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Foot Travel to Hargeon(Travel)

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Foot Travel to Hargeon(Travel) Empty on Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:29 pm

Judina got lost in exploring and thoughts about what else to do work wise she forgot her common goal in Marigold but it did not matter, she had other plans in mind hopefully her mother and father would forgive her, Then again Judina had no idea even if her mother or her father were there at all, So if anything her in the moment idea could easily fail as well. "Forgive me mother and father, I shall attempt to visit soon." Judina mentioned to herself while she packed up her stuff to move onto her next spot to go to.

She figured she would head toward the town or city of Hargeon to see what work and what was going on in the town, if not it was somewhere else nice to go to, Since she had been able to rest a bit after some work and a break from it and being home Judina felt rather refreshed and ready to go, So Judina was ready to be back in action with a smile on her face Judina put on her backpack, Finishing her cup of water form a metal cup she made herself, making it dissappear she went on her way.

Wordcount: 202/200


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