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Hargeon Tea Party [Quest: Odin | Erebus | Kenny]

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Hargeon's docks, a place Odin had yet to visit during his time in Hargeon, although his reason for being in the town to begin with hardly called for any sightseeing, but he had time on this day, so he decided he might as well check the area out, as well as potentially get some work for the... less reputable clientele that had been known to frequent the area. After all, where there were docks there was trade, and always, no matter what, where there was trade, there was smuggling and piracy, two things Odin knew very little about beyond stories. Obviously he had read about pirates during his time travelling the world, but most of them were fictional, and he had yet to meet an actual one in person, despite owning a pub that was constantly filled with dodgy characters. The only problem with having set up shop in Oak town was that there was little in the way of commerce and trade with the other towns. Being the home to Phantom Lord, very few towns liked to trade with Oak, under fear that their caravans would be ransacked, and their wares stolen. Because of this, the patrons of Odin's pub rarely differed, and he had gotten to the stage of recognising the majority of them, with the exception of the few that did stop by the town for work, usually dark mages from all over looking for a place to rest.

It was then that Odin thought back to the day he became the owner of the Swineherd Pub, and even before that when he had first brought Nastasya there, before getting absolutely hammered and fighting a bunch of slimes. That had certainly been a strange day, but receiving a notice of ownership while being in Baska for the tournament had been an interesting turn of events. Sure, Odin had expected it, having defeated the previous owner in a game of cards. It had been a really bad day for the poor tycoon, who had invited a select group to play high stakes cards in his pub. It had eventually come down to just the owner and Odin, with Odin having to reveal a great deal about himself should he lose. Winning the pub was not the only thing he came away with that night, he also secured his life, for revealing sensitive information about Grimoire Heart would have certainly resulted in him losing it. The tycoon lost everything: his money, his home, and even the building he was conducting his game in, all to try and prove that he was the best. What a shame.

Thinking back to where he was currently, the dark mage realised that this was also his first occasion ever actually visiting a dock, as well as seeing the sea in its proper entirety. Odin had caught glimpses of it during his travels, as well as seeing photos of it in books of course, but he had never been as close to water as he was now, and it felt... overwhelming. The vastness of the sea, which looked like it stretched out for miles in every direction in front of him, seemingly never-ending with only a few islands in the far distance stopping Odin from assuming the world just ended at the Hargeon docks. It really put one's life it perspective. No matter what Odin did in his life, no matter how many people he killed, how many pints he pulled, how many times he caused pain, harm or joy to another person, it would make no difference, the sea would remain after everything else had burned and died. No amount of pain would stop the waves, no amount of death would halt the tide, the sea was truly eternal, now and forever, or at least for longer than most of the world would live.

Shaking his head, Odin blinked a few times before returning his thoughts to the present, he had completely spaced out and was standing in the middle of the road, with crowds of people walking past or, if they were rude enough, through him, with curses galore exiting their lips. Truly the docks allowed someone to be a little less refined than they may be elsewhere, as they all spoke as though they were the sailors themselves, mouthing off terrible profanity as they walked to wherever it was they were going. Through all of it, Odin could see a small, rather stout man cursing to himself as he looked at the ships coming in to dock. He looked official enough, with a brown hat and suit, and a red scarf, not to mention his facial hair, the stuff of legends. It was simply a moustache, but there was nothing simple about it, as it came from under his nose to two perfectly symmetrical points below his mouth. Truly this was a man with whom Odin could do business, he simply had to approach it in the right way.



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Erebus sunk his whitened teeth into a delicious turkey leg, he wore a white hand, and a sailor uniform. His dark hair catching the breeze of the wind. On his back was a sword as big as his own body, and his red eyes flickered amber as if changing television channels. There was a beauty to the way he seemed comfortably out of place. His own disguise was ruined by the monster sword hanging over his shoulders. The belt strap tight around his chest.

The young lycan was well informed of the mission as saw a fellow guildmate not far off. His disguise was almost as bad as Erebus’s own. Though quite frankly; it did not matter. The tea merchants wouldn't be able to pay specific detail to the mages’ faces even if the travellers’ wanted too. It was dark out, middle of the night. The strategist was positive that three were listed on the mission letter. So himself and two allies.

Nevertheless, Erebus was not a fan of patience. He walked up to Reagan himself. Seeking to start the mission.

“Reagan, what's the situation?” Erebus started the conversation. Assuming that Odin, across the street would make way over as well. Similarly, if there was a third participant they'd make themselves known relatively soon.


