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A little piece of mind. [Invite]

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A little piece of mind. [Invite] Empty Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:22 pm

Sliding his sleeves up from his athletic long-sleeved T-shirt, he would stare at his sister with a genuine smile. ''You gotta stay here. You're too young to go to the place I'm going to.'' He chuckled as she would stomp her right foot, pouting with her arms crossed against her chest. ''That's not fair! I should be able to go too.'' His sister spoke in her whiny childish voice. Her bright eyes of gold would stare up at her big brother. ''I'll tell you what. The nice lady downstairs will take you to the pool and even get you some dessert instead, ya?'' he questioned a deal to his little sister. He wore camouflage pants with ties at the bottom. His footwear were black leather boots with steel-toe fittings. ''Alright! Deal.'' she nodded and jumped on her hotel bed. ''Be good. Cya little sister.'' he spoke, lifting his right hand up to wave by, giving her his back side. He would go down the elevator out towards the restaurant that he's never been to. The sunlight would shine on the small opening of his shirt and onto his linings of his naked chest. His golden eyes would blaze with a glow-like color while he walked in a confident posture. ''Here we go.'' he spoke to himself out-loud with a sigh of relief. He's been wanting to relax in a whole different area for awhile. Was this place going to be any different?

A little piece of mind. [Invite] 14804410

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