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Sunshine [Erebus | Arisa | Training]

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Words… Memories… Visions… Sympathies. My remedies. Erebus was no stranger to loneliness and in a way, he almost felt like it was the source for his angers. His rage. Was he disgruntled because he had nothing? That might be accurate. A sad life, but it was force fed to him. In fact the lycan knew little before he saw the world in all his colors.

Everything was so black and white prior to Grimoire Heart. Nothing seemed like it mattered at first, but nowadays? Everything was different. Life and death rules-- Crowley’s rules-- kept the young man in his place. The boy pushed his way onto the empty beach side. His attire consisted of dark jeans, a v-neck, a wool coat, and boots. His long dark hair had grown out over his eyes, and his eye color was a sharp red. Turning amber only to resonate that he was a beast on the inside. A renowned killer and obstruct being.

Water flows, blood flows.

A brown strap was loosely kep around the torso, held together by a buckle, the strap was like a belt. Holstering a huge, bandaged sword. It hummed as it slowly sucked life from its bearer, to sate it’s magical desire. The sword was named Samehada, Erebus had checked on the myths surrounding the sword after walking into a blacksmith’s shop to have it checked. The weapon was a living entity, a treasure of this world. Bandages were used to keep Samehada ‘asleep’ for the most part. If not, it would begin to suck the life out of him quite rapidly.

That was his uniform signature trait. The monstrous hulking sword at his back. Other key traits were dwarfed by a weapon of such massive destruction. It was a monster, much like Erebus himself. The boy’s lips pursed. a breeze picked up, rattling his unzipped coat. The beaches were getting colder at the approach of autumn. Soon, the water would be an icy memory of what it once was.

For now, it was just a chilly moat, a home for the fish. Erebus tucked his freezing hands to his pocket holes. Inhaling the salty, oceanic air. His identity as Strategist, would be waiting there in case anyone of note appeared. Simply because no one knew Erebus. It was Strategist here and everywhere. That was a law in the guild. To abandon your past life. It didn't seem so hard when done the first time. Now it was more like selling your soul to the devil, in the adventurer's eyes. But what can you do?

Erebus was ten meters from the waves splashing at the shore. And twenty five meters from the grass on the opposing side. The beach was void of life, the exception being himself. Time was mid-day. The sun kissing the rear of the clouds overhead. A beautiful baby blue sky was the setting stage. The area is eerie, quiet as a mouse. Erebus let his heart slow. It beat softly.

Options. Choices. Pathways.

Everything comes with a chance of conflict. There was a fine line between manipulating said conflict and learning from it. Or being overcome by the sensitivity. Taking things to heart-- ultimately led to loss. Erebus remembered being taught that when he was younger. Ironically by a teacher he stopped showing up to see. Oh well… It didn't matter. Erebus came to the beach on a whim. He did not expect conflict, but he did feel as if he was going to have some kind of it in his life today. Otherwise, he still managed to evade it by showing up to an empty beach.

You know how it goes. Nothing is etched in stone. To say it was, well, that was a fool’s hope. Destiny is what you make it. Not a gamble of faith or heritage-- all of that was a fluke. Anything can happen, always. To take opportunity and make it a positive experience. That's what separated the wise from foolish. At least, that's what they say.


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This laughter, the people who were constantly talking was nothing but annoyance. Her soft fingers from her right hand rubbed her temples in circles as she bit her lower right lip. That seemed to be her thing though, biting her right lip. If someone didn't know better, that's' how you would know that's her. Her sunset brown eyes would stare at the people who were sitting on one of those half circle sofa's of red and leather fabric. There was a guy in the middle with his arms around two girls. It somewhat angered her as when she sees this guy it makes her wonder about her own guy. Does he surround himself with women when she's not around. She glared now as she thought about it. Clenching her fist she would hear them laugh at the guys' dumb jokes and then one of them spilled his drink while laughing. Slap She heard the woman get slapped hard to where she head desks the table.