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Kenny wasn’t too in the mood to do any work this week, he was still steaming angry, to sum up his mood he was livid and pissed off, and rightfully so after the plethora of bullshit he endured the past few days. To be in his shoes was to be in a cast iron mold of failure. He felt like nothing, he was nothing at all, a spirit crushed and thrown into the wind like he was some sort of easily disposable item, a tissue maybe? Yes, that was it, he was a used tissue, used here and there before being crammed into the bottom of a waste basket like nothing at all.

Crimson eyes glanced down at the mission sheet, more bullshit from that old man. He read it over, once, twice, three times, and sighed. He didn’t want to do this sort of labor, not today anyway, but alas it put jewels in his pocket no matter how broken he was. There was a hood over his head as he walked through the dusky Hargeon streets, he was to meet two others, he did not know of their names or faces as he was given vague detail about everything but what the hell he was supposed to be doing when he met the other two.

He noticed two males standing in each other's presence, he noticed one had something strapped on his back, the other was well… He couldn’t tell too much, but this was the right meeting spot and Kenny didn’t much care what they had going on as long as they assist him in getting this mission done. He still had much business to attend, preparations for a gorey reunion.

The Omega dropped his hood and approached the others, “I suspect you two aren’t here to sightsee, do we all have an idea of what we need to get done?” he went straight to business throwing pleasantries aside as he waited for his answers. Was it so bad that he didn’t want to catch names and socialize? Maybe, but he was in no mood for bubble gum and fun today, he was broody, angry, and was in the right mind to let his frustrations out on another without any remorse. This truly was the tale of a sad man, a broken man, but Kenny lived it and now he was doing dirty work full time.

The night seemed unkind, while he waited he would pull a stick of gum out of his pocket and pop it into his mouth. A strip of blue gum, cool mint on the taste buds was always relaxing, though given just how steamed he was, it wasn’t like it’d do much for him anyway. If these two were taking this sort of work they must have been a pair of ne'er do wells as well, how charming. Was it really charming? Not really, but who was he to judge anyone, he pretty much sold himself to a guild just to chase strength and try to keep someone else safe, someone who isn’t even around much anymore. Fuck it… Let’s get this shit done.


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Erebus, Strategist, one of Odin's guild mates, and a valued customer of the Swineherd Pub in Oak, made his existence known to anyone paying attention as he walked over to the man Odin had spotted earlier, with the moustache and top hat, asking 'Reagan' what it was he had requested them both here for. There was a third man that was not doubt going to make his presence known before they could begin, but it took only a few more moments before he turned up, as the three of them gathered around this man, Reagan.

The third man, who Odin had never seen before, seemed about as impatient as Erebus did, and both wanted to simply find out what it was they had to do, and go do it, which was fair enough. They were here to do a job, get paid, and go their separate ways. Odin was the same in many ways, but he was at least content to wait for their client to actually tell them what it was he wanted them to do, and it was to be a very interesting job indeed.

"Good, you're all here. See those ships," he started, pointing at four ships that were maybe an hour away from coming into the harbour, "They're bringing tea into Hargeon that's to be shipped all over Fiore, and they've refused to do business with me, even going so far as to call me a dirty smuggler. The nerve of them. Well I'm tired of losing out on their business, which is where you three come in. I want you to convince them, through whatever means you deem necessary, that their business is not welcome in Hargeon and that the only option they have is to sell through me. Once you've completed your task, I'll have a chat to the captain of the ships, and give your your payment. Any questions?"

Considering how impatient the two with him had been earlier, Odin would be surprised if they'd stay for the entire spiel from Reagan, instead opting to just go and complete their task. Regardless of what they did, it seemed unlikely that any questions would be required, the job was pretty self-explanatory, all that remained was thinking of creative ways to get the job done without killing anyone. As he began to walk towards where the ships would be pulling into the harbour, Odin looked back to Reagan before speaking once more, "I think we'll be fine thanks."



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Kenny arrived next, Erebus managed a peep laugh. He recalled a fight with that guy here in town a few weeks back. Though with his wardrobe and all changed, identifying Strategist in the dark was going to be a difficult task. The young lycan ignored his longer haired co-conspirator for mere moments and listened well to Reagan. Erebus turned to face Odin, rising a thumb up, and a toothy grin.

