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Fetch me this and that [Erebus]

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Fetch me this and that [Erebus] Empty on Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:44 am


Erebus stretched his legs, then his arms. The sun was copulating with clouds in a late summer sky. It was warm, not hot. A good temperature and a nice day to test the waters with a good old fashioned D-rank request. The boy decided the best way to enjoy his day would be a far less stressful mission. His hand slid sensually across a fat board, pages of fliers listed odd jobs the townspeople were willing to negotiate on. Strategist was-- for the most part-- dulled by the basic runs and errands. That is until he came to a wadded up, old parchment. It listed a few ingredients that seemed somewhat odd. Though the lycan didn't really know where to find them. Due to how eerily specific it was.

The lycan’s sharp eyes were skimming the contents when a body brushed past him, he realized his hood was down and that he was taking to the sidewalk. The legs attached to him were already tugging his venture along somewhere else.

“So I’m looking for… Is that burnt wood I see? Metal… Annnnnd.. Yo what. An old plant…”

Erebus arched a brow. His irises slid back up to the top of the page, dirt covered the name but Erebus managed to scrape some hardened mud off to reveal the surname clearly. ‘Serena Nightless’ wow, a respected dark mage known infamously across the world. One smoking fine witch if the boy didn't say so himself.

Very well, since a celebrity of the underworld was asking for help. The lycan might as well get fast to work right? Erebus walked along the sidewalk until he came close to edges of town. Once upon a time, when he was plowing that blue-haired chick, a guy named Mammon rode up on him out here. The boy talked a heap and Erebus punished him by scalping the hair off his head.

Then some other chick dragged him off to a hospital.

It was kind of funny, having to recall such a thing. The lycan passed by the very same warehouse. Then placed his hand on a rusty old metal piece, it should suffice no? Just get some anti-rust spray and wah-lah. Good as new! The boy wiped a bit of sweat from the edge of his brow. The sun was beginning to dial the clock now-- perhaps that wasn't true and the grimoire heart had just been outside for a long time.

The werewolf knelt on one knee, then opened his backpack. One he collected in town before coming out here, since this was basically a scavenger hunt Erebus figured he’d prepare himself. He tucked the hunk of old metal within the bag, vertical side up, horizontal to his back. Zipped the top-- stood up from his position-- and made off for Oberon Forest. To get an old plant.

Great Oakwoods everywhwre, everything green, and full of life. Birds chirped and foxes hopped abound. A plague moved through these woods though. A pessimist who brought negativity behind himself. Erebus planted a fist onto a tree and looked around. He was searching for a plant, perhaps decaying. Though with all this life? He’d have to go deeper into the woodlands.

Erebus came before the haunted lands. He didn't dare enter, but instead stared and saw as the ground turned from green to a lavender and black. On the edges of this forest was a. single plants. Bordering both worlds. It was half dead, half alive.

The beast jumped down to the ground. Ripping it from it's roots and placing it within a small plastic cartoon, full of soil. The soil being dirt scooped up off the ground itself and the carton having been bought in town for a measly fifty jewels. The dark-dressed young mage hugged himself within his wool jacket and carried on. It was growing late and only ingredient yet remained.

Erebus simply grabbed a few sticks off the forest floor and pulled a cigarette lighter out of his back pocket. He enjoyed the cancer sticks. They calmed his lustful nerves. He smoked one, quickly abandoning it for a joint after lighting the sticks ablaze. He sat at the forest floor with the sun going down.


When the sticks were at the end of their lifespan, Erebus ended his tiny fire placed them in the back and left off to turn in his items. He located the address listed and stepped through the door.

Serena Nightless had a nice chest. Erebus quickly explained his quest, and the woman mocked him. Saying it was a fake, she paid him anyways. Erebus would’ve fancied a physical payment too. However, he was afraid she might turn him into a frog. so he left without a word.


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