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Scold the brat [Mission]

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#1Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

Scold the brat [Mission] Empty Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:46 pm

Ashira Aria Tsukihana
Ashira walked about in the town of Oak. She wasn't really huge here, but after the time with Nas as her male self it felt content to hang out here more. True she was to the idea, she was going to go around as her feminine self. Hopefully the males here didn't get any ideas though. She was wearing a long sweater that went to her knees, stuck against her skin and had shorts that did show. Her socks were thigh high as she wore dress shoes of black like her shorts. She wasn't sure on where she was going to go, but she knew she was going to find someone to hang out with! She had these wonderful candies that she got from some stranger upon the cult. What could they do? What did they do? She was quite spiked about this.

Her head would turn, looking innocent and lost. She would walk about as she waited for something to happen. She held her purse close to her and blushed as she walked along. Her black long silky hair would flow behind as the wind would caress her pale soft face. Her hips would sway upon each step as her chest would bounce simply and smally as she walked. 'Where shall we go O' where shall we start? Shall I find my mate or shall I find one to sacrifice. Where O' where shall I find a heart that will suffice. she'd think to herself as she smiled. She knew she had to go to the mission that was calling for her. All because of that, she would walk towards the stupid market area. 'Such a waste of time, but I guess if it bids me to be there, I shall go.' she thought as her facial expression made her look like a ditsy, but she really wasn't. It didn't matter as she would continue on her way.

Walking towards the area where she was to meet some store man she would look around with her golden brown eyes. She looked so uninterested in everything as she felt like her cold self when there was a mission/quest about. She would look/tilt her head to see the sky that was above her. Her really long black raven hair would flail as the strands that were somewhat layered would look like grass from the springs touch. Sometimes she wishes she had magic in which case it was nature. She would make so much of it everywhere plus some other things. She would smile as she would think of all this and then felt the wind caress her cheek. Her normal lips would be glossed of clear as her eyes would have eye liner on it. She thought it was a fun idea to wear makeup since she never usually does. Before all that though she would come out with her outfit. Aria walked about with a twirl as she giggled happily like any child-like person. She was wearing short shorts in jean-like fabric and overalls that connected with her crop top-like shirt. She would smile brightly and then looked at the sky. ''It's so nice outside. I wonder what to do on this fine day, ya?'' she wondered and chewed on some bubblegum. The sky was rather clear and therefore it wasn't going to be super cold as if there were clouds, it would get even colder than cold. She enjoyed the weather in Oak as she was getting more use to this. Even though it was foggy, cloudy and even smell of death because Oak was a bad town. Shame that she couldn't get candy without being tricked by some stranger. 'Shame on them though. I would like some candy.' she thought as she saw a stranger with candy in a bucket to lure in children. Her brown eyes would look around as she roamed through the streets she was passing and even the strange little alleys she would not even dare to go in alone. Why is it always that guy and candy?

Her eyes saw the client in which he would then point to the boy. 'That's the person she has to teach a lesson to?' she thought. As she was thinking that she saw the boy book it. 'Oh god.' she thought as she would book it as well right after the guy. She would look around as he would move it behind buildings and such. Like a tuger going for the prey of all things she would be on its tail. This kid better hope that she doesn't catch up to its ass. Her hand was going to beat the living daylight out of this person. Her eyes glared as she would then think logically. 'Okay, if I go through this dumb alley REAL quick then i'd be able to make him or her trip...' she thought and then did so as she turned to the left and then right. As soon as she was at the corner of the alley itself she would put her foot down which within seconds the kid would be flying and face smashing into the build. ''Alright you little punk.'' she spoke coldly and irritated. She walked and as she picked up the kid, she'd look at his face. Her free hand smacked him hard across the face where with her nails it caused a small cut like a paper cut. ''Owe!'' it spoke. ''I swear if I have to find you to kick your ass, imma make sure you can't sit on it you little brat.'' she spoke and spitted next to her. ''Now get your ass home.'' she spoke with haste as she would then go towards the shop keeper and glared more coldly. Her eyes looked around as she walked slowly towards the store. ''I saw him whimpering home. Haha. Good... good...'' he spoke with a please look on his stupid expression face. He would hand her the reward of jewels and one other thing that was quite unknown and wasn't too important. Finally Aria would leave.



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