When the old smuggler questioned them for anything extra; Erebus pivoted off on his foot. Answering with his actions not his words. Reagan clearly liked it that way, no sense in wasting breath after all. The others would undoubtedly follow. I mean, why wouldn't they? It only made sense to create a path for his fellow men to follow. Then again, Odin probably stuck out as the strongest. He should lead.

Strategist wasn't the type to care all too much though who was qualified and who wasn't as a leadership role. He was known for getting the job done, sloppy or not. At least he got down to business. Often enough the Adventurer would take newbies under his wing. Show them the cruelty attached to what he was up against. It was like seeing if they could stomach the wrongs they would be committing by going down the dark path.

Doing stuff like this? There was no room for morality. It was dog eat dog.

“Alright boys. Let’s go beat up some bad businessman.”

Wait! Erebus forgot he had a cake in the oven.

"Actually... I can't take this either Odin. You got it right? Take care bud."



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Kenny crossed his arms and kept his hood over his head, it was getting chilly out here. He would catch his death in this weather, though it was a cool summer night it felt like a freezing winter one for the sick Omega. Gods why did he accept this job of all jobs, he could be at home sipping coffee by the fire, instead he was plotting something up with some old guy. He waited for the orders as they gathered round the client.

Freezing hands shifted into his pockets as he sniffled, ugh, this job better have paid well. Kenny’s immune system was going to be a mess when he got home tonight, the old of all colds he could call this. He just wanted to beat who’s ever ass needed whooping then get home to his programs, was that so much? Yes, yes, they had something to do, Kenny followed along but not too close he kept near the others and walked along all the same.

This was the kind of work he was doomed to do? Plotting and hurting others? Terrible, but it paid the bills and kept his girl in her fine wear, so he couldn’t complain too much. He was unsure about doing this, it was so immoral, but it PAID and he had to remember that. He didn’t need the client’s friendship after all, he only wanted his money and boy this better had paid well, risking his health for a job like this, how uncouth of a knight. Then again Kenny wasn’t a knight in full.

Here it goes, time to throw everything he learned out of the window, time to play the bad guy.

Kenny sniffled once again and rubbed his aching neck, please let this job be worth it. Or at least worth the headache.

"Sorry boys, but I'm getting sick. I'll catch you on the flip side." he saluted them both and limped in the opposite direction.


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After accepting the mission, Odin and his two compatriots: Erebus and whoever this other person was, made their way towards the ships, of which there were four in total. It seemed like obvious that they would take at least one each, and then afterwards no doubt tackle the job of the fourth ship as one group, ending the mission and collecting their payment from Reagan, the man in the fancy attire who waited for them with scheming eyes to complete his request. It was probably one of the more truly dastardly things Odin had done during his time as a mage, it was a whole other level to the types of jobs he had accepted back in Oak, which had mostly consisted of delivering packages of dubious origin to equally dubious characters, or collecting flora for who knew what kind of strange concoctions. And as he thought about, every quest he had thus far received in Oak, except maybe three, had been in some way related to Dr. Stephan Mabuz, the crazy scientist that lived in Oak. It was his parcel that needed delivering; his concoctions that required potions; his new serum that he wished to test out on a mage in case it killed a normal civilian, despite the fact that it caused Odin to hallucinate and see creatures that weren't even there, which he then had to dispatch before leaving his trance and seeing that they were actually real, and simply dead bodies lying on the floor. And then there had been the mission requested of him in Magnolia: that one had been interesting, requiring Odin to break into a factory and make off with a certain chemical to ease a woman's cosmetic discrepancies. That Bella woman had indeed been a strange character, but she'd paid well and allowed Odin to both work on his general combat ability and his stealth, two things that were severely lacking ever now. But, he pushed his personal opinions of Mabuz, and the past jobs he had completed, to the back of his mind, as he had a much more interesting, and better paying, mission ahead of him.

One that he'd apparently be completing by himself, as only a few moments after the three men journeyed towards the docks, and the first of the four ships, the unknown man said he was feeling too ill and hobbled away. Odin had never before in his life met the man, and he had no idea what to make of him. Coming to complete a job with two other men, hearing the briefing for said job, and then leaving before even starting it, one would call it rude if not for the fact that Odin surrounded himself with rude and unsavoury characters. And just when he thought that he'd be fine as he still had his guild mate and ally Erebus around, he too left, saying that, for a reason he didn't even specify, he had to leave, but he trusted that Odin could deal with it on his own. Rolling his eyes and sighing, the olive haired mage simply nodded.

