a comment about her roots. Country of Sin; he never heard of it before.

"I see; whilst I know nothing of the Country of Sin; my dad told me to never forget my roots--which was pretty ironic since he used to also beat me with a belt. In which I should tell you, to never forget your roots--even if it means that some 'dark' stuff has to surface first; it's important to find out who you are as a person, and why you are that way, even if it means that you have to face your inner demons. Lure them out, defeat them and become stronger as a person."

Maarschalks voice wobbled a little after the mention of his father; this was obviously a difficult subject for him. Not to say that there was a hint of moisture under his eyelids--but the memories that have been drowned away with liquor, drugs & rock and roll have been resurfacing as of late, as he's stepped away from those substances. When Arisa scooted closer to him, he wrapped his arm around her waist and let it rest on her leg. He regularly took a sip of his wine, and cut his dinner so Arisa could enjoy it as much as he did.

"It's hard keeping my hands off of you since you've changed your appearance; did it happen intentionally?"

He'd ask out of curiosity.

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Her body was against his, feeling the heat against her own. Her cream colored cheek would graze against his shoulder, feeling the fabric and smelling his scent. Most people would find it weird, but she felt it was necessary. Maybe it was for a future thing, but her body told her to do it, but it wouldn't be obvious on what she was doing since it was quiet. Arisa's sunset eyes would look out the window as she would wonder what it'd be like to actually fly like one of those birds. Maarschalk questioned about Seraphims as he's never heard of them, making her giggle cutely. Her eyes cornered to look up at him with a sweet smile. Her body then shuffled to snuggle into him. She wanted to never leave him, but she knew all good things came to an end. After his explanation of his feelings about light, she was about to talk about something that would've been horrid for her till he then said it was comforting with her.

Her eyes lowered as she listened to him explain small things about his childhood, sounding horrible. Sure it wasn't him getting sacrificed while all your siblings get killed one-by-one in different ways, but getting beat by your father wasn't really... dandy. A sudden wrap of his arm around her made her blush as it squeezed her body into his more. As she moved closer with his arm's embraced her hip started to hurt. 'Crap... It still hurts from that day.' she thought. She winced in pain, but within a second she went back to her usual facial expression with a smile. ''Haha.~ Oh, my body? It changed during the night that I turned into a Seraphim...or as other's would say, an angel. I have a tattoo on my back that was tattooed by some mysterious light beam from the sky... I don't know exactly what it looks like in detail, but it's weird. Someone told me they had eyes and a weird light-cross in the middle and obviously wings.'' she spoke once more a mouthful. Randomly she can be caught speaking so much. She doesn't mean to, but she couldn't help it during certain conversations. ''I don't like being away from you for a long time period. Silly as it is... Even a week is hard.'' she spoke and eyes widened at surprise. Her heart was beating faster as she couldn't believe she said what she said. It wasn't I love you, but she gets shy when talking about her feelings or subjects all in the same. After that was said the boat started to go under water. ''Don't worry. This was built to go underwater. All safe. Enjoy the aquamarine sights.'' the intercom spoke and she would sigh in relief, keeping close to her lover.
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Maarschalk leaned back slightly, gently moving her shoulders so he could see this tattoo. Her back was open, slightly--the dress allowed him to trail his hand gently over the tattoo. It felt like he was touching something that he shouldn't touch. Akin to the sensation of an electric impulse. Her wings probably could hurt him, so he gently lowered his hand to her lower back instead--expecting that her wings wouldn't show. She explained that the change in her appearance was followed by her changing races.

"I feel the same. Being alone isn't awful; but being without you is."

A mild scarlet stream of red dominated his face after he spoke his cheesy line. He nervously coughed into his hand and then faced her again, planting a subtle kiss on her full lips. The ship started sinking into the ocean. Underwater submarine or whatever, Maarschalk shrugged a little--though if they did go down, they'd be fucked most likely. He didn't have any way of going up fast. It didn't feel claustrophobic, at least, not with Arisa at his side.

A little bit of silence fell upon the couple.

Maarschalk rested his hand on her thigh again, gently stroking it up and down. His hand reached over for the watermelon and brought the plate closer to them, regularly reaching towards her face with a fork and a watermelon chunk on it.  

"What are you thinking of.. doing next?"

He said, curiously looking into her eyes. It wasn't his intention to follow her around like a lapdog, but he felt like he needed something to do in his life--a reason to follow her other than their attraction.

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

After her own line about her liking to be around him, he too said that he didn't like being away from her. He didn't mind being alone, but he liked being around her. Something of surprise appeared on his face as she saw a hint of red. She couldn't see his full face till he looked at her. She smiled lovingly as their lips touched, making her lift forward to deepen the passionate kiss. Slowly Arisa became addicted to him and everything about him without knowing it mentally. His smell, his touch, his words/voice -- it was becoming enticing and addicting to her. Her hand (hand furthest away from him) would go towards his chest to where her thumb would rub circles on the center of it. Her sunset eyes would then see that he would offer a bite causing her to open her mouth and leaned a tiny bit forward to put the watermelon in her mouth, eating it.''The texture and sweetness of watermelon is nice. Not too sweet, juicy and doesn't have a mushy feel.'' she would say quietly, tasting it.