The other girl tried to act normal, but it was easily seen she had fear all over her face. Arisa slammed her hands on the table she was sitting at and stood up straight. She was quite tall for someone claiming to be human and a woman. Yoru was attached to her back, shimmering in the bar's ceiling light as her shoes would make a click clacking noise. Her hips swayed towards the man's table and put her hands on it. It was obvious the man wasn't paying attention as he was checking out the woman who wasn't having their face in the table. ''Do you always treat your women badly? Is one never enough?'' she spoke and glared darkly. Some adrenaline was rushing within her. Her mentality was breaking as she didn't feel herself. Was it the fact of her thinking about 'what if's when a certain man on mind? The brown in her eyes turned black as she unsheathe her sword that was  two meters long. Slowly she would have the point against his neck, yet it wasn't close enough to actually cut. ''You disgust me to where you bring the other part of me out.'' she spoke coldly, snaring at the man.

Her leg would lift after standing up six foot four and slammed her boots on the table, revealing her leg as she kept the sword in position. Was the certain man on her mind like this? No. She hoped not. She glared even more as if she was going to kill his soul. Something felt triggering for the sword though as it felt more... powerful? ''Hah, you're not human... are you.'' she whispering as she tilted her head down so her long beautiful violet hair hid her face that was darkening. The people around her were watching, but her mind was on a one-way train with this guy. ''I'll come back for you later.'' she spoke up finally after a few moments of silence. Quickly she took her leg to stand up straight and left the bar.

Her violet hair would flow back while her sunset eyes was matching the sky as the sun was soon to set. Her wide hips swayed, arms dangled against her sides while she walked towards the beach. 'Guess I should put the sword away.' she thought and reached her arm back to put it back in it's hold. Forward was the place of sands in which people can relax, but so far she has seen no one. She was wearing a black tank top with a white laced shirt over it. Her bottoms was a light orange skort that was also laced to her ankles. On the left side it hand a slit so her legs were able to move more than a regular fitted skirt. Her muscular yet finely toned legs would shine as well as the rest of the skin that was revealed. As she walked more she would finally see someone else. It was a random man of black hair yet he wasn't close enough to see the details of his eyes just yet. Finally her dark-self aura was no longer as she felt like her normal sweet self with eyes that were filled curiosity and sweetness.

10% weapon training due to guild perk


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A smell entered the air, and the lycan sniffed twice. His head tilted to see the girl arrive. Funny how it was typical of his nose to act on it's own like that. It was good for not being snuck up on, but it occasionally did become a problem. The Grimoire Heart mage inhaled, breathing her in, Arisa, intoxicated by the familiar scent of a woman. Erebus was drawn to make note of her. Enough to turn head and meet her eyes anyways. She was definitely a beauty, but a giantess at that for a female. Easily the same height as himself. Something about her otherworldly scent puzzled the lycan. Was she one of his kind? He felt compelled to question her.

However, Erebus wanted nothing more than to swell within his own pool of emotions. ‘Least for now that is. The hours had passed by this afternoon with the sky a dingy orange; a whole new difference in color versus it's earlier blue.

There was no sunshine at this point.

The lycan finally sighed when Arisa got within a reasonable distance for social etiquette. Earshot you might say. He’d be the first to talk, as it was customary for his attention to be caught.

The first thing Strategist noticed was the pronounced sword, slung over her back. It was nice, the metal black and jeweled crossguard was kind of similar to a pirate’s color scheme. The cross-guard had an extra glimmering golden color that Erebus wondered if it could be true gold. It certainly took the criminal’s eyes nigh immediately. His own sword, while of equally massive size, was roughly the same length in blade as well as handle.

“What do you want?”

The lycan spoke. Wasting no time to make knowledge of her presence. He seemed annoyed by the arrival of another, someone to grip him out of his thoughts and memories. His freedom was all in his head. If he wasn't able to stay there alone, then the peace of mind he kept, it just faded with the prospect of being pulled to reality. Erebus hated this reality. His own world was where he liked to stay.


Two hands rose around Erebus’s back so that he could palm his hilt. He removed the huge sword with mixed effort. It was heavy on the end, but not outrageously hard to lift for his superhuman arms. He was nearly strong enough to wield it in one hand even. So he let the end rest on the ground with a soft crash of sand into the air, holding the hilt upward in one palm now. So the other could sweep a strand of bangs out from over his face. He couldn’t fight with Samehada in one hand consistently, but rest it over the ground? Sure. It was within his power.

Erebus would scowl now, positioning the front of his body towards her. The bandages were still wrapping the Samahada’s scales. A gold handle with a skull protruding out the end was all that could be seen. Detailing the monster weapon. Erebus pulled on the bandaging. Readying the sword for it’s awakening. He knew that doing this would trigger the rapid reduction in his mana. But he gave no fucks for the moment. The two were one together. An unison of monsters in combat, hungry for blood

“Get lost, I don't like people who stare and don’t speak, ya get me? Now go on back to town, leave me be.”