Guess I'm doing this solo



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As he approached the dock , Odin noted that the first of the four ships was just pulling in, and the captain was already getting ready to disembark onto the steady land of Fiore. The captain himself was an older man, potentially in his sixties, and one of those men who had clearly been sailing his entire life, this evident by how he held himself and commanded his crew as they proceeded onto the Hargeon dock. He also, going by his age and the way he held himself, was going to be a man that was set in his ways, and too stubborn to change them. That was going to make this bit slightly more difficult than Odin had first considered. He approached the captain, holding out a blank sheet of paper that he pretended to examine quizzically, before looking up at the captain.

"Identification papers?"

The question hung in the air for merely a moment before the captain responded, with a gruff akin to a man who had not seen his homeland for some time. "Papersh? What are you talkin' about, papersh? We've already been given permishion to dock here. Out of my way you." At this, Odin folded the piece of paper into his coat pocket and faced the man, allowing the man to see the aura of murder in Odin's eyes as the facade fell away, and the Grimoire Heart mage came bubbling to the surface. "If you've been cleared already, then you won't mind doing what I've asked. Just a routine check, you understand. Show me your cargo, captain." The final word was spat out as the two men glared at one another, before the captain finally relented and took Odin on board his ship, to where the crew were bringing crates of tea to the deck. "You shee, we're only bringin' tea into Hargeon. Nothin' illegal here. Now let us dock."

Odin knew that this was the moment Reagan was looking for, the moment where Odin had to resort to less ideal measures to get the men to follow what he said, instead of their captain. Smirking for but a moment, Odin made his move, walking over to the crates of tea with a shocked expression on his face, as he exclaimed in disbelief, "Why, how dare you try and bring this disgusting item into my town. How very dare you, and I thought you were a reputable captain." Odin proceeded to lift one of the crates up and toss it into the ocean, before continuing to do it again and again as the captain's rage boiled, "You should be glad I'm merely destroying them rather than confiscating them, if that were the case you'd be coming to the prison." The captain, his rage now built to its fullest, roared and lunged at Odin, who stepped to the side and stuck his foot out, allowing the captain to tumble into the sea with his tea. Onto the next three ships.



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The crew of the first ship became quiet and compliant as the next two docked further over, one next to the other, allowing Odin to hit two birds with one stone, as he proceeded over to the docks, arriving just as the tea was making its way onto the dock. Straightening his posture and looking more regal than ever, the dark mage walked over to the man and woman in charge, the two captains of the ships. Feigning surprise, Odin greeted the captains, with a pompous and arrogant tone that he expected was common of the Hargeon dock authority. "Oh my, excuse me, but might I ask what you are doing in these docks? Very important clients are on their way here and it is these docks they are making their way to. As a result, the entire port is out of bounds for passing tradeships, and I must ask you to leave right away."

It was the woman who stepped forward, much calmer than the previous captain that Odin had dealt with, and with a much easier dialect to follow. "I apologise for the confusion, my friend, but we have signed papers here that state our ability to dock in this port, papers signed by people that, if you don't mind me saying, are on a higher pay roll than you. So if you'll please excuse us, we have business to attend to." At this, Odin couldn't help but chuckle under his breath, she was good, this silver tongued woman, but this was a job, not a choice, which meant that he was going to have to insist. "I can't let you in that easily I'm afraid, as we do still have important guests arriving soon. I'd ask to see the contents of your ship, just to confirm everything is as you say it should be on these papers."

Although she rolled her eyes, both the female captain and her male counterpart agreed with Odin's outrageous request, leading him onto the female's ship to showcase the crates, the exact same crates as the last captain. Odin already knew what was coming, but he had to feign shock and disgust as she opened the first crate, revealing the tea inside. "It's just as the papers say, we come with tea for Hargeon that we plan to sell."

"How dare you bring such narcotics into my port! I've got half a mind to call the knights now and have you arrested. To have the audacity to bring in this, this contraband. Disgusting." Once again, Odin lifted one of the crates and tossed it over board, shouting at the two captains and asking if they had paid the 'Lighthouse Appreciation' and 'Fish Disturbance' taxes before entering the port, both of which were obviously made up. They eventually relented, allowing Odin to move onto the fourth ship, which instantly complied with the other three, having decided that it wasn't worth trying to cause any problems or speak out, despite no doubt knowing that Odin was talking nonsense. As Odin left the four captains, he noticed Reagan approach the female and begin conversing with her, before money passed hands, with Reagan walking away with a large grin on his face. In a out of the way area in the docks, he would thank Odin for his work, and pass on his reward. Another job well done.


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