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Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Shin] Empty Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:42 am

Shin Katari
It was a wonderful day for smuggling. The run was radiating heat like it usually did, providing warmth and direction for the sailors that departed the Hargeon docks. The sea was calm today meaning the different ships and boats would have a pleasant time at sea, having to worry very little about large waves or choppy seas. However, it appeared the sun had also brought some unwanted guest. The docks were usually empty of security, only having a handful of people checking boats and the different products being brought into Hargeon and taken out. However, today was different. The security had increased by over thirty people. It looked as if each ship on the dock was being searched by at least one person. It was as his client had told him.

Shin was at the docks to day on behalf of Reagan Hullston, a smuggler. He had requested Shin go to the docks and take not of the security there. Due to the immense security, his wares that were to be smuggled to Galuna could be compromised. To prevent this from happening, he had hired Shin to divert the attention of at least half the security members so that the ship containing the goods could take off without being searched. Looking at the security, they still had over fifty ships to search meaning that the ship heading to Galuna was still in line to be searched. This gave Shin a solid window of time to work with. Lifting himself up from the lighthouse he observed the security from, he began to descend down to the floor level.

On his way down, he ran several ways of dealing with the men. He could attempt to scream or hurl insults at them like a mad man, but that would only attract about two or three of them. Another idea was to attack the men. This would attract plenty of the security but it would mean revealing his face to the men making him a wanted men in Hargeon. This was an unnecessary burden though. Off all the ideas that were running through his mind, he focused on one. Using his fire magic, he would set a shop on fire. This was sure to attract the most attention from both security and onlookers. It also meant an increased chance of being exposed by the security but Shin was confident he could get away from them if it came down to it. He would just need to ensure his face was not seen.

Landing on the bottom floor of the lighthouse, Shin exited the building and placed his hoodie over top his hair. Placing his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, he proceeded to walk towards the docks. He would choose an average sized ship that had items making it flammable. He would need to get in close due to having a lack of ranged fire spells but it was not a big deal. He trusted his speed and wits enough to get away from the men. It would come down to his qualities over their quantity.

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#2Shin Katari 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Shin] Empty Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:42 am

Shin Katari
Entering the docks, Shin walked across the wooden path before him. The security paid him little attention as their focus was on the contents within the different ships. Looking around, Shin noticed that the ship containing the wares belonging to Reagan was going to be checked soon meaning he would need to cause a distraction as soon as possible. Quickening his pace, he set his eyes on a ship that would burn beautifully.

Walking over to the wooden fishing boat, Shin entered it through its opening. Looking around, he noticed some gasoline. Why there was gasoline on a wooden ship was beyond him but it was convenient for sure. Ensuring no one was looking, he poured the gasoline on the wooden ship in different areas to the best of his possibility. Tossing the jury can away, he snapped his fingers and released a little flame atop his fingers. Flicking the flame onto a gas soaked area, he took off from the ship. What began a slow burn erupted into a raging fire. The wooden ship was engulfed in a bright flame, attracting the attention of the security. As if one cue, all of them stopped what they were doing and ran to the ship. Some of the men began to tell the bystanders to move away from the fire while others signaled for help. All of the men were busy with the burning ship leaving all the other ships unsupervised. However, not all went to plan.

A few of the men noticed Shin but were unable to see his face. Charging towards him, Shin used his speed and ran opposite of the fire attempting to get away from the men. It surprisingly did not take too long as he took a few turns here and there and found himself hiding behind some bushes. From here, he noticed the ship containing the wares heading off towards Galuna, escaping the check from the security. All in all, the request went successfully and all that remained was too collect the reward discretely.

Ensuring he was no longer being chased, he returned to the other side of the dock. Here, he noticed many fisherman and sailors resting or working on their ships. Standing away from the rest of them, fishing was a man with a grey mustache. He had a rather rounded body, blending right into the crowd around him. Next to him was a black bag that contained various fishing items along with the 25,000 reward for completing this request. Walking over to Reagan, he did not say a word as he bent down and grabbed the black bag. Lifting it up, he took off from the docks, reaching into the bag to ensure the reward was there. Satisfied, he placed the money into his pocket and dropped the bag in a garbage bin. With his reward in hand, the request was now complete and with that, Shin returned to his hotel to get away from all the fishiness that had just occurred.

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