Erebus almost sounded slightly pained. He was alone in this world. He had nobody in this world. So rejecting others’ and their attempts to make small talk was a typical trait of his. Erebus stared from her face, down to the length of her bustful chest and to her skort. He read the winds and paid direct detail to the distance separating each sword’s respectable duelist. A mere ten meters held them from brutal contact. They were adjacent to the rushing waters, which lied on their left, pulling and pushing waves. Rocky beach formations and a slight cliffside was not far out to the right. The rocky formations created a ring over the beachy sands, being twenty meters behind Erebus. The cliff side was twenty-five meters away-- and roughly ten meters high.

If there was a fight to go down. Erebus would muster all his strength and come down like a sledge hammer, even if it was simply to be alone, that was still his honor. His tonic... To fight his battles alone. A soldier, a beast. All on his own.


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She gazed at the guy who was first somewhat mysterious. He seemed familiar, but she didn't know why. She didn't have any special senses or anything, but it was whatever. This stranger had a somewhat dark aura to him though compared to her lightness it was rather, well, dark. She bit her lower right lip with her canine as she researched him with her sunset heavenly eyes. Her hips swayed as she would then stop ten meters from him. This reminded her of the battles at the tournament that she was entered. She didn't get very far, but close enough to feel alright losing. It was funny how she would end up in love with the man who defeated her. Her heart would skip a beat as she would take a deep breather. 'I gotta get that out of my head... For now.' she thought softly and never looked away from him. The guy gave off some aggressive body language and then he finally spoke. First he asked what she wanted, but didn't get her enough time to even talk. After not giving her enough time to talk, he would speak rudely.

“Get lost, I don't like people who stare and don’t speak, ya get me? Now go on back to town, leave me be.”

'There is only one male who has spoken to me in such a way and tone.' she thought. It was long ago and out of the people she forgot about -- not him. ''I see you didn't change one bit with that look, Strategist.'' she spoke softly and smiled softly. She wanted to grab her sword as he did his, but maybe it was him being defensively. No. When he fought whoever it was, she heard that he wasn't really like that. It's been so long since she kept up with that name ever since her first run-in with him, that bimbo and the guy who was stupid enough to open his mouth. Her body felt somewhat scared of even fighting in all seriousness so maybe they could talk peacefully. ''Is it wrong of me to want to think of the future instead of dwelling on the past on this fine lovely time of day? Why don't we do something instead, Strategist...'' she started once more after giving him a minute to speak after guessing it was him. Maybe this guy wasn't him, but she was sure of it. That first impression attitude of his. Her hand would itch the back of her head but was ready to just grab her sword and fight him if he came towards her in any way. If she had to move away from the ten meter distance, she would. Depending on his actions, this could either go swell or very bad. 'Didn't think I'd have to use you seriously yet, Yoru... Hopefully I don't.' she thought as the back of her hand felt the handle feeling warm. Was this guy not human? She wasn't so sure yet and Arisa wouldn't unless it tasted his flesh or that interesting sword of his.



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-100 MP Prior

Erebus kept his eyes locked, but as she spoke his feet moved him forward. His hand clasped the blade a little rougher and the other latched around the blade as well. Before the middle of her speech, he had already cut distances in half and reared the blade across an x-axis to ram her side. Right before coming into a few inches of proximity, the sword would lash out wildly and much faster upon the werewolf’s aim, colliding with whatever it hit. The rapid increase in speed was due simply to entering Lycan Mode in that instance. His feet turned the moment it either damaged the girl, or didn’t. This left his stance pointing the dark-haired boy toward the rocky cliffs, and much harder to hit for his angelic spar mate. It also made her next attempt to saw through him a tad bit difficult. Since he held the frontal assault in his favor, it meant she didn’t have much going for herself in terms of reacting. While Erebus was clearly able to side in which ever direction and come down again if he needed too.