Next would be his question; What was she doing next? What was she going to do after this...? ''Honestly after an incident that happened and getting my hip hit by their sword. I might take it easy with missions and just travel till I hit Oak. That is unless the mission doesn't have to do with fighting.'' she started with her soft soothing tone as she then looked straight into Maarschalk's eyes. ''What about you, my love?~'' she wondered without even noticing which words she used till it was too late. She blushed lightly, hiding her face in his chest next to the hand that was rubbing his chest. 'What is wrong with me? It's like he's an addiction and barely can I even think without saying anymore.' she thought shyly, squeezing his shirt while tightly biting her lip on the right side to where it was about to bleed. She loved him, but she was still afraid to even say the words. Afraid that she'll turn out like her so-called mother, afraid she'll be too weak and useless to him someday and more, but he hasn't cared so far about her strength right? So it was honestly just turning out more like her mother in the end, alone. Finally the boat would be under the water all the way to where animals would appear and they would be alone in that room without disturbance.
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Maarschalk enjoyed how Arisa got more out of shell, began blossoming more and stopped being as shy as she was at the start of them knowing each other. She learnt a certain type of assertiveness; something he felt lacking way earlier. Her knowledge of watermelons slightly surprised him. She was a mage; and not a chef, right? Maybe she did have other qualities that he had yet to explore--they didn't know each other to a very personal life quite yet, maybe things might change the better they know each other?

His ears perked up a little; like a dog--he heard the mention of her hip? Was something wrong with it?
His expression turned worry, as he couldn't notice any oddities.

"A sword hit your hip?"

Was said, Maarschalk looking into her eyes. He listened some more to what she had to say, about what she was doing, and eventually asking Maarschalk what he had in mind.

"Well, honestly... I was thinking of just, ... sticking to you."

He spoke that sentence, his mind having ignored her calling him her love until after he was done talking. An awkward pause fell between his emotional reactions; he felt a panic attack kick in. Heartbeat fastened, his face turning even more pale than it usually was. Recollections of his ex,
parents, children--everyone that told him this;
and the bad results began flashing past by. He felt her hand trail across his torso. Her head burried deep into his chest. He tried controlling his heartbeat so it wouldn't stand out. It wouldn't work. Maybe draw her attention away? His hand squeezes her ass in a playful style.

"What are you afraid of most?"

He took a deep breath, hoping to control his heartbeat again. Exhaling to speak out one more provoking question to keep her distracted.

"Are you a spiritual person?"

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

She stayed close to him and heard him out. A small curve from her lips went upwards into a hidden smile. It was nice to hear his concern about this hit on her hip. Honestly it left a bruise, but hopefully the mark would disappear. He questioned about the sword hitting it. Her eyes looked towards the water with the sea-life revealing itself to them as some show. The feel of it was quick, but she did remember what it looked like. ''It was a scale-like sword that grazed against my hips... I was walking in the beach area and some guy I met before once attacked me. Believe it was Strategist? But yea...I got away...'' she spoke softly and then quietly at the last sentence.

Eyes cornered to look into his dark eyes as she wanted to get lost in them. Was she so deepened for him? It felt crazy. 'Sticking to you' She heard. Her heart was beating fast again as she blushed lightly till he would question about her fears. While she was thinking about those fears, she listened to his heart beat beat faster than before. What was wrong? Was he nervous? Was it the fact she called him love? Many questioned popped up into her heard now. Licking her lips slowly to moisture them, Arisa answered. ''Honestly, my fears were to die with no one around and being completely useless to those I love and cared about, but...'' she started and looked back at the sea, too shy to look straight at him while she continued. ''Nevermind, it's crazy talk.~'' she giggled and teased as she looked back up at him. It was too soon to tell him that she feared of losing him. Not only that, it felt insecure to say it as well. ''Spiritual? Well my Country is highly spiritual, but me? I believe I can say that I am. Why? Are you?'' she spoke to him in her regular voice as she would bring her hand up to his hair to play with it.
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Strategist? This name sounded familiar--if he could recall, he last heard it during the martial arts tournament. He swept the rug under the guys feet pretty quickly, maybe this was an indication of Arisa's lacking skill in fighting? He felt worried for a moment--he made a note not to touch her injured hip, and avoided it slightly. His lips kissed the side of her head, in consolation, an expression that showed that he didn't like seeing her hurt. He also made note of the scale sword that this Strategist used.

"Scale sword, hmmm."

Maarschalk was going to make sure he wouldn't forget that. Revenge or whatever didn't suit his name; wrath was the game he played.

