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Rum Diary [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Rum Diary [Quest | Shin] Empty Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:21 am

Shin Katari
"Heave ho!" shouted two muscular men as they unloaded a large wooden crate from a ship. Grabbing it by the bottom, the two dropped it on the wooden docks as a loud thud rang through the area. Shin watched from a distance, taking note as the several men were working on clearing a recently arrived ship. The ship was filled with many wooden crates requiring the effort of multiple workers to empty the ship. Shin was not here to simply watch the men work but was taking notes of how to blend in. He was here on the behalf of Reagan Hullson.

Reagan had contacted Shin to infiltrate the workers unloading the ship to retrieve a package. In a crate full of bananas was a smaller create that contained wines that could be sold for a fortune. Shin was to retrieve this package of wine for Reagan without getting caught. To get close enough to the package without being caught meant to infiltrate the workers group. He would need to act like one of them and work like they did. He had already borrowed the clothing from someone he had knocked out earlier and by the grace of the gods, the man had the same size clothing as Shin.

Stepping out from his hiding spot, Shin pretended to be coming back from a bathroom break. Buttoning his pants, he waved and nodded to the others and they did the same. His first interaction with these workers went well. Continuing to walk to the ship, he greeted those that greeted him, occasionally helping move a crate or two to create space for others. He just had to make sure that he was the one to help take the banana crate off the ship. Stepping aboard the ship, Shin took a quick glance around and noticed several crates stacked atop each other but not one had a banana marking sketched onto it. Disappointing to say the least but he did not expect it to be that easy. For now, he would continue to blend in until he could spot the crate he needed.

Beginning on the right side of the ship, Shin and another tall man moved crates off the ship and stacked them on top of others. Surprisingly, most of the crates were rather light. Not light enough to pick up on his own due to the size but light enough that both men could only use one arm. Continuing to remove the crates, it took about two hours from the time he started until the banana crate finally revealed itself. Placed atop another wooden crate was the banana crate in all its glory. It was recognizable by the crappy drawing of a banana by a permanent marker. Attempting to walk towards it, Shin was stopped by the tall man who motioned for Shin to help with the few crates that remained on their side. Reluctantly, Shin followed suit and helped all while not letting the crate of bananas out of his line of sight. He was donkey kong and the crate was his princess.

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#2Shin Katari 

Rum Diary [Quest | Shin] Empty Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:21 am

Shin Katari
Finishing the removal of the last few crates of the right side, Shin walked on over to the banana crate. Wasting no time, he asked for someone to help him. Placing their hands under the crate, the two picked up the crate and brought it off the ship, placing it a little further away from the rest as Shin mentioned that a few of the crates needed to be randomly checked in case of smuggled goods. As if he did not care, the man helping him simply nodded his head and complied. Leaving Shin alone with the banana crate, Shin went to work.

As the others were to busy removing the last few crates off the ship, Shin pried the banana crate open with the strength he could muster. Snapping the cover off, he moved it aside to see bananas awaiting to be ripe. Moving the bananas inside to the sides and digging deep into the crate, Shin found a smaller wooden crate inside. Taking a quick glance around, he ensured he was not being watched. Satisfied, he grabbed the crate hidden by the bananas and quickly hid it. Closing the banana crate, he pretended not to find anything and let the other men know he was going to the washroom. On his way out, he grabbed the wooden crate he had tossed behind a few other crates and made a turn for the exit instead of the washroom.

The request had gone perfect thus far. He had grabbed the crate he was supposed to without being caught and raising suspicion. All that was left now was to drop the package off to Reagan who was awaiting Shin outside the docks. Standing against a wall, Reagan gave Shin a little nod as he noticed him approaching with the crate in hand. Saying no words, Shin simply handed the crate over and in exchange received a pouch of jewels. Counting the money, he made sure the full reward of 25,000 jewels was there and sure enough, it was. However, the deal for completing the request was not done yet. He opened the crate to reveal four bottles of wine. Grabbing one of the bottles, he turned to Shin and pointed the bottle in his direction. "This is for helping me previously and today. I know a man by the name of Balthazar. Give him this bottle and he'll be sure to give you more jobs. Jobs that are probably worth your skill set." Grabbing the bottle of wine, Shin examined it before replying with a "thanks." Although the contents of the bottle looked divine, the ability to open more requests was more intriguing, especially when Reagan stated that they would be suited to his skills. Hargeon was sure turning out to be an interesting town. On the front it was a beautiful port town welcoming all but in the depths it was something more, something dark. Things were beginning to become interesting. Taking the wine in hand, Shin and Reagan exchanged goodbyes and went their separate ways. It was not time to find this Balthazar fellow and see what requests he had in mind.

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