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All Fired Up [Eva|Quest]

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She should have known the first time she helped him that he would come back to her again. And as misleading as that sounded, Eva was actually talking about the man or rather the Lord named Servas, the person whom she had unwittingly helped the last time and someone whom she probably genuinely felt a bit of sympathy towards seeing his rather affectionate display towards his late wife. This time, however, she was greatly displeased when that morning, she woke up to a letter addressed to her by him, the man that had decided to make her his slave for the reminder of the time that she would probably spend in Oak, which Eva decided that won’t be more than a day or two depending on what news she would be receiving on and off from the town that was declared to be under attack.

Anyhow, she wasn’t the most excited little woman as she read the contents of Servas’ letter, a look of absolute annoyance crossing her rather beautiful features. It was to be noted that Eva had just woken up, her hair messily clinging to her at the back. Surprisingly, however, the letter was very much detailed and as she looked up at the person that had delivered it to her, his nervous countenance told her to fix herself up before she scared anyone else off and she did just that as she got up, dismissed the man and went to take a bath.

For the reminder of that morning, Eva would keep her thoughts on the mission that she had received. Apparently, Servas, very cleverly she should add, had somehow established a communication system centered around some beacons constructed all over Oak which she guessed was like a tower through which important matters could quickly be communicated with. Eva was not completely sure of its mechanism even though she could simply guess some of the basic necessities of it and why it was so important to the Lord that he had immediately wrote to her whom he had only met by chance back when she fetched a flower for him.

Hanase san had been writing to her too, Eva thought as she looked at the letter that laid atop her table. While he was her main source of news, he had been getting incredibly angry at the time Eva was taking to show up at Crocus, somewhere she promised to be by the end of that week and had not been able to keep. In her defense, she couldn’t help it with all the obstacles that had been thrown at her way and promptly wrote to him that she would be back as soon as she reached Oak.

Now, throwing on some clothes and a dark cloak to hide her prominent features, Eva’s hands took Servas’ letter once more, reading the contents with great interest before putting it down and quickly dragging herself off to the first location where she would be able to examine the construction of the first beacon and make sure that it was, so far, completely fine, undamaged, and with no threat lurking at the corners. And it had not surprised her even for a bit that the first location was on top of a hill which was not too far from where she was but was at a border of the town. As she arrived, Eva was uickly greeted with the site of a few men working their sweat off to just finish the beacon’s construction and she nodded at them approvingly before making a quicker check of the construction, whether it would hold and if there was anything alrming that she should consider before moving on to the second location which was quite a bit of walk away.

Her cloak fluttered behind Eva as she dashed to the second location which was to the east of the first. It took her a good few minutes to get there even with her speed, too, which told Eva the expected range of the communication towers, precious details to be noted at that moment if she would be able to use them at some point in the future, and Eva knew that with all the rumors surrounding the great Lord she was heling today coupled with the less than savory news of some dark mages hanging around the place that Eva might make a visit to the town at some point in her journey again and most likely not as an alley then.

But, that was all speculations for the moment and Eva did what she had done at the first beacon point before moving on from the second to the third which was to the north of where she now was. The good thing was that the distance between the beacons seemed to be the same which told Eva that it was definitely the maximum range it could be built on at that time. The third beacon point, as she arrived, had surprised her greatly with the sight of a now dead guard and completely destroyed beacon point. She made an annoyed clicking sound under her breathe and moved on, but not before inspecting the whole area for any trace of clue as to who or what had done the crime. From all the experience she had gathered, Eva knew it was some mage’s doing but besides that, she had no idea what must have happened. And since it was nothing that she had to blame herself for or bother with, Eva had moved towards the gate from where she had began the journey from, meeting with the same guard that was there at the beginning, giving him every bit of details that she could remember with her abilities, taking the reward money that the guard had hastily placed on her hand before dashing in the direction of the castle where Servas, she guessed, would be waiting rather impatiently for the news of his grand scheme, whether it had failed or succeeded. Anyhow, Eva knew she had to get out of the town before she got dragged into something else.


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