Should Arisa choose to block, it mattered little since this was his way of saying back off. It was not necessarily to hurt her outright, merely scare her off like a kitten. Ignore the attack though and the damage would be felt harshly. Whether the slash met it’s mark or not, Erebus would kick a patch of sand into her eyes. The sand would probably dust up her neck and run down her shirt as well, adding to the discomfort. The sand was an easy way of blinding her-- causing her to lose a bit of focus, that is, assuming she was planning on attacking in the same instance he was. With nowhere to go, he expected her to lose much control over the flow of her fight. Since being void of sight. The boy bounced backward, recreating a distance which was now only five meters. Presumably.

Strategist yanked his sword out with him, with the many spines ripping open the bandages and shredding the patches of white away to reveal a dark blue under color. Signifying the sword was awake, alive, and hungry.

While the opportunity to stop his attack was certainly there for Arisa. It was unlikely due merely to the fact distance in respects to her time speaking. She’d also need to lift that huge sword over her back faster than Erebus had his. It remained slung over her shoulder, was she prepared to react to him in little more than a second, what about two? Possibly, but very unlikely.

Not only that, but Erebus was in lycan state, so he could travel at a C-rank speed, and in addition to such a thing. Arisa would not have reached for her sword so soon whilst distracting herself with a conversation, especially since Erebus was entering this fight with brute force. No time to let his foe size him up.

Samehada wasn’t just some swole weapon it was a living symbiote. It was a two meter long monster, and was built to hold a mid range over the enemy in question. It couldn't be used to instantly put a guy down no, but it didn't need anything like that. It was perfectly fine dealing body shots.

One good whack from a sword like Samehada? It would usually scare a typical mage off. Though, he doubted she was a normal mage. Did she not see the psycho in Erebus? That he was not afraid to deal an excruciating blow on a female? Not afraid to play dirty and use the sand at their feet to take the advantage? It was not a man here to greet her. It was a dog. A wolf.

Erebus did, however give her time to say what she wanted after his assault was over-- if she wanted to finish talking that is, after all he did cue himself to rudely interrupt. Regardless, if her eyes were stinging now or if she had taken a whopping strike to her thick, womanly hip, he was going to hear out the rest of her dialogue.

He was already glaring now with golden yellow eyes. Glowing like a harvest moon his irises met her heavenly orange, but even more importantly, Erebus’ muscles had pulsed forward too, hidden under the coat one as so, Arisa wouldn't be able to tell. Regardless of whether that detail held any impact, they were indeed there. Erebus was not one to go without baffling his targets. His strength and increased tenfold during the run. Allowing him to easily hold Samehada in one hand. Which he did now that he was back into a five meter gap. The sword acting as a barricade if she attempted to come at him just the same way as he did her.

“You know my name…” -- Erebus would answer, while being ready to move as he spoke. That means during or between oncoming combat. His lips curled into a petty smile. “Well, I guess you’ve peaked my curiosity. Let’s have a game of tag. With our swords. This is Samehada.-- Sharkskin.”

Erebus held the sword through the air, tilting his wrist as the weapon’s scaled slowly extended outward. Casting a crude and otherworldly animation. Meanwhile, Erebus bent his knees defensively. Showing he wanted to test the waters with his pleasure in the game, he wished to test her own talents.

“Interesting. I like a good challenge.”

-100 MP Current [-0 Sword strike lands.]

-5% Lycan activated
| STR:56(+35) | SPE:13| END:21|

1164 [Hit Land: 1259] MP remaining.


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Instead of speaking, when her mouth opened it turned into a gasp of surprise, putting her hand (the hand that's furthest away from him) on her swords hilt (as close to the cross-guard as possible for a faster and tighter swing)  to strike. 'Yoru..~' she spoke as she dodged to the left in a quick 1m dash the moment he saw him swing his sword from his left,  slamming down her sword on top of his. Due to the fact that he swung after getting into proximity, he would've only have hit her with the tip. When she did draw her sword, she kept her elbows close to her body and lowered her long legs into her downwards strike to bring momentum into it.  Her sword hit his sword with full momentum with one hand. With her strength and the sword's, the sword would knock it to the ground, because the hit was near the tip she would think it would be impossible for him to move in time of 3 meters away from his own body.  Instantly while his sword was  into the ground by the pact her sword caused it, she would trap his sword with her cross guard and blade with also her right foot on the mid-section of his sword. Her golden sunset eyes would would watch his body from chest to toe as her right foot could feel his blade move if he tried... Thanks to the tournament and as a great-sword user, she knows people can play dirty tricks and also knows he'd be wide open unless he attacked with his body in another way, so she would watch him. The thing she always did during her fight at the tournament was one elbow/hand by her face and the front of her chest, leaving just enough space that he could see his torso and lower body. This would let her see any attacks just in time.  After his attempt of strike, she looked at him in time to see him trying to kick sand into her eyes, and reflexively raised her forearm back in front of them for cover. 'Ugh...' she thought. After that was simply done she would finish what she was saying if he didn't go back into battle again so soon. She doesn't know rather or not to regret even trying to speak with this guy, but if she had to fight someone then so be it. She listened to what he spoke and he agreed. She still had his weapon on lock with her own sword and her foot. She was ready for anything else he had in stock...Her heart was getting oddly darkened.