As his heart beat began slowing down again, he listened to her greatest fear--dying, alone. This was quite an interesting prospect. Maarschalk had other views; he had a cold outlook on death. He didn't romanticize it, it was just a thing that happened. This belief was formed out of his experience with death.

"I used to believe... a time long ago. Now? ... I guess I don't."

Maarschalk raised her chin a little and kissed her lips, before moving his hand to his glass of wine to take a sip; filling the glass with the wine after. He felt her finger around his long locks--he didn't mind.

"What is the hardest lesson you've had to learn in life?"

Maarschalk continued.

"What did you want to be when you were 5-years old?"

"What would you do today, if you would know that you are going to die tomorrow?"

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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Her eyes slanted in sorrow as she looked down with her sunset eyes. The feel of him kissing her head, the beating of her heart gave her the feeling that he didn't like hearing her getting hurt. Knowing this man her smile sweetly as she loved the thought of someone caring. It started to get to her, the addicting feel of someone caring. The answers to her questions were coming as she would then look up by the corner of her eyes towards Maarschalk. He first spoke that he didn't believe in such things, although he use to. Beforehand, she heard him repeat about the scales sword. Rather or not he did anything about it, she didn't care as she was happy enough that he cared that she was alright.

Slowly her hand furthest away from him reached for his leg while he raised her chin to kiss him deeper. The softness of her full lovely lips would press against his, enduring the feeling she gets at every kiss he gives. The hand closet to him would continue to play with his hair, so lovely indeed. His hair had a silk-like feel to it and it was easy to manipulate it with her fingers by each strand. Next she would hear him ask her more questions. 'Hardest Lesson?' she wondered and looked towards the glass that separated the ocean and them. She tried to remember that far since it was before the incidient with the town in Sin. At that moment she would think of her mother. ''Hardest lesson was that you can't always trust people by how the act towards you...'' she started as she thought about how her town was so nice so... why would they do what they did?

''A scientist. Experimenting and such, but I also had a passion for nature so there was zoology. Last thing was to be a mother because I wish to be what my mother wasn't. Sounds bizarre for a five year old, huh?'' she would speak once more and tilted her head up to look up at him, giggling for a second while her body was still leaned against him. The last question was about what she'd do if it was her last day to live and tomorrow would be her death. 'I... I don't want to say what's on my mind at this moment and have him run off or feel off about it...' she thought while her head tilted down with her eyes looking left and right feeling a little indecisive. She was going to at least say most of what was on her mind. Swiftly she would lift her head back up to look into his beautiful abyss colored eyes. ''I would tell you how I felt about you completely and wish to stay by your side till sundown and beyond till my last breath...'' she would speak quietly and tried to not tear up. Being alone was a huge fear of hers. It wasn't the fact that she was going to die. She knew death was coming someday, but alone? ''I know it sounds ridiculous so don't hide your laughter from me, Maarschalk.'' she spoke sweetly, assuming and looked away, no longer looking into his eyes. Even though they've been 'dating' or romantics towards each other for four to six months, most men would hate to hear that. Rather it is because of drama or they fear love and what comes with it.
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When Arisa mentioned what she once thought of achieving, Maarschalk couldn't really find himself fitting in those ideals. Scientists were far from his profession, when he used to be young, he idolized doctors, namely his father, and then eventually became one. Though only sorrow came from that profession, he was glad he started practicing magics. He felt a much grander gratification from being a mage than he ever was during his time as a combat medic. Maarschalk couldn't relate to the feelings that she had for him, though it was true that he felt some passion towards her -- what she said, her words. They were getting too much. Even though it wasn't visible, it was getting difficult for him to breathe, figuratively and literally. He got up out of his chair and couldn't really reply. The reason for this was that almost the same exact thing happened between his ex and himself. This wasn't a position that he enjoyed being, even though they've been seeing each other regularly for a few months, this was getting too much.

"No, it's alright, I'm just uh..."

Maybe he could blame the sea for his response to her behavior? Either way, things were going way too fast, and he couldn't really find himself feeling the same way. He felt a tight hold on his chest for the duration of the trip, and excused himself after they arrived at the docks. This certainly wasn't going to be the last time that they'd see each other, but Maarschalk secretly hoped that it was.


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Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

She awaited for his response as she wasn't sure what he was thinking. She couldn't read minds nor could she think for him. Her sunset eyes watched his moments as he seemed rather unsettling. 'Is he alright?' Was all she wondered. True enough she cared about him to high levels rather he did the same or not. In small times she saw him move and leave out of his chair which made her worry. It was obvious that what she said was too much, sadly regretting it but said nothing as of yet. A small smile appeared on her full lips with small quivers as she looked down, hair covering her face. "It's quite alright..." she spoke softly. "Guess I did come on too strong." She spoke again but it was too late as he left as soon as the boat got to the docks. She wouldn't stop him nor yell out to him, instead she would wait awhile, drink some wine and then left the area herself.

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