STR: 80
Swords STR: 70 (100 if Dark race)
Damage to opponents sword: S rank (from sword+her STR) + A rank (from foot stomp against it)


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”Hit Calling”:
As discussed in DMs, Arisa’s wording is enough for me to call the hit on the tip of her sword making contact just as her own sword would push the blade down her own body. Now, even though the tip is all that landed, the fact that it was more than a touch-- i.e. momentous; a powerful swing, then it would be plenty to suggest notable damage could be withdrawn and is enough for me to work with. Calling that hit now. I’ll be picking up right off that point, that move on interrupting most of the things to happen after. Except for things unrelated specifically correlating to the swing.

Due to the fact that he swung after getting into proximity, he would've only have hit her with the tip.

With no real counter attack in motion, other than the one I take on my sword to force her into the damage below. Plus the unforeseen factor that I would just follow her in hot pursuit, the damage is set to go through.

Erebus’s mind flashed back to his many fights before now, his departure into dangerous territory had commenced. He remembered how his sword differed vastly in size back in the past. It was a new playground using a broadsword, attempting to fight like this was a new category of swordsman. However, using the abilities bestowed upon him by his lycan race; Erebus could pull it off.

Arisa ran her hand for her hilt just as Erebus had figured. The girl attempted to dash, but Erebus had picked up speed in his strike so he pushed further. It was within his reach, after all. He never planned his sprint until she could be hit. Arisa was slow on her guard due to her hop step away, it was the territory of needing to unsheathe so fast and get away that would just barely give him the edge at meeting her body with deadly impact.

The scales of Samehada now thirsted for blood. Liquid crimson, which could be freed from her angelic body. The bandages at the top of the blade ripped away and the scales extended, knowing full and well that their meal was about to be devoured. A laugh escaped Erebus just before collision.

The tip of the sword made contact with her side-view buttcheek. It was then that Erebus felt the magnitude of strength touch his own sword. Arisa was going to bring him all the way down. Only an analyst as intelligent as the lycan could think his way out in such a short moment. As a strategist of grimoire heart and a master of games, he knew that simple things could be done to move out of a linear path, the scales slid down Arisa slightly, ripping a chunk of flesh loose. It was now or never, if he didn't do something right this second she’d stick him to the floor.

To escape the inevitable, knowing well and full that after simple four inches down Arisa’s side, he would never lift his blade off the ground if she held on with her push. No more than a second and he was down oat and would act.Erebus would apply the use of simple geometry. Rotating the sword on it’s axis at his wrist counter clockwise, he’d lead it to flipping the thick length of the weapon on her flesh versus the thinner side that was used before, a basic principle of transformations would prove this was more than possible since the surface had been established on her flesh earlier. The fatter side of Samehada would make contact twice now twice, though he couldn't take advantage of a second swing. What he could do was deal deep four inch cuts by shredding more damage off her thanks to the very scales keeping him aloft in this fight so far. While this was cued to rip her skin, it would simultaneously pull her her skirt off and revealing her underwear much the same. Hence why he laughed. Because of the motion and steady use of tilt, this would also deflect Yoru to the side and put Arisa away from another face paced swing without tripping herself up. If she did, Erebus could duck or hop it on his way out of the red zone.

Sadly the spark from the hit earlier was definitely enough to inflict S-rank damage on Samehada’s center. Meaning Erebus had to think fast. Another brutal hit like that and he would not be able to keep this fight up. He

Right around now, Erebus would yank the sword out rough the same way you’d pull a rope only with one hand, and cleave flesh off of Arisa’s rear and hip since he never withdrew the blade from her side. Erebus use his foot as planned next to make fast work of the girl and to hold his timeline in place.

That of course being his ploy at kicking sand into Arisa’s eyes. His only chance he figured, that Erebus might escape his pronounced successful lunge that was now seeing real time damage on the girl.

The lycan would take to the defensive. At getting away, his best bet was to hold the forte since she displayed more raw strength than he. For reasons described, Erebus moved backwards with a light hop and jog, until he was five meters away from where Arisa was bleeding out. Arisa blocked the sand which had come for her face, so she was open to move again since the actions were over. (Blocked because of what was mentioned in her post, as did she mention finishing her talk, but a change in timeline could have her pursue me instead of talk.)

Erebus panted once he stopped, afraid to get in close like that again. This chick was a mighty glass cannon. Erebus awaited her cries of pain and embarrassment at having been left nude in front of him. Then of course, for her to lose control as all pretty girls do, and to inevitably come at him with a fierce warrior-like presence. Kinda how he did her, only roar for battle would be more justified. The Lycan nodded at her, glancing for a second as blood leaked to the sands. A homage to gladiators of old, how they too had bled into the sands. There was something to respect about it. Erebus was enjoying this.

-100 MP on Arisa for the blade tip dealing damage. Arisa takes A-rank damage due to the force expelled from that attack, even if it was just the tip that hit her body at that momentum.

-100 MP for spinning the blade on it’s axis to manipulate the scale and yank the blade out of her skin. Arisa takes A-rank damage again upon Erebus’ lift off and back-peddle.

Total damage inflicted: S-rank (Left side hip, butt area)

Total damage taken: S-rank (Samehada)

| STR:56(+35) | SPE:13| END:21|
-5% Lycan activated
Current MP: 1196

WC: 3542/4000

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That hit hurt like hell, but it wouldn't stop her anytime soon as she felt like she had to get the hell out before giving up fully... More importantly, with all the power in his swing, he'd have been unable to shift it down. As Arisa was already moving in the same direction as his hit when it came for her, much of Strategist's power would be lost due to their relative speed and him wasting much of the energy pushing her further away. This would also make him unable to keep his sword stuck to her as Arisa would still move back a bit further, preventing any damage from his sword flip and so this meant the wound wouldn't be nearly as bad as he intended, and the simple flipping of his sword would pale in comparison to the combined weight of Yoru and herself plus the woman's own strength, allowing Arisa to execute her own parry as planned. She couldn't believe this guy, but the trade would have been somewhat even as though Arisa was the only one being hurt, she doubted his blade could handle another hit like those. That said, she had better things to do that would make his 'ego' increase, so as he reeled from her impact, she'd acknowledge the damage on her hip and refrain from stepping on the rough skinned blade. As he took from the impact and backed off, Arisa sighed as she too would do the same by dashing all she could twice, "Since you won't even let me talk without attack, I don't really want to do some friendly spar... I must take my leave." she spoke coldly and disgusted while dashing back in quick steps, minding her surroundings not to fall off the cliff, before turning around and leaving. If he tried to even go after her, she was obviously on her guard. Her hands were on the sword. The sun would be behind her, meaning that if her opponent came to attack her, his shadow would alert her first and foremost, even assuming he could run at her silently. Arisa didn't know how she was going to explain this injury to a certain someone, but it would be interesting to see his reaction.



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Erebus was smiling breathing heaving as his hand sweat around the base of the sword. Though-- she was sharp in her movements. Respectable. Just before Erebus managed a compliment, she gave him a disgusted look and turned away. Blood trickled down her leg and he tilted his head. Erebus had never known pity, but he felt pity to those who lost. Perhaps he was too rough? She was a female after all and probably not adapted to crude men swinging hulking blades at her.

Erebus tucked Samehada over his back into it's sheathe. The magic of the sheath holding it there despite it's weight. He bent to the sand, watching her leave this small battleground. “Peace out.” The long haired lycan stared down at the ground. His golden eyes changed back to their typical reddened shade. The sky was reaching it's sunset and Erebus assumed it was time to leave. Today taught him a valuable lesson and that was that...

'You gotta be kinder to strangers.'

He shrugged. A dark grin lighting up his face, this was good training though. Blood dripped off the sword on his back and he knew it would taste again. He needed to keep training. Growing it's feast to multiple targets. Many would come to respect him if he mastered the sword. Erebus stood up, exiting the beach in the opposite direction.


Lycan Mode: Inactive
Samehada: Sheathed



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